Jokotifa Alaye

TCO Guest Spotlight: Jokotifa Alaye, A Death Care Professional and Peloton Fanatic

Jokotifa Alaye is not your average Peloton fan. As a death care professional, Jokotifa has a unique perspective on life, death, and grief. Her website, Mourning Space, is dedicated to helping people prepare and confront death, making her a fascinating guest for The Clip Out podcast.

Becoming a Peloton Fan

Jokotifa has experienced weight fluctuation throughout her life, along with trying various forms of fitness: she’s completed both a marathon and a figure competition, learning about macros and the importance of protein in the process. She found comfort in the predictability of food prep and enjoyed the science behind it.

Jokotifa discovered Peloton in 2019 and fell in love with the app- moving on soon to the bike, and loving Matt Wilpers from the beginning. She praised the Peloton community and their supportive attitude towards one another.

Jokotifa’s Career in Death Care

Jokotifa has spent her whole life working in mortuaries and has done everything related to funeral homes. She is also a death doula, and along with her website, her Instagram talks about the grieving process, recommends death doulas, and talks about the importance of caring for a grieving person. She loves officiating funerals, finding it to be her favorite thing to do.

Peloton and Grief

Jokotifa reveals how Peloton has provided a space for her to cope with grief. She praises the community and her favorite instructor, Christine D’Ercole, who’s both good for a good cry and shares her taste in music, Jokotifa has used Peloton as an outlet for emotional release, grief, and stress, saying she could even cry on her rides. 

Jokotifa Alaye’s interview on The Clip Out podcast sheds light on her unique career and perspective on death, grief, and Peloton. Her blog, Mourning Space, is an excellent resource for those looking for information and support related to dealing with death. Jokotifa’s love for Peloton is evident, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of exercise and community in coping with life’s ups and downs.

Listen to Jokotifa’s interview and much more on the podcast here or watch on YouTube here!

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