Rowing towards All For One at Peloton: A First Look at the Row Studio

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With their All For One (AFO) event, Peloton has brought the community together to sweat, inspire, and triumph. The Clip Out writer Nikki Smith (#MySprtsBrasStuk) was in Adrian’s first-ever Row class live with members, which featured all Skrillex music. Here are all the details, as told to me by Nikki!

The Lobby

The Peloton studio is tucked away in the heart of the Peloton campus in Hudson Yards, New York, and the upstairs lobby deserves its own moment.  The whole place was decked out for All For One.  Nikki couldn’t help but notice an array of AFO-themed clothing available for purchase that you could get customized with the following options: Crew, Roadie, or VIP screen printed on – she got the VIP, pictured below.  There was also a special AFO playlist that was playing throughout the building to pump up the energy.

The Peloton Row Studio: Spacious Design 

As Nikki walked into the brand-new rowing studio, the first thing that struck her was the spacious design. The Row Studio is Studio 3, which is shared with the Strength Studio.  When set up for rowing, the studio has eight rowers, which may feel smaller than others but gives Members a very personalized experience. The room has great lighting and ventilation, which provides a comfortable environment for the workout, and Production Assistants are on hand to help first-timers make adjustments to the Row and to take photos as well–just hand them your phone and they’ll do the rest!

The Row Workout: Adrian and Skrillex

Adrian was wearing custom Brittany Allen (and mentioned it!) and made sure to mention this was his first time teaching a Row class with Members in the room.  The energy was high – and all the members were pumped! Since there were only 8 rowers, Nikki said it didn’t feel crowded and wasn’t terribly hot, like the cycling studio can be.  As with everything in Peloton Studios, it was obvious a lot of thought went into the design.

New To Us

The Seating Chart feature on the instructor viewboard means the instructor can easily see where each person is.  Nikki also thought it was interesting that the Row screens showed everyone’s milestones on the screen.  In-studio Rows also display your personal pace targets throughout the class, but you do have to set it before class begins, so make sure you know what yours is!  She also noted the cafe in the lobby was now open and had a variety of smoothies and snacks. Today, Ally’s favorite smoothie recipe, featuring blueberries, was featured.  Also fascinating was that no one appeared to be using the new photo booth today.  

After the Workout

Once the class has finished, the Instructor bows out to freshen up and PAs stand up several of the rowers and move them to a storage area to make room for Instructor photos.  Nikki thought it was so convenient you could do that right in the room like you do in the yoga studio and small groups mean there is plenty of time to connect with the Instructor and get a group photo.  And, by the way: Nikki used all the sweat-proof makeup she wrote about recently, and BOY did it hold up!  Sorry, Tom, but I need to go shopping!

The Peloton Row Studio: Future Direction

The PA mentioned that Peloton is exploring row boot camps with members in the future. There’s not enough space for that right now, but it’s great to know that the Peloton Row studio is open to new possibilities. 

Get To The Studio When You Can

The Peloton Studio is a lot of fun for all Peloton members.  Getting to be one of the first members of the Row studio was an extra treat, especially during AFO.  As always, it was incredibly hard to get tickets for the event, but for Nikki, worth the struggle.  We hope you get to go to the PSNY or PSL soon and share your experience with us!

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