Rebecca Kennedy Announces New Venture as Voice Over Actor

We love seeing the many talents our Peloton instructors have outside of the studio – and Rebecca Kennedy announced on an Instagram story and TikTok that she is pursuing being a voice-over actor!

What Is A Voice-Over Actor?

Voice-over actors use their voices to bring characters, stories, and products to life. You’ve heard voice-over actors in movies, audiobooks, video games, the radio, and commercials, to name a few.  Voice-over actors need to have a clear and natural speaking style as well as evoke emotion with just their voice.  

Peloton Instructor’s Voices Are Perfect for Voice-Overs

Obviously, Peloton instructors are natural for doing voiceovers, as they have perfected the ability to speak clearly even when they’re working up a sweat ( after all, even when we’re audibly moaning, groaning, and maybe even swearing during the most challenging moments of our workouts, we can still hear their voices loud and clear telling us to push ahead!).  

Rebecca is Looking for Recommendations for Home Studio Equipment

In her story, Rebecca tells us that she’s venturing into voice overs and is looking for recommendations for equipment that she can use at home in order to make clear recordings (I’m guessing Tom and Crystal probably have some ideas for you, Rebecca!!!)    

Rebecca Has Been Considering This For Awhile

Rebecca said that she got the idea to do voice-overs because she reads books via Facetime to her niece and she always gives the different characters their own voices. She shared that she always volunteered to read to her classmates when she was in school. She has been thinking about this, journaling about it, and talking to her family about pursuing doing voice-overs for over a year!  

Best of Luck to Rebecca!

Best of luck Rebecca – we can’t wait to see where this dream takes you, and we’re excited to hear your voice in places that we might least expect it!  

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