Black History Month Celebration 2024

Peloton’s Black History Month Classes: A Celebration of Culture and Fitness

Are you one of the dozens of members to receive an individual invite to join five dynamic and energetic instructors during a live, in studio class in honor and celebration of Black History Month? For more details, keep scrolling!

Peloton recently sent a slew of email invitations to individual members inviting them to take part in one (or more) of five in person classes with Katie Wang, Denis Morton, Alex Toussaint, Ally Love and/or Tunde Oyeneyin. And just in case you’re wondering… NO, I did not receive an invite. And, YES, I’m 100% salty! ;)

Live, In Studio Classes to Celebrate Black History Month: A Quick Overview

Peloton’s lineup for Black History Month features five Member-invite classes, each led by a top tier instructor. Whether you’re into rowing, yoga, or cycling, there’s something for everyone in this incredible lineup. Check out the schedule below:

Funk Row with Katie Wang

Get your heart pumping with this high-energy rowing class, led by Katie Wang. According to the invite, the class is scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 23 at 10:30AM EST. Come ready for plenty of funky beats and intense intervals that will have you sweating and smiling in equal measure.

Legends of Hip Hop Flow (yoga) with Denis Morton

Fitness meets music in this yoga class, as Denis Morton leads you through a series of poses set to classic hip hop tracks. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to combine mindfulness with a fun, energetic workout. The class is scheduled for Friday, February 23 at 12PM EST.

Legends of Hip Hop Ride with Alex Toussaint

Another hip hop-themed workout, this time with superstar Alex Toussaint leading the way, is scheduled for Saturday, February 24 at 2PM EST. You can be sure to expect a HIGH-energy ride that will have you pedaling hard to the beat of some of the greatest hip hop tracks of all time. 

Black & Brilliant Ride with Ally Love

Yes or Yes?? Next up, ride with Ally Love as she pushes you to new heights! This ride will take place on Sunday, February 25 at 12PM EST and I am sure it’s one you won’t want to miss.

Black Classics Ride with Tunde Oyeneyin

Last and certainly not least, get ready to discover how much you’ve got to give with Tunde Oyeneyin’s ride on Thursday, February 29 at 5:30PM EST. There is sure to be inspiring music and plenty of high-intensity intervals in this 30 minute set. 

Let’s Celebrate Together

Peloton’s Black History Month event is much more than a series of workouts. It’s a celebration and appreciation of the rich history, musicality and cultural contributions of African Americans. So mark your calendars for Friday, February 23 through Thursday, February 29, PREPARE YOUR WORKOUT ATTIRE, and get ready for an unforgettable ride, flow and row during the last week of Black History Month.

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