Behind the class flow and let go season 6

Peloton’s Behind The Class: Flow & Let Go Season 6 with Aditi Shah

Season 6 of Aditi Shah’s signature series, Flow & Let Go, is back!. This season is all set to captivate the Peloton community with its charm and authenticity. Journey alongside Aditi on a soothing voyage into self-awareness and tranquility. The inaugural episode, airing on October 26 at 5:30 PM ET, marks the beginning of a harmonious journey towards self-discovery, which can be especially helpful as we head into a busy (and stressful!) time of year.

Diving into Yoga with Aditi Shah

Aditi brings a unique perspective to yoga; it’s more than just a physical practice for her. Yoga, in Aditi’s worldview, is a gateway to inner freedom and joy, blending ancient traditions with a modern, fun, and flowing approach. Her Peloton yoga classes transcend mere exercises; they are often an expedition towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Exploring Aditi’s Creative Past

Before embracing the yoga mat, Aditi explored her creative side as an actress. She honed her acting skills at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and made appearances in popular TV shows like Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, CBS’s Elementary, and HBO’s Crashing. She also maintains an active IMDB page, with clips from past work as well as an updated headshot.

Season 6 – ‘Flow & Let Go’

According to Peloton’s Behind the Class, Aditi says this season invites participants to move gracefully, release tension, reflect inwardly, and replenish their energy. With Aditi as the guide, the season manifests a holistic approach to wellness, intertwining physical movement with a profound exploration of the self.

As the debut season 6 of Flow and Let Go approaches, it’s not merely about gearing up for a series of yoga classes; it’s about embarking on a voyage towards a more mindful and serene self. Aditi’s rich background and her modern yet tradition-anchored teaching style promise a transformative journey into self-awareness and peace. And, who couldn’t use a dose of that this time of year?

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