Peloton Unleashes Pet Appreciation Classes, FUR-REAL!

Remember our fun little April Fool’s article about Pet Classes at Peloton?  And, remember how we all laughed and laughed about it?  Or, at least behind the scenes at The Clip Out we laughed and laughed.

WELL.  Today, in a Reel announcing Peloton’s new pet apparel collaboration with Canada Pooch, Rebecca Kennedy dropped this teeny-tiny little nugget in the caption:

This is not a drill!  Grab your puppy, your kitty, your rabbit, your gerbil, your fish (ok, maybe not your fish) and head to your workout space.  Pet classes are coming to the Peloton platform this week!  Now, your Pelo-Pet who longingly looks at you, and maybe lays on you, while you workout can join in on the fun.

While our April Fool’s article was definitely a joke, this most certainly isn’t.  Peloton announced via press release that their new pet-friendly fitness collection will feature both outdoor and floor-friendly classes that you can do with your furry (or scaly…or feathered) friend.  With a nod to their most recent wellness report, they mention that the catalyst for these classes (cat-alyst..get it?) came from the data pointing to over 7 in 10 Americans sharing that they consider walking a pet a workout.

Pawsome Classes Coming Your Way

When the collection drops, Peloton pet owners will find classes with Andy Speer, Nico Sarani and Jess Sims as they lead you and your pet pal through a meditation, an outdoor run, or a strength class.  Hopefully it’s body weight only, unless you have a monkey who can use weights!

Will new classes be added?  We sure hope so!  Which Pelo-Pets do you want to see in future classes?  Do we need hula hoops for our pets to jump through for these?  What about snacks?  So many questions.

And, btw, we’re not going to say that our article inspired this but….oh, wait. We’re totally going to take credit for the inspiration behind this!  Whatevfur it was, we’d like to give Peloton a round of apawse for these fun and inspired classes!  Cats off to you, Peloton!

(We’ll see ourselves out now with the pet puns!)

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