Peloton Pet Instructors

Peloton Unleashes New Pet Instructors: The Furriest Fitness Gurus!

At The Clip Out, the last thing we want is to pedal false stories. But today, we’ve got the scoop that’s just too paw-fect not to share! 💬 Rumor has it that Peloton is rolling out an unprecedented line-up of pet instructors. And who might these fresh faces be? The beloved pets of our favorite fitness coaches!

Imagine this, folks! Tail-wagging treks with Olivia’s canine crew and Sloth to 5K with -wait for it-an actual sloth!  Think that’s a stretch? Well, it gets even more furbulous.

Join Olivia Amato, Tobi and Rue for a tongue-wagging outdoor trek, coming to the platform on April 31, 2024.

Jess Sims Trading High-Fives for High-Paws

How you do anything is how you do everything, and now everything includes Tread classes with your dogs!  That’s right! We’re talking heart-pumping Tread classes with a twist—Jess McGillicuddy Sims’ furballs Shiloh & Sienna Grace leading the pack. This furry duo is setting out to inspire not just you, but your four-legged treadmill trotters as well. Be ready for some ‘pawsitive’ reinforcement!  

No ego, amigo! Join Sienna Grace and Shiloh (and Jess) on the Tread!

Outdoor Hikes Where the Wild Things Are

Sunny lover’s paradise! We’ve heard whispers of Peloton taking the scenic route—with pets leading the way. Now your domestic buddies can enjoy guided nature ambles with a pack of virtual furry friends with Rebecca Kennedy’s intrepid pooch Sunny leading the way. And yes, Andy’s charming pooch Jerry will be there, setting the pace one sniff at a time.

That’s our Jerry! Sniffing the path as Sunny scopes out the trails. Grab your furry friends for this fur-st of it’s kind Outdoor Content!

Mindfulness Meets… Pawsfulness?

And for aspiring Zen masters, there’s Uncomfortable Meditations led by none other than Katie Wang’s cat Ma’am.  Stare deep into Ma’am’s eyes and hold her gaze while confronting your inner issues with prolonged eye contact. We’re talking about stationary serenity that’ll have tails curling in deep contemplation (or will it?).

Uncomfortable Meditations with Ma’am: guaranteed to mesmerize!

From Charly’s Casual Strolls to ‘Dunkin’ Playdates

Move over, DunKings!  Everyone’s heard of coffee runs, but Charly’s proposing a playful twist. ‘Walk to Dunkin’’ class offers a sprinkled donut’s worth of community vibes—just a chill track to share with your peppy pals.  She’ll even carry your bag for you so you can engage that core and those arms on your walk!

Charly Gullickson Howell reporting for all of your bag-carrying needs on your next hike to Dunkin’

Dressed Up Workouts?

While we’re at it, who wouldn’t double-take at a 2-for-1 Power Walk featuring Nana and Mara Thonnner’s adorable antics? Matty Maggiacomo’s fashion-forward hound might just have you and your pup dressing for success—and for the giggles!

Cheers, bitches. Mara and Nana’s 2-for-1 will leave tongues wagging for more.

Foraging Fitness with Goat Gillian

Lastly, it’s the news Peloton Members everywhere have been waiting for.  Nutrition guidance!  Who can resist nutritional advice from a real-life goat? Yes, folks, Gillian’s wise (and somewhat vocal) advice suggests a rather revolutionary diet plan: “Just eat it all!”

Gillian has seen all the recent kitchen content the human Instructors are sharing and she can’t wait to invite them to her pasture…errr…kitchen.

While we’re fairly sure this shamazing suite of pet-based classes might be a bit unconventional (to say the least), wouldn’t it be something if our furry family members could join in on the wellness wagon? Remember, pals, today’s the day where tall tails are told, but laughter is the true whole-body workout!

Keep those collars loose and your humor tight, because we all could use a little chuckle, especially when it’s done in the spirit of April Fool’s Day! And hey, never underestimate the power of a good belly rub—or a cleverly spun yarn. 😄

Until the real news rolls in, stay paws-itive, Clip Out crew!  Happy April Fool’s Day!

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