Peloton Produces Documentary About Susie Chan’s Badwater 135 Race

Susie Chan has become a prominent figure in the world of running and fitness. Her passion for running has inspired many people around the world (including me!!). Her journey as a runner has been a remarkable one, from running her first race in 2013 to participating in numerous marathons and ultra-marathons across the globe. Not to mention, Susie made history by completing all three Badwater events in a single year – the first-ever European woman to do so! (No big deal, right?)

The Badwater 135: A Grueling Challenge for Any Athlete

To say that the Badwater 135 is a challenging race is an understatement. Known as the world’s toughest foot race, this ultra-marathon covers 135 miles through Death Valley, with temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The race starts at Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, and proceeds up to the finish line at Whitney Portal, the trailhead to Mount Whitney. The demanding terrain and weather conditions make it a grueling challenge for even the most experienced and skilled athletes.

Inside Look: A Documentary by Peloton Featuring Susie’s Journey

Peloton has produced a documentary that chronicles Susie’s journey to the Badwater 135. The full-length documentary will give viewers an even more in-depth look into Susie’s experience. We will see her interaction with other runners, the race officials, and the crew. We will also witness how she deals with the challenges thrown at her, from the scorching heat to the steep mountain trails. But more importantly, we will get to hear from Susie herself as she narrates her story in her own words and shares what running and the Badwater 135 mean to her.

Is Peloton Making Movies Now?

It will be fascinating to see how Peloton handles this documentary.  According to the Instagram post on Peloton Studios, the documentary will drop on January 24.  Peloton has a splash screen that says “Peloton Originals”.  Does this mean they are now delving into the movie world? Will we be seeing Peloton pop up on the movie festival circuit?

The splash screen also says that the documentary will be available on “Peloton” and “YouTube”.  Does this mean we’ll be able to watch the full documentary as we take classes on the tread?

Either way, this is a very different approach than Peloton has taken in the past. When Becs was making her bid for the Great Britain team for the Olympics a few years ago, Peloton followed her story and shared it with Peloton Members. They posted portions of the story weekly for four weeks. Although it had a documentary “feel” to it, it was not officially called that.

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