Peloton Announces NYC 5 Borough Outdoor Runs:  A Journey Through the City’s Heartbeat

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard the TCS NYC Marathon is Sunday, November 5.  And of course, Peloton recently partnered with NYRR. Well, this coming Monday, we are seeing some of the first content inspired by this partnership drop on the Peloton platform.

Peloton is rolling out an exciting new venture that’s bound to enthrall running aficionados and New Yorkers alike. The NYC 5 Borough Outdoor Runs event, slated for Monday, November 6, will be accessible on demand from 8 AM ET, offering participants a virtual escapade through the iconic boroughs of New York City, all guided in an outdoor run format.

To celebrate the marathon, the event comprises five 30-minute runs, each dedicated to exploring a distinct borough, guided by an energetic Peloton instructor who will not only navigate the route but inspire with engaging stories and facts about the neighborhoods they dash through.  And if you want to hear more about NYRR and how the 5 Borough Marathon came to be, be sure to check out our interview with Rob, the CEO of the NYRR to hear the fascinating story and more details about the partnership.

Here’s a closer glimpse of the NYC 5 Borough Outdoor Runs Lineup:

  • 30 Min NYC 5 Borough Run: Bronx with Camila Ramirez

Experience the vibrant culture and historic charm of the Bronx with Camila Ramirez. Her enthusiasm will fuel your strides as you virtually dash through picturesque streets, exploring landmarks that echo tales of bygone eras.

  • 30 Min NYC 5 Borough Run: Brooklyn with Jess King

Journey through Brooklyn’s diverse landscapes with Jess King, whose infectious energy will propel you through quaint neighborhoods and bustling urban stretches, unveiling the essence of this beloved borough.

  • 30 Min NYC 5 Borough Run: Manhattan with Adrian Williams

Delve into the heart of the city with Adrian Williams as your guide. The run through Manhattan will unfold the bustling life of this global hub, revealing awe-inspiring skyscrapers, historic sites, and the pulsating rhythm of life that defines NYC.

  • 30 Min NYC 5 Borough Run: Queens with Matty Maggiacomo

Explore Queens, the epitome of diversity, with Matty Maggiacomo leading the way. The run will whisk you through a tapestry of cultures, offering a glimpse into the myriad lifestyles that converge in this unique borough.

  • 30 Min NYC 5 Borough Run: Staten Island with Selena Samuela

Discover Staten Island’s serene beauty with Selena Samuela. As you tread along peaceful trails, you’ll uncover the calm yet rich tapestry of life that thrives in this often-overlooked gem of a borough.

Peloton’s NYC 5 Borough Outdoor Runs not only promises a physical challenge but also a cultural exploration. This event is an invitation to celebrate the indomitable spirit of New York City, a place where every street has a story, and every run holds the promise of discovery. So, lace up your running shoes, get outside (or on your tread!), and let the adventure begin.

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