Oprah and Gayle and Jess Sims at Peloton (PSNY)

Oprah and Gayle’s Peloton Adventure

It’s no secret that Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are BFFs who love to stay active, often documenting their workouts on their socials, and it now appears that they took that love of fitness to Pelton’s New York Studios (PSNY) on September 11 to film a class with Jess Sims.

Update:  Peloton’s main Instagram Account has released a teaser Reel of Oprah & Gayle enjoying a nice little walk with Jess.

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You get a burpee!  And, you get a burpee!  And, you get a burpee!

Oprah and Gayle Film with Jess Sims at Peloton Studios NYC

The cancellation of Peloton classes on 9/11 was a hot topic as Member after Member received email notification that their scheduled class had been cancelled for the day and the online schedule flipped from live classes to encore classes like a string of tumbling dominoes. We initially speculated that the cancellations were due, in part, to road closures for the various memorials being held in New York City to honor September 11.  It was only later revealed that Oprah and Gayle were the real reason for it after Oprah had been spotted at the PSNY studio. At the time, we weren’t quite sure what they were up to, but now we know that they just drop in for a private class – they arrived ready to film a special hike with Jess Sims.

A Sneak Peek, and a Quick Delete, on Instagram

The official news was first (prematurely??) revealed on the Peloton Studios NYC Instagram account this morning (Sunday, October 22), which briefly posted a This Week at Peloton story that included the announcement of the upcoming premiere of the hike on Monday, October 23 at 7pm ET. However, just as quickly as it was spotted, it was removed, leading us to believe that Peloton wasn’t quite ready to let this cat out of the bag. However, enough eyes, including ours!, saw the news and, well….there’s no putting this horse back in the barn. We do feel a little sorry for the person who made the mistake at PSNY.  Poor intern (kidding!  We don’t know that it was an intern!).

Oprah’s Love for Peloton

Oprah has long been a fan of Peloton, and even included the Peloton bike on her list of Favorite Things in her December 2017 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. She has also enjoyed taking classes at SoulCycle, but it seems that Peloton has won her heart. Gayle, meanwhile, is a longtime Peloton member and bike owner, so it’s no surprise that the two friends jumped at the chance to film a class with Jess Sims.

Peloton Instructors on CBS This Morning

Gayle co-hosts CBS This Morning, and over the past several months, the show has welcomed several Peloton instructors for interviews. Robin Arzon, Emma Lovewell, and Alex Toussaint have all made appearances, sharing their expertise, discussing their books (of course) and inspiring viewers to get moving.

The Didn’t Have To, They Got To

Oprah and Gayle’s visit to Peloton Studios NYC is sure to be a highlight of the platform’s history (it will certainly go on The Clip Out’s exclusive history of Peloton timeline!). Not only do we get to see these two best friends sweating it out with everyone’s favorite Peloton BFF Jess Sims, but we this is one more partnership in a series of partnerships that continues to propel Peloton back into the spotlight as CEO Barry McCarthy advances the future of the company.

The Leaderboard Mystery

Despite the excitement surrounding Oprah and Gayle’s Peloton appearance, one mystery remains: what are their Leaderboard names? While we don’t know for sure, it’s fun to speculate. Will Oprah choose a motivational phrase, or something more personal? Will Gayle opt for a pun or a play on words? We may never find out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give them suggestions!  What leaderboard names would you give Oprah and Gayle?

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