New German Pre and Post Natal Classes

New Pre- and Post-Natal Classes with Assal and Mayla

Pregnancy Fitness in Any Language

Exercise during pregnancy can help you feel great. It can also help you prepare for labor and delivery and help you get back in shape after having your baby. Peloton instructors Assal Arian and Mayla Wedekind have just introduced new prenatal and postnatal pregnancy fitness classes in German. The classes will be streamed on-demand for the Peloton community members worldwide, providing a safe and supportive environment, focused on helping expecting and new moms strengthen their bodies in preparation for childbirth and recovery.

Fit to Deliver!

Mayla Wedekind, one of the instructors for Peloton’s new prenatal and postnatal classes, is currently eight months pregnant. When asked about the gender of her baby, she replied, “It’s going to be a surprise.” Her experience as an expecting mother has helped her design classes that are tailored to provide safe and effective workouts for other expecting moms.

Mom-to-be Mayla

Mom-to-be Mayla

Mayla’s classes will focus on exercises that are safe and supportive for pregnancy. Expecting parents can join her classes at any stage of their pregnancy and still receive a challenging workout that supports their pregnancy.

Strengthen from Within

Assal Arian, who will also be leading classes, has designed a program that is aimed at helping new moms regain their strength and fitness after having their baby- building from the inside out. Assal’s skills as a strength trainer will be put to use- challenging parents, but safely, and helping them regain fitness as their body recovers from the stress of pregnancy and delivery.

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Stark wie eine Mutter

Peloton’s new prenatal and postnatal classes are not the first by Peloton, but they are the first to be taught in the German language. For those who want more content beyond the new classes by Mayla and Assal, Peloton’s previous pre- and postnatal classes can be found in the “Strong as a Mother” collection. The collection of classes is taught by Peloton instructors Robin Arzon, Anna Greenberg, Kristen McGee, Emma Lovewell, and Chelsea Jackson Roberts. The classes encompass strength, stretching, and yoga, which are essential during pregnancy.

Peloton has shown its dedication to its members with new app features that make it easy to find pregnancy-related classes quickly. Members can filter the classes they see on the app by selecting the “Preferences -> Settings” option, which will allow them to exclude pre and postnatal classes from their content. This avoids any content that may not be beneficial to members who are in a different life stage or are not interested in pregnancy-related classes.

Peloton’s new prenatal and postnatal pregnancy fitness classes in German language offer an excellent opportunity for expecting and new moms worldwide to prioritize their health and fitness while pregnant and preparing for childbirth. The new classes emphasize strengthening and recovery and provide Peloton members with the resources they need to feel their best physically and mentally as they go through this transformative time of their lives.

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