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Monthly Challenges Are Back Plus Our Interview With Nan Bernardo

TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


  • Monthly challenges are back.
  • The Tonal blog has tips for working out after you’ve had Covid.
  • Tonal has healthy cookout options.
  • Airplay is now available for mobile workouts.
  • There are updates to the live schedule.
  • Tons of new classes and programs are available.
  • Multi-Coach programs are now available.
  • Tonal Talk: Q&A with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld.
  • Tonal Talk: Get to Know Your Coaches.
  • Past guest and cancer survivor Shelly Swartz Black hits 1 Million Lbs.
  • This month’s featured book is The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma.
  • Sumner Paine hits 33 Million Lbs.
  • All this plus our interview with Nan Bernardo!

All this plus our interview with Nan Bernardo!

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Monthly Challenges Are Back Plus Our Interview With Nan Bernardo

It’s episode 48.

I’m glad you went back for that.

It’s very important. People got their scorecards out and were like, “What number is it?”

I’m pretty sure everybody was waiting with bated breath to find out which episode we were on.

I like to think that they have delightful breaths.

It means they were waiting and anticipating. That’s all it means.

We are excited. This is the night before we leave for New York. We are going to New York for a big fancy fashion show.

We will be doing that. We are all about Tonal. We are going to talk about all the things going on.

What do you get for people?

We might as well jump into the episode because if I say them, we’ve already talked about them.

I will just go straight to shameless plugs. Don’t forget. You can find us wherever you find your podcast, Apple, iHeart, or TuneIn. Wherever you are, that’s where we are. While you are there, be sure and follow us, so you never miss an episode. Maybe leave us a review. That’s always helpful. You can also find us on Facebook, Facebook.com/supersetpodcast. While you are there, like the page, join the group, and we have a YouTube channel, YouTube.com/theclipout, the name of our other show. All of these episodes live on that same YouTube channel. You can go over there. There’s all that. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Monthly challenges are back. Mostly they are slightly delayed.

It’s going to be the beginning of October, and Kristina Centenari is going to be doing a 20 and 20 runners challenge. That’s going to be starting in October 2022. It was going to be started in mid-September but I guess something occurred, so we needed to wait. It was a scheduling conflict.

That could be really good for you. You have been doing a lot of running.

This is great for anybody that’s wanting to do a good strength workout but also wants to get all the running done. Sometimes, it’s hard to balance the two because you don’t want to have sore legs all the time. This is going to be a good challenge. I’m looking forward to it.

People associate running with cardio for obvious reasons but this will help you get your strength for it as well.

You can balance. You will have days that are going to be set aside for running but you are also going to have days that are set aside for getting stronger. When you get stronger, you are able to run better and be faster. It’s a win-win. Everybody should be doing strength even if they run all the time. Adding the strength, I now know this because I did my own personal training certificate and learned a lot about this. You don’t want to do cardio all the time. Strength is very important. For those of you who are trying to balance the two, it is important to add it in.

The beauty of Tonal is that you can do the things you want to do. Share on X

It’s not just a win-win. It’s a win wind because you will be so fast. You will be creating a breeze everywhere you go.

This will be the first one that coach Kristina gets to run the challenge. That will be fun for her too. Are you a Phoebe runner or a Rachel runner?

Me? I don’t run. My guess is, were I to run? I would be a Phoebe runner.

Do you think you would be all flaily?

I could be because I would be really bad at it. That’s my guess.

The Tonal blog has a really interesting post. I thought, “How to get back to exercising after you’ve had COVID.”

I love this blog because, again, I talk to people all day long who are trying to fit in, exercise, and eat well. Many people have had COVID the last couple of months that I personally coach, and people sometimes go in too hard, and when they do, that COVID can come back or it can delay you getting better. This blog talks about how you can ease into it, and you can make sure that you are able to get back to strength training but do it in a safe way. That’s not going to get you sick again. There’s lots of really good advice in this article.

As it says here, if you didn’t have COVID, maybe put a little bookmark on that article because it sure seems that eventually everybody gets it so far, knock wood. I have not.

Your time is coming.

It feels like a clock is ticking. I don’t think I’m some sort of special advancement of human biology that I am immune to COVID. I have been dancing between the raindrops.

I also think, particularly this year, there are a lot of people that are getting sick with some upper respiratory infection that is lingering. It’s not COVID. They have been tested and found it’s not COVID but what’s going on is that many people haven’t been out and about in the last couple of years. We are all going out, and our immune systems are crap because of everything we have been through. It’s easy to pick anything up. These tips could be very helpful, regardless.

While we are looking at the Tonal blog, they had some interesting recipes to make your cookouts more cravable yet healthy.

They did. Another reason I posted this was that Kate was looking for feedback on what meal prepping and cooking activities people would like to see in the Official Tonal Community. Would people like to see live cooking, demos, prerecorded cooking tips, and recipes? I’m curious to see where we end up and what she ends up, as she put it, “Cooking up.”

I pour ragù on everything and call it a vegetable. It works for me. I wouldn’t recommend it but it works for me. Thanks for the enthusiastic thumbs up.

I’m glad you found something that works. I can’t imagine eating ragù every day. I’m drowning all my food in it but I’m glad it works for you.

A couple of new features to check out. The first is AirPlay. It is now available for mobile workouts.

You can cast your mobile workout onto another screen. I want to be clear that this is for iOS devices because it’s AirPlay. If you use your Tonal app on your iOS device, you can go to the Tonal app, start the workout, and then cast the screen onto another device. This will be great if you are trying to do a workout like on a TV. It’s better than seeing it on your phone. It’s so tiny.

When you are traveling like when I try to do the mobile stuff and then I got to prop my phone up and lean it against the TV. I couldn’t do this because I’m not an apple guy but I know I’m the odd man out there. You can now add duration-based sets for on-trainer movements in custom workouts. Could you translate that for people?

I can. When you do a workout on Tonal, and it gives you a time rather than a number of reps that you need to hit, that’s a duration-based set. This is for on-trainer movements. When you are creating a custom workout, and you want to do, let’s say, bicep curls. You can now say, instead of, “I want to do ten reps,” you can say, “I want to do 30 seconds of reps.” You can now toggle between reps or duration to customize your workout even more. That’s cool. Also, a little-known fact. I don’t know that everybody knows this because I didn’t know it until a while ago. You get different weight recommendations from Tonal if it is a duration-based workout versus reps.

When you are doing a custom workout if you change the number of reps, will it change the weight recommendation as well?

It does.

TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


If you are doing 10 instead of 15, it will up the weight a little bit to compensate for the lesser amount of reps or fewer amount of reps, whichever is grammatically correct. That’s fascinating.

I’ve made my own little Stacy Sims knockoff workout. I have been playing with that and have it all in six reps. It’s really heavy for me.

You are like, “I’m busy. I got six reps and out.”

There have been updates to the live schedule for people keeping track at home.

It started on September 12th, 2022. It’s already started. There are new times and four different live programs each week. Each live program is progressive. If you follow along with those live classes, then you are getting basically a program. They also have daily live morning workouts, and those are anchored every afternoon and evening, whatever time works best for you. Whether it’s a live program or a workout, they are all going to be added to the on-demand library, so you are not going to miss a thing. I want to point this out because there were a whole bunch of people, and it was not pretty when this post went up, let’s just say that.

I want to point out that the whole reason they are doing this is that they are trying to host all the morning classes and live classes in the morning. The reason they are doing that is so that the team has the ability to create new on-demand workouts and programs in the afternoons. New content is coming. It’s going to be the way that you are used to seeing it. It’s in progress. Let’s give everybody a minute. There’s a lot going on. That’s all I will say about that.

If you are wondering, this is a little tip I have, and you had tipped in the last segment. I have tips for this one too. If you are trying to figure out, and because I get confused by this, the difference between a progressive workout and the other ones. Here’s how, if it has a human instructor, it’s a progressive one. If it has a little tiny lizard, that’s a guy go. That’s how you tell the difference there. You are welcome. That’s my tip to you.

It’s something they are working on. I don’t know if they’ve rolled that out yet. I hope I didn’t give anything away but also something else to keep your eye out for in the future like things to think about that are coming. These are changes that little lizard front and back. It’s going to be a thing, little lizard front and back. Keep an eye out for that. I really apologize to Kate if I got out in front of them on this one but I’m super excited about little lizard front and back. It’s also fun to say.

We also have tons of new content.

I’m going to start with the newest, and this came out on September 6th. There’s a new multi-coach program. This is cool. It’s called sculpted to the core. You can train with coach Gabby, Jared, coach Nikki, Brendon, and coach Paul. They all are going to be trainers as part of this program. It’s a full body, 3 times a week for 2 weeks.

A little sampler platter of instructors for you. It’s like the Vans Warped Tour but for Tonal workouts.

A lot that you are going to hear is all workouts that whenever Aly posted in the Official Tonal Community and said, “We are still posting workouts from the content that the West Coast instructors had provided. This is part of it. You are going to hear me talk about it, and that is why, because these are from before they left. We have a new quick fit. It’s fiery endurance with coach Francis. There was a quick fit core for runners with coach Pablo, and he always kicked my butt.

New cardio Tabata kicker with coach Jackson, a new mobility workout called morning mobility essentials with coach Jared. Tons of new ones, and then there are going to be several workouts that were already occurred, but now, they are live and moving to on-demand. There are 20 and 20s for runners, level up your hit, stacked strength, and drop set strength.

That’s not all.

Back in August, there was new stuff that dropped, and there’s another multi-coach program power-packed hit, and this is going to be coach Francis, coach Brendon, coach Trace, and coach Liz. This one is full body 3 times a week for 2 weeks, and it’s building work capacity. That way, you are being able to condition your body and the ability of work that it is able to do.

There was a new quick fit, lower body flash with coach Gabby. New strength, fierce, and focused with coach Paul. There was a new warmup dynamic chest stretch with coach Jackson. New cardio called killer intervals with coach Pablo. There were some more live on-demand, the 20 and 20 in runners, the level up, and the built-for strength with Kendall and beginner push-pull with coach Tim.

On August 31st, there was a new Tonal Talk, Get to Know Your Tonal Coaches.

Previously they had been known as the New York coaches, and now they are just the coaches. Kate basically moderated a fun discussion to get to know all the new coaches, where she asked a lot of fun questions of them. She also hosted a little game show with them, and it was a good opportunity for people to get an idea of how they teach, what their background is from, and what things they enjoy as humans outside of coaching. A lot of people attended live but if you didn’t get a chance to listen to this, then it’s over on the Official Tonal Community page, and it’s saved. You are able to go and listen to the whole thing.

A while back, we interviewed Shelley Swartz Black.

She has quite the amazing weight loss story but she also had another milestone that occurred. She hit 1 million pounds. Congrats to Shelley. I wanted to make sure we called that out.

Just focus on the programs, and decide when you want to start with the beginner programs. Share on X


Another month another book for the Book Club.

The book of September is called The 5 AM Club.

No thanks.

Supposedly you tweak one thing, and you can have better mornings according to this. I haven’t read this book yet. I’m not sure how I feel about it because I already feel like I get up early enough. I also used to get up at 5:00 AM every morning. I actually feel my life has improved by sleeping in one extra hour.

I know my life is improved by you sleeping in one extra hour.

I am very curious to hear what people have to say about this. If you haven’t gotten a chance, you want to read along with The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma.

For people who are unaware, maybe explain who Sumner Paine is.

I don’t know exactly what his job title is at Tonal. He has always been at Tonal since I have been here. He gets to test things and has a lot to do with what goes on in the background. I also know that he always is the person sending out little surveys to ask how your experience on Tonal has been. He’s a key member of the community because he’s always been in the Official Tonal Community and is somebody who’s very encouraging.

He cheers other people on and loves to hear how people are enjoying Tonal or what they could change and that kind of thing. He likes the feedback. Sumner has always been an amazing person in the Tonal community because I love watching his milestones. I had to call out this amazing milestone that he has. It was 33 million pounds. I also heard and learned that Sumner actually had done more work than that. Before Tonal, when he was testing Tonal before it became live, there was a time out there when he was in the test database when volume didn’t count. That’s only 33 million pounds that have been tracked. That is absolutely incredible.

That is a ton. It is. It’s a couple of tons.

Congrats to Sumner.

Joining us this episode is Nan Bernardo. How’s it going?

Good. How are you?

We are good and so excited to have you here, Nan. How did you come across Tonal and decide, “I need to get one of those?”

Everything appears to be interrelated. I had gotten a Peloton, started reading The Clip Out group, and then went back and checked. In December of 2019, you had an interview with Aly, the Founder of Tonal. I thought, “That sounds like a cool thing. I need one of those.” I am a widow and live alone, so I don’t need to confer with anybody about, “Can we afford it? Should we buy it?” I said, “I need to buy that.”

Did you get it in early 2020, then?

No, what I do on occasion is long-distance bike rides. I waited until my bike rides were done, and then it wasn’t until July 2020 that I ordered the Tonal and got it in September 2020.

At that point, we were heavy into the pandemic. That changed things a bit.

TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


Since that time, I have been talking it up, so my son bought a Tonal. My daughter and son-in-law got one a few months ago.

Do you guys like virtual group workouts together?


They can’t keep up with Nan.

She got no time for these amateurs.

She will outlift us all. That’s amazing. What workouts do you do? Are you more of a program person? Are you a, “I’m going to do my own workout?” Do you do individual things?

I’m focused on the programs. I decided when I started that I wanted to start with the beginner programs. Continuing to go through the beginner programs said, “Once I finish all the beginner ones, I will move on to intermediate,” but Tonal keeps adding more beginners. I’ve done 35 beginner programs out of 42.

You can graduate. I think it’s okay.

She might be a completist. Do you feel you have to finish all of them even though they’ve made more?

No, but they look so interesting. I think, “Let me try this one next.” I enjoyed them all.

It’s hard to decide which one to do because they are all so good.

That’s also the beauty of Tonal. You can do the things you want to do. You can pick and choose, and that’s your way of plowing through it, so whatever works for you.

That’s also great because there are those programs plus that they added. We could be doing the exact same one but you could decide to do it on beginner and I could be doing it on intermediate, and then maybe later, when you are going through all the intermediates, you decide to do intermediate. You never know.

Also, I’m not sure when they added the recovery into the programs but I’ve tried 1 or 2 of those, and they are great too.

What a fabulous way to still move that day but not do a full-out workout. You mentioned that you do your long-distance rides. You have lots of those. How are you fitting in Tonal with your previous workout schedule? How do you make time for everything?

Since I’m 76 and retired, I have lots of time.

You are a freaking inspiration is what you are. I hope I’m doing that at 76. That’s fantastic.

When I’m traveling with Tonal, I can do those of the Tonal programs and still get credit for them.

Do you do the bodyweight ones then whenever you’re traveling?


How many days a week are you doing cycling versus lifting?

I’ve had my Peloton for a couple of years. I’ve got a 200-week streak on my Peloton. I have a 96-week streak on my Tonal. I’m doing them basically every day.

A personal trainer leads you on your journey. The biggest advantage is that they have planned the exercises, and there's some method to their madness. Share on X

Both of them?

Yes. Tonal in the morning and Peloton in the evening.

You are doing two-a-day workouts.

You are like a football player.

When I am not playing pickleball because I play a lot of pickleball.

Explain pickleball to me. Somebody brought this up in another interview. I have no idea what it is. What is Pickleball?

It’s like a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s played on a smaller court than a tennis court, and you use paddles and a ball that’s plastic like a Wiffle ball.

That sounds like it’s pretty dynamic. You are moving a lot. That sounds like a lot of running.

Not as much as tennis. I always think of it as tennis for old folks.

It seems to be catching fire with young people because, at least around here, they are building bars based around pickleball. Older people can drink, too.

She’s like, “I know a thing or two about drinking, Tom.”

You don’t normally see them creating nightclubs.

No, that’s true. I don’t know. I’m in my middle age and like, “It’s so noisy.” I don’t want to go someplace noisy. I like to be in bed by 9:00. I go to bed early.

Has physical fitness been a part of your life for a long time or was it a relatively recent thing or how does that work?

It has been pretty much through my life but things change and life goes on. I grew up and lived most of my life in New Jersey and live near NY, and they had lots of spinning classes and group exercise classes. I did take part in them. In 2015, I retired and moved to rural Arkansas, and they had less activities like that. When the pandemic came, everything shut down.

What a culture shift that must have been.

I was going to say explain how you went from New Jersey to rural Arkansas. This sounds like the premise of a sitcom.

I’m a widow, and when I retired, I thought I needed to be close to one of my kids. I felt my daughter was more inclined to take care of me in my old days than my son. She’s established in Arkansas, so I headed out here.

Was that a difficult transition?

Yes, and it still is.

I would think so. I think about how hard it is for me to change jobs after a long time. I can’t imagine picking up after all that time of living in New Jersey and then going to a place that is so different from New Jersey going to Arkansas. I can’t think of any other words other than difficult.

I’m curious. What do you miss the most about being in New Jersey, and what do you like the best about being in Arkansas?

TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


Arkansas has a much slower pace, with much less traffic and a different lifestyle. Jersey is so close to New York, there are so many things going on, and close to the Jersey Shore.

We are hopelessly addicted to that show, the Jersey Shore.

She’s like, “We are not all like that.” It’s like how people from New Jersey feel about Jersey Shore is probably how people from Arkansas feel about Ma & Pa Kettle. That’s a very old reference.

I feel like every location has those stereotypes of some kind. We like to make fun of the St Louis ones. We joke about those. Do you have other big rides coming up? You said you do long-distance rides.

In 2015, I was 69 and decided I needed to ride cross-country. There is a company, Woman Tours, that does bike tours all over the world for women. I signed up with them and did a two-month bike tour from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida.

You are a badass. That’s amazing.

How many miles a day is that, on average?

On average, 60 miles a day for 2 months.

Do they have it spaced out? Are you sleeping in a hotel every night? Are you camping? What are you doing?

It’s sophisticated. We stay in motels. They provide all the meals and support. All you need to do is ride your bike. They carry your luggage and that thing.

I was wondering. I was like, “You can’t be hauling stuff, too.”

She’s carrying one on each shoulder.

They have the cross-country road cycle version of Sherpas to help you along the way.

Yes, exactly.

This is fair.

I was trying to talk Tom into going with me on one of the international tours that the Road Riders do because they have those Road Rider groups they put together. At the time, this was prior to COVID because that messed up everything but I had looked into it. It was set up in a very similar way. I thought, “Maybe Tom could handle that or he could go do sightseeing and then make meet up with you every night?”

I could drive the car with the luggage.

It never panned out, but now, I feel like I need to redouble my efforts to make that happen because that’s inspirational that you did that. Did you see things that you were surprised by? Is it different traveling cross-country on a bike than it is in a car?

I had never been to New Mexico or Arizona, and twenty days were bike-ling through Texas. You never know how big Texas is until you try to bike it.

Two months is a lot of PTOs, were most of the people retired?

It’s called Woman Tour, so it caters to women, and there are not many younger women who can leave their families for two months. It was for older women.

I was wondering because that’s a good chunk of time to commit to.

It's really important for older women to work out weights, and Tonal is ideal. Share on X

I picture everywhere you guys stopped, people were like, “What is happening here? What are you guys doing? Talk to us.” I wish there had been a news story about that. I feel like there should have been.

What was the hardest part of that ride or that journey?

There were different challenges along the way. For instance, a lot of the Southern states don’t have Leash Laws, so there are lots of dogs running around. That’s always a challenge.

It’s 65 miles that day.

There are some areas in the Southwest that you can only get from place A to B on route 10, which is a super highway, and the cars are going 85 miles an hour, and we are riding on the shoulder, which was a little scary.

Did you have to go like up and down mountains, too?


You say it like it’s no big deal. Like, “Yes, of course.” I can handle getting on my bike and getting from point A to point B, no problem but whenever you start putting big hills in it, I get nervous going downhill. My bike feels like it’s out of control. The uphill is less scary to me but it’s a lot of work. I don’t mean that it’s easy but it’s less scary than going downhill. That seems terrifying to me. Did you experience that, too?

Personally terrifying areas were the continental divide, and although it was in the spring, it was sleeting one day, and we were going down a hilly area, which was pretty scary.

They don’t have any days baked in for like, “Weather is bad. We are going to take a beep.”

They do have rest days, and also, if the weather is too bad or, for some reason, you don’t feel up to it, you can take a sag and ride in the support van to the next place.

Nan is like, “But I didn’t do that.”

I did on occasion. Some folks were called every single miler. They are determined to ride every single mile. I was not one of them.

I don’t blame you.

They should call it every effing mile. That’s a lot of miles. You’ve earned that F-bomb.

How many miles was it?

It was 3,000.

That’s a lot of miles.

I remember when we were driving through Colorado in the mountains. We were driving, and I was winded.

Those hills are big. They are mountains. That’s why I’m like, “I can’t picture going down them.” That sounds terrifying. Back to Tonal, what is your favorite aspect of Tonal? What do you like the most about it?

I think about it like living with a personal trainer. Whenever you are ready to exercise, he or she is there, ready to lead you on your journey. That’s the biggest advantage, and that somebody has planned out the exercises, and there’s a method to their madness, so to speak.

I would never know what to do when it comes to that stuff. If somebody said, “Here’s a bunch of weights for free.” I would be like, “Now, what?”

TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


It’s overwhelming. Plus, it looks so pretty on the wall. What do you have planned for 2022?

In October, I’m doing a ride along the Florida Panhandle with Woman Tours. That’s what I’m doing.

How long is that one?

It’s only a week. They had offered the underground railroad, and it went from New Orleans to Buffalo, New York. That was a month and a half but I didn’t feel like I could leave my 2 dogs and 2 cats that long.

That’s a good chunk of change to leave them alone for.

What a cool idea to be able to see the history that’s involved there.

Do they bake in historical tours along the route or how does that work?

Yes and no. They point out things of interest but you are biking.

It’s like a blur as it goes by. Since your daughter lives nearby, does she do any biking or anything like that? Do you guys ever bike together?

One thing I found in rural Arkansas, where I live, is that, 1) there are no Leash Laws. 2) Narrow roads with no shoulders. 3) Big pickup trucks. 4) The problem is that people don’t expect to see bikes on the road. They are not looking for them. It’s pretty dangerous to bike out here.

Even here in St Louis, which is a Metropolitan area, I feel like it’s not very bike-friendly compared to other states we have been in. There are bike lanes but they are random.

They last for about 60 feet. You are like, “Why did they put it out there?”

“Why was there a bike lane there? Where did it go? It just stops.” There’s no way to plan your routes on the roads that are safe and that you feel comfortable with. They do have a lot of good trails here, so there are a lot of good places to bike on trails but there’s not a lot of good road riding, in my opinion. It’s terrifying out there. Do you have a favorite instructor on Tonal?

For one program, I took Brendon. I thought he was so cute but the folks I like are Natalie, Nicolette, certainly Dr. Liz, and Paul Wright, and I was surprised to see him on a television commercial.

I was too. He popped up there, and I was like, “What?”

Do you have any advice for people just getting a Tonal?

It’s important for older women to work out with weights, and Tonal is ideal. I think of myself fighting frailty one move at a time, especially since there’s a history of osteoporosis in my family, so I figure that’s the best way for me to fight it.

It seems like doing a good job.

I also feel like it makes you feel better. There’s an age difference between the two of us but I feel like it makes you feel like you can move easier with the other things you want to do. There’s a benefit from that as well but I always feel stronger after I do it. It has a lot of benefits from it.

Do your kids get worried when you go on these adventures or are they like, “Have at it. Good for you?

Yes, that’s right. “My mother is somewhere on her bike rides.”

Most people say that, and they mean in the park, “But no, not Nan. She’s halfway across the world.” I wish my parents did stuff like that. They don’t do anything like that. That would be so cool because you only get one life. I love that you are out there exploring it, getting to do and see different things.

TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


There’s a nice trail in Missouri, the Katy Trail. I’ve done that. That is a nice trail to bike.

It goes through the parking lot of where I work.

Have you done the whole thing?


Of course, you have. It’s only 300 miles. She’s like, “I did that in a day.” I’ve done the St Louis portions of it a few times, and it’s beautiful through there.

Not that what you have done isn’t big but is there a big one in your future that you’ve wanted to do that’s like your white whale, or was the cross country won that?

The cross country won.

You are like, “You are biking in Antarctica,” or something.

Other than that, there’s running on every continent. Do they have a bike thing? Is there an equivalent in the biking world like that?

I’m not sure.

I figured you would be the person to know. That’s neat.

Nan, thank you so much for joining us. This has been a lot of fun and educational. I didn’t realize they even had stuff like that. It’s me we are talking about. What I would think you would know about that.

Let me tell you one thing. As I said, I read your blogs. One day, you interviewed Mike D from Stronger U.

Yes, Mike Doehla.

I was interested in that. After you finished, I checked out Stronger U online, and then a couple of months later, my son talked to me and said he might like to try a weight loss program. I said, “Go to Stronger U. It looks cool.” He did and signed up. He lost 100 pounds and has a Peloton and Tonal.

I love hearing success stories. That’s so cool. A hundred pounds is a significant amount of weight to lose. That’s not one of those, “I lost 20 pounds,” and then they gain it back. One hundred pounds is a lot.

Twenty pounds can be a lot, too. I know how people can be, and I’m trying to head it off with the past. That’s quite an accomplishment. Good for him. Thank you for telling us that. I’m glad that we played a small role in that.

Me too.

You are the reason that I found out about Tonal and Stronger U, so good marketing.

Anything else that we missed that you wanted to tell people that we didn’t ask you about?

After I got my Peloton, my twin sister in South Carolina got one. My niece in South Carolina got one. My son in Jersey and my daughter also in Arkansas got one. We are a big Peloton family.

That’s awesome. Do you ride together?


TSS 47 | Active Lifestyle


Do you guys have a text chain where you tell each other what rides you took or anything like that?

I talk to folks and ask them but when I’m riding, I’m riding.

You are like, “I don’t have time.”

“I got things to do.”

My son and I are on the same team for the Power Zone rides or challenges. That is a good motivating thing.

Those exhaust me. I feel like I don’t ride enough. There are too many Power Zone classes that you need to take to be able to see your progress from week to week. I miss out on my other instructors, and then I get resentful, and then I’ve lost the joy. I have to ride for joy. I have to find the classes that make me happy.

Since you are talking about how much you like your Peloton. What is your Peloton leaderboard name in case people want to find your over there?

Chris from Jersey.

Do you have a leaderboard name on Tonal or is it the same?

It’s the same.

It’s nice and easy.

One other thing on Peloton, I’ve ridden 1,100 something rides but on the 1,000th ride, I rode a live ride with Cody and that was my 75th birthday, so I got a cool shout-out from Cody.

That’s a special birthday present right there. Thank you for sharing that.

Good talking to you.

Likewise. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. This has been a blast.

That brings this episode to a close until next time. Where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Tonal leaderboard, @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RobertQBert or Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online at Facebook.com/supersetpodcast. While you are there, like the page and join the group. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time keep lifting, unless you’re Sumner Paine, then give it a break, dude. Dial it down. We get it.


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