Mayla's Third Peloversary

Mayla’s Third Peloversary!

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While she’s perhaps happiest riding the waves, Mayla Wedekind’s passion for fitness and empowerment has made her a beloved figure in the Peloton community, and we’re thrilled to celebrate her this holiday season as she hits her third Peloversary- and her maternity leave! Mayla and her surfer/photographer husband Henning Von Jagow are expecting their first baby-

Finding Her Voice on the Bike

Mayla, a psychologist and surfer, started her journey with Peloton in 2020 after being recruited by cycling director Cody Rigsby, alongside fellow German-speaking coach Cliff Dwenger. She quickly found her voice on the bike, blending especially well with her fellow German instructors.

One of the things that Mayla is known for is her upbeat and sometimes goofy instruction. She has a knack for making riders feel like they’re working out with a friend, rather than just following along with a pre-recorded class. Her positivity and energy have made her a fan favorite, and she has inspired countless riders to achieve their fitness goals. My personal favorite memory of Mayla? Her 30 min AC/DC Ride from 2021, where, in a ripped top and red lipstick, she narrated a road trip as her hair got messier and messier along the way.

Expanding Her Reach with the Tread

In 2023, Mayla expanded her reach by becoming a Tread instructor, teaching both running and walking- and participated in All For One ’23 teaching a 30 min Katy Perry Walk! This allowed her to connect with a wider audience and help people achieve their fitness goals in new ways. Like with her bike classes, Mayla brought her unique perspective and infectious personality to her tread classes.

Prenatal and Postnatal Classes

In addition to her general fitness classes, Mayla recently partnered with trainer Assal Arian to create a series of prenatal classes that help pregnant riders stay active and healthy throughout and after their pregnancies- even a HIIT ride!

Mayla has also shared pregnancy-safe stretches and exercises on her Instagram, providing a valuable resource for expectant mothers. Her commitment to supporting women through all stages of their lives has made her an inspiration to many.

Looking Ahead

As Mayla heads into maternity leave, she is excited about the future and what it holds for her Peloton career. Her impact on the Peloton community has been immense. Her uplifting personality, expert instruction, and commitment to empowerment have inspired riders of all ages and fitness levels. As she celebrates her third anniversary as a Peloton instructor, Mayla is excited about what the future holds and remains dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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