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Joslyn and Hosky’s Two-Year Peloversary

Happy Second Peloversary to two of our favorites, Peloton tread instructors Joslyn Thompson Rule and Jon Hosking!

Joslyn’s Roots

Joslyn is an accomplished athlete with a passion for health and fitness. Her journey began during her time at university, where she coached the novice rowing club as the Vice Captain. Seeing the girls under her tutelage produce tangible results ignited a spark in Joslyn, spurring her to explore coaching as a profession. She went on to work as a personal trainer and sports therapist and competed in various sports, from triathlons to Olympic weightlifting, becoming a Nike Master Trainer in 2015, and wrote a book titled, “How to Move It” released in 2021. Her love for helping others discover their own fitness journey and building confidence in their unique bodies eventually led her to become a Peloton instructor.

As a Peloton instructor, Joslyn inspires her community with her mantra of “let’s just see,” encouraging them to shatter their preconceived limits one ride at a time. Her holistic approach to training, which prioritizes the whole self and the long game, resonates with riders seeking a sustainable and empowering fitness journey. Her expertise as a seasoned athlete and coach is evident in her ability to meet riders wherever they are on their fitness journey, from beginners to seasoned pro athletes. Joslyn’s passion for accessible fitness is apparent in her belief that everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can find confidence and physical empowerment through exercise. For riders looking to transform their bodies and minds, Joslyn Thompson Rule is a powerhouse Peloton instructor and coach that inspires change with her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support.

Hosky on the Move

Jon Hosking’s journey to becoming a Peloton instructor is as unique and inspiring as the fitness classes he teaches. Before joining the Peloton family, Jon (or “Hosky”, as his fans call him) was a model and fitness instructor with a passion for painting. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and continued to pursue his love for painting by dedicating much of his time to creating art in studios located both in the UK and the US. Hosking found that painting and exercising put him in the same headspace, allowing him to feel completely present and alive in the moment.

Hosky’s love for fitness and teaching led to him launching a fundraiser in 2020 for an organization focused on suicide prevention called CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). This fundraiser involved rowing a marathon distance on a rowing machine for five consecutive days, raising an impressive £7,000 for the cause. This selfless act of charity is a testament to Hosky’s kind heart and unwavering determination. It also caught the attention of Peloton, who saw in him the qualities they seek in their instructors: positivity, passion, and a commitment to helping others. And thus, Jon Hosking became a Peloton instructor, inspiring countless individuals to push themselves to their limits and unlock their full potential.

Starting Strong and Going All In

To celebrate their Peloversary, why not go back to where it began? Hosky’s 20-minute Premiere Run featured the classic “Conga!” by Miami Sound Machine and “Holding Out for a Hero”, by Bonnie Tyler. (Was it possible this was the hero we’d been holding out for?) Joslyn’s, another 20-minute Premiere Run, included “Make Me Feel,” by Janelle Monae, and “Forget You” (the clean version!) by Cee-Lo Green. And it was all up from there! Joslyn, often in pastels, braids, and her trademark huge smile, led us through solid fitness training, as well as such Artist Series classes as Amy Winehouse, Lizzo, and Whitney Houston. Hosky, with his sharp dance moves, premiered his “At the Club” signature series in April 2023, and engaged with Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, and N’Sync.

Team PSL (NOT Pumpkin Spice Latte)

Joslyn and Hosky have become cornerstones at Peloton Studios London (where Hosky, with friend Bradley Rose, recently helped welcome members back after the studio’s update). Hosky is currently training fellow instructor Ben Alldis for the 2024 London Marathon (as Susie Chan says, “the bromance is real”,)  and Joslyn welcomed Liverpool Foootball Club legend John Barnes for a walk in July.

They’re not only valued members of the Peloton Studios London instructor team, but an integral part of the studio’s success. Their dedication and passion for fitness are contagious and have made them popular amongst the students and fellow instructors alike. Joslyn’s words on recovery and training as a mother has helped her students balance life and fitness, while Jon’s infectious energy and creativity have made his classes a fan favorite- and kept the ladies interested, too. Over the past two years, they have both played an instrumental role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment at Peloton Studios London. Their friendship has not only strengthened their individual teaching styles, but has also allowed them to work collaboratively on creative class ideas and events. Their commitment to the success of the studio and its members is undeniable, and we feel fortunate to have them as part of our team.

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