How do I Install This New Seat Post? Like This!

I ordered my new seat post the day the order form was available- it came on August 9. I installed it today (8/12) – while very doable on my own, there was one tricky part. (Disclaimer here- follow Peloton’s instructions, because I’m not qualified to give them! This is just my own experience.)

I started by taking a picture of my current seat situation so I’d know my settings. (Yes, I know there’s some dust going on in a few places!)

This is what came in the box- post, end cap, one screw, and instructions. I also needed a Phillips head screwdriver.

Instructions included. 

Missing from the instructions? How to get the existing seat off, and since I never adjust my settings, I’d pretty much forgotten. Pulling on the handle didn’t help- but turning counter-clockwise to loosen did, though it took me a little bit of muscle. It slid right out after that.

I brought the post (seat and all) into my kitchen to work on it. Again, I loosened the seat lever by turning counter-clockwise.

When the seat slides to the end of the post, it stops. I took my Phillips head screwdriver and removed this screw at the end of the end cap.

The end cap came off easily with the screw removed, and the metal part will came out right along with it.

The seat’s off! Now I disposed of the old post and got my new one! It was time to take these steps in reverse.

I slid the seat onto the new post.

This was the only tricky part- I couldn’t fit out how to get this metal part on the end cap into the hole at the top of the seat post. It didn’t seem to fit. 

I finally realized that if I “untucked” it from the plastic part, it went into the hole- and the plastic part fell right into place at the end of the post.

This is what snapping the end cap into place looked like.

End cap snapped into place…

Screw being tightened.

I interrupt this narrative for a PSA: if you are doing this, now’s a great time to wipe down your dirty bike before putting the seat post back on!

I slid the seat post in. (Yes, I leave my shoes on the bike- I once gave myself tendinitis by clipping out repeatedly.)

Adjusted my settings, top and bottom- and I’m ready to ride!

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