Halloween 2023 schedule cover art

Peloton Halloween 2023 Schedule

The weekend is upon us… and so is Peloton’s Halloween bonanza.

You’re ready, I’m ready, and Matty Maggiacomo is especially ready.

As Matty asked, are we doing “Spooky, Silly, or Sexy this year?” While the costumes remain to be revealed, the schedule is ready to go, and the only question we’re asking ourselves tonight is how many classes we can fit into a day! (Just kidding- recovery is important, so let your body rest!)

Benny's comment on Matty's Halloween IG post

Benny Adami’s enthusiastic comment on Matty’s Halloween Instagram post

2023 Halloween Classes (all times listed are ET, so your mileage may vary):

530 am: Susie Chan 30 min Halloween Run

600 am: Sam Yo 30 min Disney Villains Ride (this one doesn’t say Halloween, but let’s assume Sam’s heading that direction. He’s not one who misses a chance to dress up… but which villain will he be?)

800am: Logan Aldridge 30 min Halloween Upper Body Strength

800am: Hannah Corbin 30 min Halloween Ride

800am: Jon Hosking 30 min At the Club Halloween walk

900am: Becs Gentry 30 min Halloween Run 

1000am: Leeanne Hainsby 30 min Halloween Ride

1000am: Andy Speer 60 min Halloween Total Strength (this is my personal don’t miss- I’m a Total Strength 60 devotee and appreciator of Andy antics)

1030am: Mariana Fernandez 30 min Halloween Yoga Flow

1100am: Matty Maggiacomo 30 min Halloween Walk (possibly most anticipated, given his history?)

1200pm: Ally Love 30 min Halloween Ride

1230pm: Ross Rayburn 30 min Halloween Yoga Flow

200pm: Camila Ramón 30 min Halloween Ride (ain’t no party like a Camila party….)

Other Sunday Fun

If you’re not looking for spooky antics, there are even a few non-Halloween themed classes on the schedule- or at least we think they’re non-Halloween…

800am: Ben Alldis 20 min 90s Dance Ride

830am: Chelsea Jackson Roberts 30 min Yoga Flow

830am: Ben Alldis 20 min HIIT Ride

1000am: Jenn Sherman 60 min Cover to Cover Ride

1130am: Cliff Dwenger 30 min Climb Ride

1230pm: Jess Sims 45 min Full Body Strength (So I didn’t put this one on the Halloween list, and we know Jess isn’t a Halloween fan, but can Matty Maggiacomo resist shenanigans?)

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