Discover the Peloton Road to Half Marathon Program

Have you ever dreamed of crossing that half marathon finish line but weren’t sure how to get started and train? If so, Peloton’s new Road to Half Marathon program might just be what you need. Designed to take your training to the next level, this 10-week, 52-class collection is your ultimate guide to building strength, endurance, and confidence.

What is the Peloton Road to Half Marathon Program?

The Peloton Road to Half Marathon program is a comprehensive training plan that offers guided outdoor workouts that are also available on the Tread. With inspiration and expert guidance from top Peloton instructors Susie Chan, Becs Gentry, Matt Wilpers, Robin Arzon, and Marcel Dinkins, this program is crafted to help you achieve your running goals. Road to Half Marathon is available on demand now under Collections.

Why Choose the Peloton Road to Half Marathon Program?

Build Strength, Endurance, and Confidence

Training for a half marathon is no small feat. The Peloton Road to Half Marathon program is designed to help you build the physical and mental stamina required to tackle those 13.1 miles.

Expert Guidance

With step-by-step coaching from seasoned Peloton instructors, you’ll receive professional training tips, motivational insights, and personalized coaching. These experts know what it takes to prepare for a half marathon and are here to share their knowledge with you.

Versatile Training Options

Whether you prefer hitting the pavement or sticking to the treadmill, this program has you covered. The guided outdoor workouts offer flexibility, while the Tread sessions ensure you can train regardless of the weather.

Convenient and Accessible

All 52 classes are available on demand, meaning you can fit your training around your schedule. No more excuses—just actionable steps toward your half marathon dream.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to lace up and hit the ground running? Head over to the Peloton Tread or App now and take the first step. Let’s make that half marathon dream a reality together!


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