Peloton Andy Speer Debuts Density 2 Collection

Density 2 with Andy Speer Drops This Week

Grab your chapsticks, folks! We’re not going “back to the future,” but we are going back to the mat for the next installment of Andy’s amazing Total Strength Density 2 Collection, debuting on June 21! Just over a year after premiering his TS Density 1, Andy is back with more awesome programming for us. Density is our destiny! If you are a fan of Andy’s classes, you know he delivers solid strength workouts that leave you feeling great at the end. But for the uninitiated, you may be intimidated by some of the verbiage you hear him throw around like his beloved dumbbells. But don’t worry, we’re here to break it down!

Why Density Training?

First off, TS Density 2 is a follow-up to Density 1, and we’ve got a stellar review from last year to give you the scoop. Density training simply means that you take a block of time, and then over time, you increase your workload within that time, either by reps or by how much weight you lift in that block. If the new collection follows the design of TS Density 1, you can expect to see classes dropping over four weeks, with three classes per week at 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and 20 minutes. Like TSD1, we expect that each week will offer you opportunities to build on your own personal progress while repeating the same foundational moves. 

Still not sure what this all means? Let’s say Andy has you doing a set of 8 bicep curls as a block. How many rounds can you do with your chosen weight within the time he sets? And then the following week, can you do more rounds with the same weight? Or perhaps increase your weight and see how many rounds you can get then? Andy gives you the framework and then you decide how to push your limits. It’s a straightforward and accessible way to approach strength work, and this kind of focus in particular will help you build lean muscle and change your body composition.

Update! Andy has shared some additional information via Instagram about how the program works.There will be three 30-minute classes a week, so a more consistent approach to class lengths than TSD1. Andy also clarified that you can use an incline bench, flat bench or no bench at all, and that these classes are great to do at a gym.

Make This Your Own #speERA!

There are a lot of ways to incorporate strength into your weekly routine, and Peloton has no shortage of opportunities with different modalities and instructors. Personally, I’m a big fan of Andy’s coaching. Maybe it’s because we both love some 90s rock along with Katy Perry thrown in; maybe it’s because I actually forget how to count when other instructors call for too many ladders, AMRAPs and EMOMs in one class so I like the repetitive simplicity of Andy’s method; maybe it’s the jokes and the oddly specific but selective personal tidbits he shares about himself during classes (he loves butterflies and hates Nutella… what?); so IYKYK, but if you haven’t tried him out yet, I urge you to dip your toe into Density 2!

While Andy is not usually too active on his social media, this month he has been intentionally getting comfortably uncomfortable (another reason I love him is how often he references Matt Wilpers!) by doing his own personal 30 Days of Posting challenge. This has been great for members to get more insight into the weekly training plans in all of his classes, and learn a bit more about his past and his path to Peloton (his #speERAs). Check him out and then jump over to his Speerhead fan page… they will likely have some printables available to help you track your progress in this new Density collection.

Are you planning to try Density 2? Let us know how it goes!

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