Cody Subs for Dear Prudence - Cody XOXO Relationship Advice

Cody Subs for Dear Prudence

This week, our beloved instructor Cody Rigsby takes the reins of Slate’s iconic advice column, “Dear Prudence.” While his expertise lies in leading Peloton classes, Cody has plenty of opinions when it comes to love and relationships.

What did Cody have to say?

To a husband contemplating infidelity: Think twice. Instead, dig deep into the reasons behind your desires and address the issues within your relationship. (A bit of flagrant honesty comes in here, since apparently Cody’s been the cheater… “many” times.)

To a teenager caught in a dilemma with their boyfriend and bestie: Choose your bestie if you have to make a choice. Remember, boyfriends are everywhere. (Cody may have perhaps said this in a less genteel way.)

To a writer healing from a recent breakup: Take a step back from the past – the pictures, the memories, and even his family and friends. You can revisit them later. (Surprisingly mature advice from Cody!)

Do we call him Cody or Prudence? Will we find out if any of this advice worked? Most importantly, where can we get more of this wisdom? That we can answer- for more Cody relationship advice (along with extensive commentary on why one should prefer Britney over Taylor) check out literally any episode of his series “XOXO Cody.”

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