Climb to the Top and Find Some Inspiration with Oprah, Gayle, and Jess Sims 

When the Peloton community was abuzz recently about the studio being closed – apparently due to a visit by Oprah Winfrey – we were more than curious!  Oprah is on many of our lists of iconic women we would like to exercise with – and wow, did that wish come true!  The Clip Out had announced the visit on our blog and our podcast and was anxiously awaiting to take a class with Oprah.

A 20 minute hike class was released on Monday, October 23rd, with Jess Sims leading Oprah, Gayle King, and Oprah’s Daily team up the hill.  It was fun to watch Oprah’s reaction to this class – walking on trails is apparently one of her favorite forms of movement, and she was unaware that Peloton had hikes (come on, Oprah – Peloton has everything!).  Oprah revealed that she previously had knee surgery on both knees, and she credits walking with helping her to rehabilitate. Oprah said she plans on taking advantage of Peloton’s hiking classes when she can’t get outside to walk.  

The class included songs by Whitney HoustonBeyoncé (Oprah said Beyonce’s concerts are a “transcendent experience”), and Tina Turner (did you know that Oprah performed “Simply the Best’ with her at the Hollywood Bowl?) –  we added 1% to our incline every time Tina said “the best” – that’s a lot of incline, folks!   

The highlight of the music was the song that is, according to Oprah, a “mantra for her life”, “Goodness of God” by Cici Winans, which ended with a voiceover from Maya Angelou – a tearjerker, for sure.  Oprah pointed out that every single word of the song is a “mantra for her life,” and that it helps her remember that everything in life happens to show you your real self.   Members were encouraged to think about someone who has helped them realize their worth and that limitations don’t exist. (That wasn’t sweat dripping from my eyes at the end of the workout.)  

Of course, Jess introduced Oprah and her crew to a lot of her “Jessisms’, like “No Ego, Amigo,” and “You don’t have to, you get to,”  Oprah had a few inspirational thoughts of her own –  keep it going and don’t look at how far you have to go when you’re faced with a challenge but look at how far you have come (good advice in life and as you’re facing the top of the incline after the listening game during Tina Turner’s song).  

Gayle also pointed out that Oprah does not like to leave the house, but she was motivated enough to come to Peloton Studios!  We totally understand, Oprah – we love “the mothership” – and we welcome you back any time you’d like to join us!  

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