Celebrating Five Full Blast Years with Ross Rayburn at Peloton

Can you believe it’s been five whole years since Ross Rayburn graced the Peloton platform with his soothing voice and unparalleled expertise? Time flies when you’re getting zen, right? From the moment Ross came aboard in March 2019, it was clear he was going to shake things up – and boy, did he deliver.

Right out of the gate, Ross teamed up with the effervescent Cody Rigsby to lead the Atlanta Pride Parade in October 2019. Talk about making an entrance! But that was just the warm-up. Ross was on a mission to transform how we see and practice meditation and wellness.

In February 2020, Ross introduced us to the “Power of Sleep Meditation” program. Suddenly, counting sheep was out, and tuning into Ross was in. Thousands can testify, there’s nothing quite like that amazing voice lulling you into a peaceful slumber. Insomnia? Never heard of her, thanks to Ross.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Ross dropped a bombshell – his book, Turning Inward, released on January 9th, 2024. A fresh perspective on meditation? Yes, please. This book quickly became the go-to guide for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice or just find a moment of calm in the chaos of daily life.

But Ross didn’t stop there. He’s always been one to share the spotlight, exemplified when he joined forces with Tunde for a special “Yoga for Riders” class in July 2023. This dynamic duo showed us the power of cross-training and how yoga can be a game-changer for cyclists. Pure. Magic.

What truly sets Ross apart, though, isn’t just his ability to lead a class or write a book. It’s his heart. That dad joke that brings a smile to your face after a tough day. The kindness and thoughtfulness that emanate from every session. And that vocabulary – who knew a yoga class could also be a vocab lesson?

Ross is the embodiment of goodness, the kind most of us aspire to. He’s made an indelible mark on the Peloton community, transforming our nights with his Power of Sleep meditations and enriching our days with lessons on kindness, laughter, and the power of turning inward.

Here’s to five years of Ross Rayburn at Peloton. Cheers, Ross! Here’s to many more years of you guiding us through our practice, one breath, one dad joke, and one soothing meditation at a time.

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