Celebrate AIHM with Peloton’s Electrifying BLACKPINK Artist Series

This May, in celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AIHM), Peloton is turning up the volume with their latest artist series featuring the Korean Pop (K-Pop) phenomenon, BLACKPINK. The power-packed lineup adds an electrifying beat to your workout routine and honors the rich cultural contributions of Asian and Pacific Islanders in a unique way.

Peloton’s Ode to K-Pop Royalty

BLACKPINK, known for their high-energy tracks and mesmerizing performances, are the perfect artists to headline Peloton’s dedication to AIHM. The group has taken the world by storm and played a pivotal role in bringing K-Pop into the global music vernacular. In collaborating with these K-Pop powerhouses, Peloton illustrates its commitment to diversity and celebration of global cultures, making this series a fitting tribute during AIHM.

An Array of Heart-Pumping Classes

Peloton is known for its ability to create immersive fitness experiences that blend the thrill of music with the rigor of a good workout, and the Black Pink artist series is no exception. Here’s what members can look forward to:

  • 30-Minute Ride with Camila on 5/9 at 7:30 am ET: Kickstart your day with a ride that’s as intense as it is inspiring.
  • 30-Minute Full Body Strength with Matty premiering on 5/9 at 6 pm ET: Build your strength with routines tailored to the beat of Black Pink’s biggest hits.
  • 30-Minute Yoga with Aditi on 5/9 at 6:30 pm ET: Wind down or rev up with yoga flows that connect breath, movement, and music.
  • 30-Minute Ride with Ally on 5/9 at 7 pm ET: Another chance to experience the thrill of the ride with Ally’s curated playlist of Black Pink favorites.
  • 30-Minute Run with Olivia on 5/9 at 7 pm ET: Hit your stride and feel the adrenaline rush of running to the rhythm of K-Pop.
  • 30-Minute Row with Katie on 5/9 at 7:30 pm ET: Challenge your endurance with rowing sequences designed to the energetic tunes of Black Pink.

Each class is led by your favorite Peloton instructors, who have crafted their playlists to include solely BLACKPINK songs, ensuring that every beat pushes you closer to your fitness goals. Never heard of ’em?  No worries, we got you! Check out the playlist below!

Why it Matters

Commemorating AIHM, Peloton’s BLACKPINK artist series is more than just a collection of themed fitness classes; it’s an acknowledgment of the significant impact that Asian and Pacific Islander artists have on the global entertainment landscape. By integrating BLACKPINK’s music into its programming, Peloton pays homage to the artists and provides an avenue for fans and the uninitiated alike to experience K-Pop in a novel and personal way.

How to Join the Party

Ready to dance, ride, and sweat to the beats of BLACKPINK with Peloton? Count yourself into your class (or classes!) of choice now or pop in live from home! Whether you’re a seasoned K-Pop fan or new to the genre, this series offers a fresh and invigorating way to celebrate AIHM while keeping fit and having fun.

Remember to use #PelotonBlackPink and #AIHM when you share your workout selfies and stories on social media. Happy workouts, and here’s to many more celebrations of culture and fitness with Peloton!

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