Best of DJJM's Message Shirts

Best of DJ John Michael’s Message Shirts

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He’s not a Peloton instructor by profession, but he’s absolutely part of the family. Producer of Music Programming John Michael Di Spirito has been with Peloton since 2019- he’s still programming music, but now also regularly featured in Live DJ rides and runs, and participates in plenty of behind-the-scenes antics.

We count on DJJM for his music choices (and we won’t forget the time he dropped “Baby Shark” into a Jess King Experience) but also for his outfits. He’s living proof that you can have a predictable fashion formula but never be considered boring- he’ll bring the ride or run to life and bring out the most fun side of the instructor teaching it.

(Yes, I know… the fans. Can we talk about the fans? We can, but that might have to be another whole post.)

So, DJ John Michael… tell us how you really feel about everything! Or we can just read your shirts. I could loosely organize these into “Pride-themed” and “music-themed”, along with quite a few others, but since DJJM seems to enjoy mixing his favorites, I’ll follow his lead.

7/1/2020: “Sorry. Can’t. Gay. Bye.”

12/27/2020: “Pro Science. Pro Dolly.”

6/24/2021: “Free Britney” (Don’t worry, Boo. We did it!)

8/11/2021: “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?”

9/5/2021: “Alexa, Play Cher” (I tested my Alexa with this command and got “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”. I feel like Alexa is giving me some sort of prophecy.)

11/13/2021: No words here, just Britney. (But you better believe it’s still a message.)

11/15/2021: “It is Okay to Dance Alone”

1/6/2022: “No, My First Name Ain’t Baby.” (It’s John. Mr. Michael if you nasty.)

1/31/2022: “Torn Between Eating a Snack and Being a Snack” (Note- why not both? Both is good!)

3/28/2022: “QUEER” (times five- does this indicate a level of queerness?)

6/6/2022: “We Will Not Let Hate Win”

6/15/2022: “Here’s Your One Chance Fancy”

6/17/2022: “Trans Rights are Human Rights” (I surveyed a local trans teenager on this one- got an enthusiastic response to the shirt, and a bonus enthusiastic response to how flawless John Michael’s curls are, “even under the hat!”)

10/12/2022: “I Already Played Bad Bunny” (Perhaps a message to Camila Ramon?)

11/4/2022: “House Music Will Save the World” (We’ve seen this one a few times on him, and some of us might agree, strongly.)

11/23/2022: “Gender Affirming Health Care Saves Lives”

2/5/2023: Brittany Allen immortalizes one of DJJM’s favorite shirt sayings, and favorite shirt color schemes, on a custom hoodie.

3/21/2023: “Support Drag Shows” (I’m guessing Matty Maggiacomo, and his favorite substitute teacher Mara Thonner, might approve!)

So you get the picture- curly hair, comfortable shorts, a bit of sparkle here and there, and the ability to stand up for the LGBTQ+ community AND drop the beat while maintaining ongoing witty banter with Adrian Williams or Emma Lovewell… we’re willing to listen to whatever DJ John Michael has to say, whether it’s during a ride or written on his shirt. What are your favorite DJJM moments, looks, and fans?

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