Angelo from MetPro talks about the liver and its connection to healthy feet!

Angelo From MetPro Talks About Foot Issues And Liver Health

In the most recent Clip Out podcast episode, Angelo from MetPro answered a question from Peloton community member Susan Dunton Burton about whether her foot issues, including frequent injuries, could be linked to liver health.  A link between the liver and the health of other systems in the body is a theory suggested by Eastern Medicine, and Angelo was able to expand on this question to discuss the use of various supplements and whole body health in general.

A Healthy Liver Is Important

Angelo highlighted the importance of caring for the liver and maintaining a healthy filtration system to promote whole-body health. Angelo addressed a common question he receives from clients about the effectiveness of various vitamins, supplements, and modalities. He noted that while some people may experience dramatic benefits from a particular strategy, positive outcomes are typically seen in individuals who have previously been deficient in the specific nutrient or compound being addressed. 

Pursue Safe And Low-Cost Options But Also Consider Working With A Medical Professional

Angelo suggested pursuing safe and low-cost options first, such as taking vitamin D if deficient, and he also emphasized the importance of getting blood work done to evaluate whether more expensive and involved treatments are necessary. Regarding foot issues, Angelo suggested seeking out advice from a medical professional who specializes in this area. Angelo pointed out that the effects of alcohol on the liver can have implications for athletes and their performance. 

Whole Body Health Is Different For Everyone

Overall, Angelo emphasized the importance of taking care of the liver and maintaining proper filtration to support overall health and well-being.   Overall, Angelo’s response emphasized the importance of whole-body health and how individual differences can impact the efficacy of supplements and modalities. Angelo concluded that while Susan’s foot problems may not be directly attributable to liver health, getting a liver check and pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a great way to promote overall body wellness.


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