TCO 4 | Fitness With Your Partner

4: Controversy, Competition and Conversation

TCO 4 | Fitness With Your Partner


Feeling lonely on your road to a better you through exercise? Perhaps doing fitness with your partner should be the way you go about things. Tom and Crystal O’Keefe talk to John and Erica Mills, two Peloton enthusiasts who have decided to take their respective fitness journeys together. John and Erica share their experience working together, making sure the other gets the exercise that they need in. It might seem like a no-brainer for couples out there, but let them show you how you can be a supportive partner.

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Controversy, Competition and Conversation

Inside baseball, it’s a rare sports reference for me, but it’s a TV show so it counts. We recorded our first three episodes. This is the first segment that we’re recording after having posted the show and the world has gotten a seat. We’ve birth the show and episode four would be our placenta. 

You took that a whole different direction. 

It was a lot cheerier in my head. 

You’ve watched too much alien.

I did for the other podcast that I did with the movie one I do, we’re doing Alien: Covenant. We watched Alien and aliens and then we went and saw Alien: Covenant. 

He’s got placenta birthing on the brain from aliens.

It’s bursting out of my chest. This is the first one we’ve done. Everyone has been very nice. We had one mild controversy. 

It’s not Peloton I know it. I had to say it one more time so you all can roll your eyes and groan at me. 

I know you said it two more times.

I had to say it a little bit. It’s Peloton. We got it guys. I’m sure we’ll hear it. 

It’s like when somebody says, “Can you do that again but without an accent?” I’m like, “That’s how I’m wired. What now?” We are aware and we knew we were not saying it quite right. You get used to it. Anyone that has kids know. 

The kids are still saying it incorrectly. I’ve started correcting them. Soon, the whole house will be saying Peloton. 

Also, some shameless plugs, we’re available on iTunes. We’re up and running on iTunes and we should be on Stitcher and Google Music. We’re on TuneIn, we’re everywhere that you can get. We’re everywhere Finer Podcasts are sold. By sold, of course we mean giving away for free. You can go there, you can also rate and review us on iTunes. We’ve got our first iTunes review from Brian A. He gave us five stars, which is why we’re reading it.

Thanks, Brian.

If you give us three stars, we’re like, “Screw that guy. We’re not reading him.” He says, “A fun information, news and interviews about all things Peloton. The best piece of exercise equipment in the world gets its own podcast. Why not? Right on, #BrianA.” Thank you, Brian A for the kind review. If you liked the show and you want to leave a review, you can do that on iTunes. If you don’t like the show and you want to leave a review, we are this American life. Also, don’t forget that you can find us on Facebook at My lovely wife is on Twitter, @ClipOutCrystal

Why didn’t I remember that? I’m on cold medicine. That’s my excuse. 

She still rode. 

I did two rides. They don’t know. I was telling them.

It’s still conversational. I forget sometimes that people are reading because I almost talked about the ride you did.

I hopped on the Jennifer Jacobs ride. 

I liked where that was going. 

I bet you did. She had an endurance ride. I’ve been doing Matt Wilpers’ six-week challenge. I took the advanced challenge for the Power Zone training because he’s inspired me. I’m on week two and one of the challenges was to do his 60-minute endurance zone ride and I was Wilpered. 

If you would like to follow her on Twitter, you can find her, @ClipOutCrystal. I was honored to be the third person she followed on Twitter. 

I couldn’t figure out how to follow you. 

You figured out how to follow two other people first. 

In my defense, they were in the upper right-hand corner. All I had to do is click a button.

She followed Peloton and Ellen and then she eventually got around to following me. I love you too. Anyway, that’s another way you can find us. Coming up on the next episode, we will be interviewing The Mills. You have perhaps seen their YouTube videos, heard them fight over who really owns the bike. We will get to the bottom of all of that. I saw there’s some interesting news from one of Peloton’s “competitors.”

If you haven’t heard for those of you reading, Flywheel is trying to take Peloton’s idea. I’m not happy about it. I’m not happy at all. They’re going to have home bikes with video streaming. They say that they’re going to have these home bikes by the end of the year. 

They’re already behind the curve and then make an announcement and go and in nine months, you’ll be able to get one. 

They didn’t even preview the bike. The bikes aren’t done. They didn’t show the bike. They didn’t preview a picture of the bike. There’s no concept from the bike as far as I can tell other than it’s Peloton. That’s it. They say that it’s going to be called Flywheel Anywhere. The classes are going to be taught by handpicked select group of instructors that are already employed there. They’re from across the country. I’m trying to figure this out because there’s not going to be what we at Peloton called the Mother Ship. There is no mother ship, but they’re going to broadcast out of a studio in New York. Could they get?

At least to West Coast. 

That would at least put them ahead because that’s one thing that Peloton doesn’t have a great grip on yet.

Maybe we should not be giving them ideas. 

Flywheel’s not reading this. This is for Peloton. 

TCO 4 | Fitness With Your Partner

Fitness With Your Partner: There’s a competitive component in that you get to see your metrics, and get to compare them with other folks on the Leaderboard.


Whenever you’re Flywheel, all I could think of was Groucho Marx. He had a show or radio show where it was Flywheel and Shyster or something like that where he was a private detective or a law firm.

You’re telling them more and more that you’re not riding the bike. That’s all their hearing. They also said that they can’t give out a price point yet either.

They were winging it.

They were like, “We’re going to give you guys a bike and it’s going to be at home.”

This is the indoor bike equivalent of My Girlfriend Lives in Canada.

They were asked how it’s different from Peloton. This is different than the one I told you. The response was, “Most importantly, we’re focused on a unique customer,” says Robb O’Hagan. “We’re targeting the person who is very competitively minded. We’re not going after the weight loss community so much as the people riding in the service of a bigger athletic goal.” What does that even mean? 

As a marketing guy, do they want that? It seems like if you’re a bike rider, if you ride a traditional bike, if you like to get out on a ten speed or twelve speed or however many speeds they got, to 10, to 20 whatever it takes. Do they need a super expensive indoor bike too? I honestly don’t know.

I don’t know because I’m not an athlete. I don’t consider myself an athlete. I’ve never been a person who’s competed or played sports. All I do is ride my bike, but I can’t imagine that you would put yourself out there and say, “We’re not going after people who want to lose weight.” Are they trying to differentiate themselves by saying we’re the jerks? Get this though, this is the one they put on Twitter. Judy Coffin Fleming posted, “How will this be different/better than Peloton, which is already pretty amazing?” This is from Flywheel. This is not another person who said, “Hi Judy, Flywheel at the helm of leading experts in the fitness industry offers an authentic and best in class fitness experience. One we are excited to bring to a community of home riders. More specifics will be revealed in coming months but most importantly, we are focused on a very specific and unique consumer. One who is athletic and one with a real connection to our existing community.” Don’t bother coming to Flywheel if you’re not already part of Flywheel? 

It’s what I hear. We’re club and you don’t need to be part of it. Everything I thought about Jock’s growing up is apparently true for Flywheel anyway. This is what they all went.

You found them. There they are guys. If you were interested, I don’t think we have any real competition here. This is my thought because I would say, Peloton needs to watch out because this is usually when it comes to technology does need to be careful because second has an opportunity to study what the first one did well and capitalize on that. The one thing that Peloton does that makes it spectacular over and above what they already do is the community and they’re going, “We don’t want the community. We don’t care about the community.” 

That’s weird. 

I thought so too. 

Everything about it comes off as very snotty. 

Elitist. I’ve never been to Flywheel, but I can assure you I would not go even if I was traveling because they’re rude. They completely turned me off. 

They don’t want you. You’re not a bike rider, you’re not an athlete.

No, they don’t and I used to be overweight and I’m not training for a marathon. Apparently, 50% of their people are training for a marathon. 

What’s fascinating and infuriating is that everybody who’s an athlete at some point was not. 

You’re not born and then you put on a pair of Nike’s and go for a run. That comes from somewhere.

You’d be covered in placenta. 

It’s the birth thing again. I should have never gone back to that. That was my fault. The interesting thing is this article was posted in Forbes Magazine and they noted that the actual difference between Peloton and Flywheel is that Peloton sees itself as a vertically integrated tech company. They build their bikes in-house, they build their software in-house. They have 75 engineers and apparently, which is cool, plans to hire 75 more over the next year. Anybody that’s an engineer out there might want to send a message to John Foley, and that was coming directly from John Foley. However, Flywheel outsources its bike manufacturing and although it has an in-house team of engineers and it was the first boutique cycling company to use leaderboard, they’re going to partner with an outside firm on software development and product design. 

Everything about this sounds half-ass. 

It sounds to me like somebody got their feelings hurt because Peloton is taking all their consumers and they said, “We’re going to take a stand and by the end of this year, we will have a bike built.” I would be scared to get on that bike at this point because they have no plans. I’ve got nothing.

I heard it’s a unicycle. Is that true?

I don’t know. 

There’s no spec art. 

Here’s one thing Peloton does need to watch out for. You don’t read the posts on the Peloton page, but there are a lot of moms that would not just love, they crave and complain about on a regular basis. They would like to have a pause button either for live rides. They would love it for live rides. They want it for anything that is recorded and on-demand ride. Flywheel says there’s going to be a pause button. 

Those moms don’t have time to be real athletes so they’re not welcome. Flywheel’s positioning statement is once you have expelled a placenta, they have no need for you.

Apparently, but they’re going to add an on-demand pause button for their athletes. 

You would think the athletes are the people that need pause button the least. 

I’m telling you. 

You know who needs the pause button? Moms. 

I know. Having said that, I know there are lots of people also rolling their eyes at a pause button because this is a very big issue on the page. I’m not one of those people that feel like you need a pause button because if I get interrupted in the middle of the ride, which has happened, you hit them.

You smack them right into the mouth. You know how many times you get interrupted in this house? Once. They crack, they’re done. 

For real though, we’re lucky that we have older kids. 

You begin to grow fond of being a spectator at someone else's ride. Share on X

If you had younger kids, I get, if you don’t have kids or if your kids are older, you’re like, “Who needs a pause button?” If you’ve got toddlers, especially if you’re a mom who’s trying to lose baby weight, which means you have little ones, they’re up your butt. I don’t think there’s anything wrong. It’s not a character flaw in my opinion. If there’s a pause button there, if you don’t use the pause button, do you know what you can do? Not press it. 

The other side of that argument is that people say, “It’s going to mess up the leaderboard.” You’re not getting a real idea of what the leaderboard is doing. If you pause it and you get off your bike for a few minutes, you’ve rested, you’ve taken a break.

You pause, you go to the bottom. 

That is what the counter-argument is. 

That’s a fair trade. 

There’s probably some tricky engineering to that because our programming, they haven’t, that’s my personal opinion. That’s why they haven’t done it. 

That’s what’s slowing it down. As someone who doesn’t ride the bike, my first thought as you heard was, “Throw balls about another, who cares?” From a leaderboard standpoint, “I get that.” You can pause but you lose your leaderboard place. My guess is the people that want the pause button probably aren’t as concerned about their place in the leaderboard.

I would say that’s true. It’s the people that are competitive that feel like we don’t need a pause button. I consider myself pretty competitive. I’m never even close to the top of the leaderboard, but I’m competitive within myself. It would bother me to compare a pause ride to a non-pause ride for myself. I’m saying two different rides that I took. I would not look at the metrics the same. Does that make sense? 

Sure. Nor should you.

I get both sides of the argument and I feel fortunate that I got the bike at a point in my life where I don’t need to pause as often. I don’t need to worry about that. I do get for the moms out there, that can be rough. 

Luckily we’ve already beaten our children into submission. When we say, “Leave us alone,” they know to leave us alone. 

Good for us. We don’t beat our kids. There’s no need to call the authorities. 

That’s beauty is because we each have children from other marriage. We beat each other’s children. That way, we all have plot, “No. Do you beat your kid?” “No, I don’t beat my kid.” 

Are we done with Flywheel? Is there anything else you would like to say about Flywheel? 

They are the RC Cola of indoor bikes. 

That’s a good comparison.

That’s the only thing I want to say about. 

Another piece of great news, I’ll start with a little background. Everyone loves their DJ rides on Friday afternoons and there weren’t any and there was a lot of commotion on the OPP. 

They were scooped up by Flywheel. Flywheel has abducted DJ John Michael. 

Don’t start that rumor.

Is he safe?

He is safe. Not only is he safe, he had the best reason. There were also several schedule changes that were made. DJ Michael, Jess King, Ally Love, and several other people headed to Mexico and surprised Robin. She thought she was there to work. It was actually a bachelorette party in Mexico.

It was a surprise bachelorette party. She didn’t know she was getting married to somebody. They were like, “Surprise. It’s a bachelorette party.” 

That part wasn’t a surprise. 

She knew she was getting married.

She did know she was getting married. 

That’s good. It makes a lot more sense this way. 

If you haven’t checked it out, you guys should check out the pictures on Instagram or on Facebook from DJ John Michael and also from Robin. 

If you can’t find them, we’ll put links on our Facebook page at

You can tell you’re in marketing because I wouldn’t have thought of that. I would have put the links there, but I wouldn’t have thought to say that. 

That’s why I do it for a living. That’s why I make a full 80% of what you do. 

Congratulations to Robin. That’s exciting.

Joining us on Skype, you know them from their videos online perhaps, or you know them from being on the Peloton Cadence blog. Hitting the big time. It’s John and Erica Mills. 

The big question that everyone wants to know is whose bike is it really?

TCO 4 | Fitness With Your Partner

Fitness With Your Partner: It’s awesome to get both support and feedback from everybody in the community.


John had originally got the bike for me because I was doing a lot of spinning and things like that and he wasn’t into it. He saw a commercial, bought the bike. After seeing me on the bike, riding it, doing a few rides, he was like, “This looks fun.” He decided to get on the bike and give it a try. I haven’t been able to get him off the bike since.

It was my bike based on what she’s saying.

He took my bike.

What I’m hearing is that you saw Nirvana in a club and he started to like them when it Smells Like Teen Spirit came out. Does that sound about right? 


It’s about that.

He’s like, “I liked that band that’s on the radio.”

She was taking spin classes at a local gym. I had taken a few, but it didn’t appeal to me much. When I saw her doing it in front of the screen, that looked like a party. I was in.

What do you think the difference is? Is it like because we’re boys and we like electronics and gadgets or is there something truly different about the experience for you as opposed to a spin class? 

You hit some there. Before we even set it up, I started thinking, “How can we make this bigger and better?” We researched after we had ordered the bike, we found out that, “This bike can actually cast.” I immediately started ensuring that we had the components to cast this thing to a screen before the bike even arrived. I was concerned that, maybe our network wouldn’t be stable enough or fast enough. I went into this whole ordeal of installing the network ports and putting in that room. There was a lot of play to it. Once I got on the bike after watching her, to be able to see your metrics and compare them with other folks in that leaderboard. I know for a lot of people, that may actually be a hindrance seeing those things but for me being a competitive person, that was perfect for me. In a class at a gym, you don’t have that type of dynamic.

It’s the immediate feedback you like seeing where you are in comparison to other people.

It was seeing myself on the leaderboard and so he had the competitive component to it. Being able to compare what my best had been in that particular length within the ride. I’m competing against myself and then to know after a ride whether or not I did better than I did yesterday. That whole concept, all these competitive components, that was perfect for me.

Also, you can turn around and buy all these cool electronics and she’s not going to complain because it’s technically for the bike.

That was a bonus that I didn’t even expect. That’s perfect.

It’s icing on the cake that you will then have to burn off using the bike. It’s like a snake eating its own tail. How long have you guys had the bike? How long have you guys been a part of the Peloton community? 

We got the bike at the end of October 2016.

How many rides do you guys have in respectively? 

I have about 210 rides. You have 125 or something?

I’m under 130. It’s right around there somewhere. She puts in more numbers.

It’s my bike.

She tells me about it sometimes.

You’re spending all that time getting the bike all set up and all the TVs, the lights.

That’s what I’m saying.

They never give you credit for that stuff too. 

What I heard was Eric is winning. That’s what I heard. 

I should get miles for setup.

He’s more concerned about ensuring that Eric is having a wonderful experience with her bike. That he’s willing to sacrifice his time with the bike in order to make her time with the bike that much more pleasurable. 

That sounded good. That’s what it is.

Guess which one of us is in marketing? Is somebody going to get a second bike? The real problem would be if it was a gift, neither of you would buy it for the other one because then you’d have to admit that the bike wasn’t yours. 

We had originally talked about getting a second bike, but we ran into two issues. One, if you get a second bike, who gets the newest one? That’s our first struggle. We had a debate on that and we didn’t come to a conclusion. Two, we’ve grown fond of being a spectator at the person’s ride.

That’s interesting that you guys are enjoying watching each other ride the bike.

I enjoy that. That’s a big part of it for me. Sometimes to see what’s going on in the studio, the instructor or what they’re doing along with having Erica ride, that is a blast for me. If we had two bikes, I don’t know if I would ride with.

To solve the first part of this struggle, what you could do is sell the first bike and then buy two new bikes simultaneously. 

That would solve the first problem and it would allow me to buy new technology in this.

With a Peloton, there's a lot of connectivity and communication, and it's very different from just taking an exercise class. Share on X

It’s a win-win. I’m here to help. I am helping you every step of the way. 

That might be a plan.

No, I don’t think you’re helping.

Erica does not look happy about this new plan. How did you guys decide to start posting your videos? What made that start? 

Erica was out on the Facebook group and she was getting a lot of information from the folks out there. Initially, some of the videos we posted were support videos. There were information on things we were learning. As she was doing research, she was struggling to find certain pieces of information. We started out with court videos and then I thought it would be cool to show some friends what happens while we’re taking a ride. I wasn’t intending to do more than 1 or 2 of those things. I didn’t think that I would do much of that, but people liked it, so we kept creating them.

They’re a huge hit. You guys are hilarious and everybody seems to enjoy it.

It’s a lot of fun and also, after we create the videos, we’re able to look back at them and laugh at ourselves. That’s fun too, while you’re editing them down, you’re laughing at the same time.

How did you end up on the Cadence blog? Do you know how you popped up on Peloton proper’s radar?

I don’t know how we popped up on the radar. I’m not really sure. One day, we got an email asking would we like to be a part of the blog. Of course, yeah. We were well into that. They posted some questions to us and I love that information. That’s wonderful that they did that. The company ended up itself in there, the connection with the riders in a variety of ways is awesome to us. It’s amazing to me that they even considered to put us on the blog.

We’ve gotten so much support from the community too. It’s been awesome to get the support and the feedback from everybody. It’s been great.

I know I have been in classes where the instructors will say, “I bet John or Erica is on and they’re dancing to this song.” It pulls everybody together just picturing you guys, laughing and having fun. It makes everybody picture something happy every time somebody says that. I enjoy that personally.

Thank you.

We truly enjoy the instructors and the rides. We started driving down to New York to take the classes in the studio. It’s a good two-hour drive for us. We’re so into that atmosphere and being on a live ride that we’ll take the drive. To us, it’s a lot of fun. It’s something that we can both do together. We both love it. It’s good stuff.

It says a lot about Peloton that people get the bike because they don’t want to have to go to the gym and take that time out of their day. They want the ease of access of having it in their home and then you get so into Peloton that you’ll drive two hours to go interact with them live and in person.

We were driving home once and Erica was like, “We guys drove two hours to take a 45-minute spin class.” I was like, “We did, didn’t we?” The social aspect of it is so big that you want to see people that you talk to on Facebook or that you see on the leaderboard. You want to see the instructors. The whole social component is compelling for us.

It’s fascinating as someone who is admittedly an outsider and doesn’t partake, but it’s fascinating for me how much more social this seems to have ended up than actually taking a class with other people next to you.

That environment was wild. Erica would come back from some of her spin classes and she’s like, “I got there 30 minutes early, but I still couldn’t get in. I had to stand in line,” or “I got in and I sat on a bike and five people looked at me and I found out it was so-and-so’s bike.”

I would go to the gym and it’s like an unspoken rule that this is this person’s bike. I walked in one day and got on a bike. There was no towel, there was nothing there. I’m saying that someone had the bike and people staring at me and they’re whispering and I’m like, “What’s going on?” They go, “This is such and such bike.” I went, “Okay,” but they’re very territorial with the bikes. I’m like, “I don’t think I like this.”

That sparked me looking into some other solution in Peloton is perfect. The social aspect of Peloton is a little less physically engaging because you’re looking at a screen but you tend to build real relationships with people. There’s a lot of connectivity and communication and much different than just taking an exercise class for us.

From your description, it sounds like Peloton is a social activity where your spin classes had become an antisocial activity.

I don’t think I ever talked to anybody. I walk in and get on the bike, do the class and leave.

That’s exactly how it was for me too.

Peloton has a different thing entirely. You complete the class, you’re posting your stats and your numbers, folks are communicating with you with regards to how much better you may have done with this ride than before or where you may have fallen and what do your numbers look like. You’re getting this immediate feedback and contact. It’s definitely much more social. We love it.

For people that maybe want to replicate what you guys are doing with casting your screen and everything, could you give some tips or some bullet points as to how you went about getting this all set up? 

The basic instructions are pretty simple. I know the bike supports Miracast, which is a standard for communicating from a device to a display. As long as you have a display that can support that, then the instruction on the bike are simple. On the upper right-hand corner, there are these three dots. You click on it and there’s a selection that says cast screen and in your list, you’ll see the display of the device you have in your room that supports it. It’s quick and easy. The other half of that is do you have a display device? You’d have to have a Smart TV that says that supports Miracast. If you don’t have one of those, you’d have to have some media device display or connect to your display or TV that says it supports Miracast. Generally, those are things like Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Roku devices, things like that. The instructions are pretty straightforward. We like the Roku devices. There are some elements of how they communicate using Miracast that make them a little more stable. The frequency in which they communicate over Wi-Fi is much more stable. We go with that. There are a lot folks with Smart TVs. It works there as well.

Do you have to have the most recent version of the tablet to be able to use the three dots into the cast option or can you use the older tablet as well?

Yeah. You’d have to have a newer version of the tablet which came out late September 2016. The Gen 2 version of the tablet, the Gen 1 doesn’t have that capability. That’s purely because the gen 1 tablets have an older version of the Android operating system. This capability is a component of the operating system. The newer tablets have a newer operating system, thus they have this capability. The feel is a lot different, especially if you’re casting to a screen and a system where you’ve got surround sound or much bigger sound or a subwoofer. You can make it feel like you’re in a studio. I love it.

It doesn’t hurt to have that gigantic room that you guys are grooving in too. That looks pretty awesome.

We love it in there. That was a room for movies for our kids until they all grew up and thought it wasn’t cool anymore.

I know I get frustrated. Speaking of our kids, I’ll walk into the living room and they’re sitting in front of a 60-inch screen television that is off while they watch movies on their phone. I’m like, “What is wrong with you?”

“Don’t you know how many years we struggled with no screens?” 

I was watching black and white with three channels.

I was the remote. 

I remember my dad coming in the middle of playing asteroids on Atari 2600 and there was no pause. There was no save. The news was on click.

TCO 4 | Fitness With Your Partner

Fitness With Your Partner: The bike supports casting, which is a standard for communicating between a device and a larger display.


They would tell us sometimes when we set this room up, we had an air hockey table in there. We’ve got this sitting driving game in there and then this big huge screen. Some days they would tell us, “It’s boring around here. We just have nothing.” It’s like, “Really?”

That’s making me feel so much better about our little kids. Is there anything else cool or techie that you do with the device or that you can do that you haven’t done yet or would like to do? 

Yeah, if there is, I’m not familiar with. I’m sure there are. We’ve been happy with this simple component that I haven’t even ventured into anything beyond that. We’re having such a blast casting through the screen and dancing around the bike that I haven’t pursued anything beyond that. I do think that the fact that they upgraded the tablet. They added more memory and it’s got this quad-core processor, the processor is faster. I was assuming that that was going to translate into some new cooler things that might be coming with the new tablets. Maybe it will be, but I haven’t heard that yet.

We all have to wait and see. It’s hard to be patient. In case there are a few people that might read our blog that have not yet met you guys online or seen you, can you let everybody know what your leaderboard names are and how you came up with them?

My leaderboard name is Erica M GetFit. I came up with that name a few years ago. I was trying to get healthier. I wanted to lose about 50 pounds. I created this name for Instagram and because I already had it set and I had people follow me on Instagram, I rolled that over onto Peloton and kept that same name.

For me, I was struggling a little bit with high blood pressure and challenges. I’ve got bad knees and I’m playing basketball and a lot of my life, I had some struggles in my knees. I was gaining some weight as well. Probably six months to a year before Peloton, I started trying to do more cardio, trying to run more, getting into running as a part of my cardio. As I did that, my blood pressure started dropping. Which translated to me that if I can keep that down, then I can live longer. I’d always been into weightlifting. Ultimately that translated into my leaderboard name, which is now Run, Lift and Live. When I did that though, she had a lot of stuff. She had a YouTube channel and an Instagram page and all kinds of stuff with her leaderboard and I didn’t have anything like that. I started developing it afterward.

Now you do, because you’re trying to catch up? She’s still winning.

He’s always trying to catch up.

It’s funny when you were talking about knees being a problem. I always tease people when they say stuff like that because I don’t exercise, my body is in like new condition. I’m like mint out of the package as comic books would say. Thanks very much for taking the time out of your day to sit down and share all that with us. We appreciate it.

We had a lot of fun.

You have another wonderful recipe of something that I won’t eat. 

If you like the nice, easy recipes, this one will be another one that you will enjoy. It has two ingredients again, right up my alley with the easy, it’s called Clean Eating, Two Ingredients, Slow Cooker, Taco Chicken recipe. 

These have such the catchy names. 

They do. It’s because I’m searching for them on Pinterest. They put every tag known to man. 

These names are awful. I don’t think a food dish should have a subplot. It goes on and on. It sounds like something that was written in English, translated into German and then back into English.

That’s fair, but it’s good. It has two ingredients. It’s very simple, boneless skinless chicken breasts and one cup of salsa with no sugar and then you throw it in your crockpot for 4 to 6 hours, put the salsa on top with no water and let it cook for 4 to 6 hours, done. Dinner is ready. 

Is this the stuff we made that even the kids liked?

They loved it. It’s shredded the chicken and then you throw it on some tortillas or Sidney ate it right off of her plate, which my ten-year-old is incredibly picky.

She’s like TJ Maxx. She never likes the same thing twice.

Next time, she might try the tortilla but this time, Sam’s Tortilla.

We have three kids between us and some of these they do for me. We have three kids between us and the number of occasions where they all like the same thing that’s set in front of them that isn’t McDonald’s is very rare. It did catch my eye that this went over with all three of them.

I’ve been trying to find recipes that only I like but they will like and that’s hit and miss. I have been having a surprising amount of luck with these clean eating recipes and it’s because they’re simple. They don’t have a lot of weird things in them. Anyway, enjoy the recipe. Let me know if you like it and give me your feedback.

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Also, we have a writer called Flywheel, but I was reading a post from her. That has nothing to do with the company Flywheel.

He’s a Groucho Marx fan.

No, It’s actually because she likes bikes. 

That works too. 

Robin Tillman, we’re not talking to you when we say, “Except for Flywheel.” We’re talking to the company Flywheel. 

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It’s nice and easy to find. Coming up on our next episode, we will have a friend of mine, his name’s Kevin. He’s on the other podcast that I host, which is called Reel Spoilers. He took his very first Peloton ride and he’s going to come on here and give us his feedback as a newbie, see what he thought of riding this bike for the very first time. We thought it’d be interesting to get a Peloton virgin, if you will. We had to spend 40, 45 minutes getting his hymen off the bike. 

The birth thing, really? 

That’s a theme lately, isn’t it? 

It really is. I’m sorry.

It was his first time on Peloton. He’s going to come on and give us his feedback on what he thought of the ride. If you’re a Peloton fan, and if you read this, it would be weird if you read this and you’re not, but you will get to harken back to your very first ride. You’ll never forget your first time on a Peloton bike. On that note, before this descends even further into the gutter, it’s time for us to bring this episode to a close. Thanks for tuning in and keep pedaling.

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