360. Is Peloton For Sale? Plus Our Interview With Peyton McMahon

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


  • Private equity firms are looking to acquire Peloton.
  • Meet Peloton’s interim co-CEO’s.
  • Digging into Peloton’s latest SEC filings.
  • Peloton has multiple plans for Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • Peloton goes country.
  • Peloton and NYRR are hosting a shakeout run for the Brooklyn Half.
  • Angel/Metpro – I’m eating well but still gaining weight. What gives?
  • Jess Sims’ Saturday 60 is now Sims 60 (with new apparel to match).
  • Hannah Corbin and Robin Arzon were at the Met Gala.
  • Matty Maggiacomo is raising money for Culture For One and Muddy Paws Rescue.
  • The latest artist series features Blackpink.
  • Equinox launches new $40,000 membership plan.
  • TCO Top 5.
  • This Week At Peloton.
  • Peloton celebrates Asian & Pacific Islander Month.
  • Kirra Michel launches new series.
  • Ben Alldis releases new strength series – The Stronger You.
  • New classes – Para Las Madres.
  • Birthdays -Susie Chan (5/10), The Clip Out (5/14), Matty Maggiacomo (5/16)


All this plus our interview with Peyton McMahon!

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Is Peloton For Sale? Plus Our Interview With Peyton McMahon

I know you’ve been doing some heavy lifting lately.

I’m trying this new program that’s like Haley Happens Fitness or something. This is not an ad by the way. The reason that I wanted to try it was because Haley did the program in combination with Stacy Sims. They specifically did it for women to lift heavy and get a lot of power out of that lifting for women who were perimenopausal and menopausal. I have been checking it out. Between running and doing that, it’s been a lot. I am officially tired, but it’s cool because I can use the Tonal to then program all of the weight sections or almost all the weight sections. There’s some stuff that I can’t do because I need a dumbbell.

There’s no kettlebell replication on a Tonal.

There are a few things that I do off Tonal but most of it I’ve been able to do a custom workout build in the same setup, but then have Tonal do it. It’s also cool because since it’s Tonal it’s like, “Here are your reps. Here’s the weight you should be looking for this number of reps.”

You’re ready to up your weight. Go for it.

It told me the other day in the middle of the set, “Here you go. You increase.”I was like, “Yeah,” because I wouldn’t have done that on my own.”

It would, especially mid-workout, but it’s so hard to know when it’s time to up and Tonal is like, “Huh.” It’s not an app for Tonal either.

It’s not an app for anything, but I am tired and that is why.

I don’t know if we talked about this in the show. My arm had been hurting for a few weeks.

I don’t think we talked about it at all.

I guess tendonitis. It was never awful, but it was always there. In the first 3 or 4 years of my first marriage, it got awful. I couldn’t make it go away. It didn’t get worse but it didn’t get better. I had one of those compression things and that didn’t do anything.

It wasn’t helping at all.

That was a joke. That was nothing. I finally went to the doctor.

They were like, “Here, take some muscle relaxers.” and then ten minutes later, you were like, “Look, I can lift my arm above my head.

It was like a leave and a muscle relaxer. It instantly fixed it. I waited six weeks for that. I made the appointment for weeks ago. That’s our personal journey, talking about getting old. What pray tell do you have in store for people?

We are going to continue our Bingo journey. Let’s do that now before we forget. Bingo number one this week is Alex Toussaint. We have tons of news about Peloton. We have tons of things to talk to you about. We’re going to get into all that. We have a lot of content to discuss as well. We also have lots of instructor news. Quite a few things are going on with the instructors. We have a visit from Angelo. He has returned. We will talk to him about somebody eating well, but still gaining weight. I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. We also talked about the latest artist series. We have some competitor news and lots more, including birthdays and In Case You Missed It.

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We shall.


CNBC reported that private equity firms are circling Peloton.

I picture when hiking and all the vultures are circling on something.

That’s exactly what it is. I was picturing sharks. Same thing. Different metaphors but the same meaning. Something is waiting to strike a wounded beast.

What’s interesting about this is everyone keeps asking Peloton for a comment and they keep not giving one.

That seems like a comment, doesn’t it?

It sure does. In the past, for example, when Barry first started working at Peloton, everyone was like, “Are you going to sell?” He was like, “No, we’re not selling. Why did I come here to sell? That wouldn’t make any sense.” Now Peloton is saying nothing. Their communication is different. Every time they go through leadership changes, it’s different. Ben who was their communications person before was very proactive. They don’t have that anymore. They have not replaced Ben and I don’t think they’re going to.

I’m sure that people who are supposed to do the speaking don’t want to say anything because they don’t know what the new regime is going to want. If you’re already on the record saying something that screws something up, who wants to go down that road?

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


Let’s cover why this is different than what everybody has been saying for years about somebody buying Peloton like Apple and Google.

This is different. In the past, we’ve always poo-pooed this. If this does come to fruition, the people who are right fighters on the internet will be like, “See, I told you,” even though they’ve been saying it for nine years, and it has never come true.

I’m familiar, Tom. You don’t have to tell me.

This time is different because overall, this is the weakest position Peloton has ever been in. For all of the damage that they’ve gone through or taken, it’s a brand name that still is the industry leader. That brand name has a lot of value more so than a NordicTrack, an Echelon, or whatever else is out there. This is a very different situation. I cannot help but wonder because Barry McCarthy was very vocal about not selling. We’ve wondered what was the precipitating factor to his professional demise. You have to wonder if the board was like, “We need to bring in a private equity firm because we’re bleeding and we don’t know how to stop it.” He said no and they said go. I wonder if they were like, “No, dude. Get out.”

It’s tough not to speculate, but there’s still so much we don’t know. At this particular time, they’re being so buttoned up about everything. I’m not saying that you’re wrong at all. I think it’s a very good theory.

It’s hard to land anywhere else because if you look back at winning left, there’s no major thing that occurred that is public knowledge like, “He got caught drinking and driving.” There’s nothing like that even professionally where he made this epic single bad decision, so I keep landing there.

What is more striking to me is that this feels different regardless. For the first time, I could see it happening. I have never been convinced that Apple was ever going to buy Peloton. I’ve heard that for years. I’m so tired of hearing it. I do think this could happen.

It’s not necessarily Apple but a sale.

I think a sale to a private equity firm could happen. One of the reasons that that makes it different is because they would go back to being a private entity. They would be taken off the public stock market. They would be privately held. The benefit to that would be that they would no longer be beholden to the whims of the stock market. I do mean whim. I use that word very purposefully. They’re brats over there. I think that is a good thing. I will say on the record that over the years, I was a huge supporter of Peloton going public. People said, “It’ll change. It won’t be the same. This is a bad idea.” Looking back, they are right. Now that you have history on sight, it’s easy to see that they are right.

That’s how we know you’re not one of the finance bros because you were like, “I was wrong.”

There are a lot of reasons I’m different but that is one of them. I can admit when I was wrong, and I was because now I see all the things. I also see how the pressure on them because no matter what they do and no matter what steps they take forward, it is never enough. It’s very fascinating to me that the shareholders are so excited about it on Wall Street. You could do this a different way. A private equity firm could also stay on the stock market and they own different percentages. That could be part of it too. It could stay public, but it’s interesting that the stock market responded positively when it’s also possible that they could go private and they would not have those shares at all. That’s what you want, I guess.

They have to buy them back, don’t they? I thought if they take it private, they still have to purchase back everyone’s stock.

That could be but you could also dilute them further. I think you can also add a bunch of shares and make it worthless. That’s probably illegal.

If it screws the common investors, it’s not illegal. I know nothing about the stock market, but I know this. If the average man or woman is going to get fucked, it’s perfectly legal.

Regardless of which of those scenarios could happen and what the benefit is to the stock market, this feels different because it’s more likely that small ownership would take over rather than a giant corporation. There was an article that came out in Fortune Magazine. It talks about all of these different companies and the name of the game is adaptation. They named several companies, one of which is Peloton.

They talk about how they didn’t adapt fast enough because they adapted in the wrong direction. They adapted to what they thought life was going to be and it wasn’t right. They also talked about several examples of companies that are more nimble. They give some examples. I thought it was interesting that they talked about this in the sense that going forward, it’s going to be hyper-growth.

That’s where the world is headed. That means companies are going to have to do hyper-adaptation. When a company gets so big, it becomes very difficult to change direction because the machine has already gone forward. The bigger the company is, the harder that is. Taking it backward would be a good thing.

Let’s say you take it backward and you succeed, then what is the goal? Do you stay in that privately held realm or do you hope to push it back out for an IPO again?

If it were me, I would not put it back out if you take it off the stock market.

It’s just we’re private now, so suck it.

After what happened, that’s where I would stand, but I am also a cautious person and I’m not the CEO for many reasons. A person who has a bigger risk tolerance might take a different look.

You would also think you’d have a hard time convincing people to buy again.

Again, it’s all about the money because now you’re talking to the board and the major shareholders, and they could stand to make a lot of money by selling it by putting it on the stock market. Regardless of that, even if you kept it on the stock market and you got smaller, I think that would be a benefit. Even if it stays public, I still think it would be a benefit because you could go backward and be leaner and meaner. That’s also hard to do. Your culture has already grown going forward. How do you bring people back to a start-up feel when you have no startup people? The startup people are largely gone.

How do you get to that? You have to start from scratch all over again. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I also can’t help but wonder what would that do to the other pillars. You’ve got your bike, which is the standard pillar. What about the row? What about the tread? I worry about a private equity firm. All of these articles say that what they want to do is cut operating expenses. There’s already a plan in place to cut operating expenses by another 15%. How do you cut them more?

Where will those cuts come from?

The only place that is left is the instructors. That’s it. There’s no other place that has fluff anymore.

I don’t know that there are enough savings there with getting rid of instructors.

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Those instructors got to make north of $1 million a year.

I’m sure the top-tier ones do, but your biggest salaries are also your biggest stars.

That’s true. This is my personal opinion. I don’t care if people disagree with me. Some people could go. Their opinions of themselves have gotten to the point that it’s no longer serving the community. It’s all about them all the time.

There are certain instructors who seem like perhaps they already have one foot out the door or one eye on their next chapter. As it stands, if you want to remain a fitness instructor, there is no better place to be or a more successful place to be.

Some instructors could easily pivot to another market. During our bonus episode, we’ll probably get into that more, some of our thoughts on that because that could go down a rabbit hole for sure.

Maybe we’ll say, “What does it look like under a private equity firm?” We’ll talk about that in the bonus, so we can get into the rest of the stuff of the week.

The big takeaway that I would like to leave people with is 1) It’s not necessarily going to be a bad thing if this happens. 2) I think this may be going to happen. I don’t know that we should all be scared of it or think that the sky is falling and it’s all gloom and doom. Just like the instructors tell us, sometimes the doors are closed. Make way for a new one to open. I don’t know that we should assume that because it’s changed, it’s going to be bad.

While all that is transpiring, Peloton has interim co-CEOs.

We talked a little bit about these two in the previous episode, but I thought that we would touch on their background. Karen Boone has been in financial leadership and administrative roles. She’s been the leader in both of those places. President Chief Financial Administrative Officer at Restoration Hardware, She was there for a couple of years, but she also was at Deloitte & Touche, which is an accounting and consulting firm. She was there from 1996 through 2012. She did a whole bunch of different roles, but her culminating role was as an audit partner. She got a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from the University of California Davis. She’s been part of the board of directors since January ‘19, just before the whole craziness began.

She was there from ‘96 to 2012. Is this picture fifteen years old? She doesn’t look old enough.

I’m not going to ask that. Her hair looks modern.

I was looking at the picture. I would not guess that she was old enough to have been working professionally at that level for that long.

I don’t think she was working at that level for that long.

That was almost 30 years ago. I wouldn’t have thought that, so hat tip. I’m not complaining.

We then have Chris Bruzzo. He was at Electronic Arts and he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer.

Is that EA Games? Is that what Electronic Arts is?

Yes. Before that, he also had a bunch of different roles in marketing and communications at Starbucks, Amazon, and Regents Blue Shield. He is also a member of the Latino Corporate Directors Association. He’s on the MoneyGram boards and BootBarn Holdings. He was a graduate of Whitworth University in 1991. He had a BA in Political Studies.

I don’t know what that is but Whitworth sounds fancy.

It does sound fancy. I forgot to mention that Karen Boone is also a board of directors member of Rivian Automotive, Sonos Inc., and a bunch of private firms like Tory Burch, Clif Bar, and Collective Health. She’s a busy lady.

It sounds it because she was so young.

We have some very talented individuals who are leading the helm at Peloton.

In the middle of all this, there were also SEC filings. We have some info about severance packages.

First of all, Karen and Chris are very talented. Are they talented enough to each individually get $150,000 a month?

At that level, that’s the going rate, I guess.

You cannot be in any hurry to figure that out. Take your time finding the new guy or gal.

It’s a thankless job.

There are a lot of thankless jobs. There are teachers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, and grocery store workers. Not one of them gets $150,000 a month, I did not say annually.

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


That’s on top of what they’re already making, right?

I have no idea. I don’t know if you get compensated for being a board member in a traditional way.

What about Barry’s severance?

As far as Barry McCarthy, he gets a $50,000 payment for the initial three months, and then a $5,000 monthly payment for the remaining period. Pending board approval, he is also receiving a stock option award valued at $3 million vesting monthly until the transition date. Upon completion of his service and contingent on executing a release of claims, McCarthy is eligible for a $1.2 million cash payment and a cost equivalent for up to twelve months of health insurance. He will also benefit from an accelerated vesting of all outstanding stock options, excluding the advisor award which remains exercisable until December 31, 2027.

If it makes you feel any better, he does have to start paying for his own Peloton membership. You can take comfort in that. Also, just to be clear, I made that up.

Going back to the interim co-CEOs, not only did they get their $150,000 base but if the board endorses it, they are also awarded $450,000 in restricted stock units, vesting over three months. Neither Boone nor Bruzzo will receive additional compensation for their board service while acting as interim co-CEOs.

I guess you do get paid to be on the board, but while they are CEOs, you can’t do both.

That is what this indicates.

I guess that makes sense.

Peloton has multiple plans for Mental Health Awareness Month.

The goal here is to do a new challenge of 20 million minutes in 24 hours. In theory, they are going to have a time period that’s going to start at 12:30 PM Eastern on May 17th through 12:30 PM Eastern on May 18th. The community is invited to collectively achieve 20 million minutes of exercise in 24 hours. That’s incredible. That’s a lot. The idea is personal benefits for each of us participating, but it’s going to support a greater mission.

There are going to be two classes to kick this off. It’s going to be 11:30 AM Eastern. There’s going to be a 30-minute 20 million minutes challenge walk plus run. That is going to be a two-for-one with Alex Tucson and Adrian Williams. At noon on the 18th same day, there’s going to be a two-for-one ride with Camila and Tunde. Upon hitting the goal, Peloton will honor its commitment to Project Healthy Minds, showcasing the power of collective action towards a meaningful cause. We can all join in and be part of that. That’s pretty cool.

There’s also a video chat coming up, but I deleted it.

Let me finish two little notes on this, and then we’ll get back to that. I wanted to say there was an update that came out and pressed in the press release that Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett and Connecticut Sun’s Breanna Jones are encouraging members and beyond to come together. They are friends of Peloton including New York Jets linebacker Jermaine Johnson, defensive tackle Quincy Williams, running back Bruce Hall, linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback James Bradberry IV will be live at Peloton Studio and virtually on the leaderboard on May 18th to support the cause. They’re also going to do a big music thing. There is a special playlist called Mindful Music that will be available to the public and it is also going to be on the Peloton and Warner Music Group Spotify accounts. Lots of cool stuff happening. I’m sorry I cut you off there, Tom.

There’s a video conference. I forgot what it was because I deleted the image. I forgot to add it to the thing.

I think it was with Adrian Williams and Camila Ramon. This is going to take place on Wednesday, May 15th at 2:00 PM Eastern. It’s going to be a 45-minute chat. Those two are going to share their journeys about self-care, mental resilience, and also they’re overall mental wellness. Dr. David P. Riviera from Peloton’s long-standing mental health partner the Steve Fund is going to be moderating. You can join or you can RSVP for that anytime. We have an article about that out on the website as well.

Peloton is going country.

There’s a new series called Rising Country. It’s going to have curated playlists from your favorite instructors filled with the latest and greatest stars of the country music scene. First up, there is going to be a class by Ally Love that is putting the playlist together.

Are there Peloton instructors who dig country?

Selena genuinely likes country. Other instructors will do country music. Matt Wilpers does country. Jenn Sherman has done one here and there. She’s come around on country music but it’s not her go-to for sure. I know there are a few others Ally does them but I don’t think that’s her go-to either, but I know Selena and Matt like it. Alex K on the road does do them, but I don’t think it’s his go-to either. He’s made comments like, “Why do I keep doing all these?”

I don’t feel like I see the Peloton instructors talking about country music all that much.

Hannah Corbin also likes country a lot.

I know for a long time, there was almost no country music on the platform. That was one of the things people complained about or asked for the most.

They have added a lot more country playlists for sure.

Peloton and the New York Road Runners Club are hosting the shake-out run for the upcoming Brooklyn Half.

It’s going to be on May 17th. That’s going to be a busy weekend. The event kicks off at 9:45 AM at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2. Matt Wilpers and Marcel Dinkins will be there. They will be leading the charge. They will have a motivational welcome. They will have a five-minute warm-up and then there’s going to be a 10-minute stretch session after the shake-out run. You get to craft your own cheer sign. You get to enjoy some delicious snacks, and you get to meet your coaches. The tickets are only $35 a piece plus tax. There’s a limit of one ticket per order and one order per guest. You better get on it is what we’re saying.

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They might be gone by the time you’re hearing this. If you’re a Patreon subscriber, the show continues immediately, but for everyone else, stick around. We’re going to talk to Angelo. He’s back and he’s going to answer the question, “I’m eating well, but I’m still getting weight. What up with that?”


Joining us from MetPpro, it’s Angelo here to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions.

Welcome back.

It’s great to be back.

I want to start with a question from Jenny Miguel Martinez. We’ll call her Jenny. That’s easier. Jenny is struggling with her nutrition because she feels like even though she’s working out every day, she’s still gaining weight. I asked her some follow-up questions because I knew that you would have them. She says that every morning, after her workout, she drinks a protein shake and a coffee. That’s at 6 AM. At 10 AM, she has a banana protein bar. At noon, she has a chicken wrap with cheese made at home and coffee again. When she gets home, she works out again, and then she has yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. That’s her day. I guess that would be her dinner.

She’s doing two a day like a football player.

I know where Angelo is going to go with this but I have some thoughts.

You said at noon, she’s doing usually a chicken wrap, and then at dinner, she’s getting yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. This is a good starting point, but there’s there is something in here that is not an energy deficit. It’s not as simple as eating less because that becomes a little tricky. The two grandfather techniques when weight loss is your goal is calorie restrictions. It’s adjusting your calories down from where your maintenance is. Here’s the trick. Your maintenance is not some mathematical equation that all the apps say, “Enter your goal. Enter what you know,” and then they tell you, “Here’s your maintenance caloric intake.”

That’s a nice starting point if you don’t have any more information, but that’s a starting point as big as a side of the bar. That’s huge and the reality is we have studies now that track people’s metabolic rates that are keeping them in maintenance. You would be shocked that some of these studies are showing that you can have a guy about my size and they can vary between 1,450 calories to maintain all the way up to 3,900 calories. When we’re saying, “Here’s the range your body is in,” take that with an enormous grain of salt.

What you have to do is figure out what intake calorically is maintaining you and then downward adjusting from there. The problem is as many people who’ve been chronically dieting or yoyo dieting, if your metabolism is slow, you may find there are no excess calories to take. All is not lost. That’s where we can manipulate your macronutrients. Perhaps not drastically reducing calories or moderately reducing calories, but adjusting the ratio, the source, and even the timing. The combination of those things together will get the ball rolling for you.

What I would do is right now, Jenny, your meal plan is filled with good healthy individual items, but you have a little bit of an identity crisis. Some of your meals are high-protein and some are all over the place. Some have high fat. Some have a combination of protein carbs and fats. What I would endeavor to do is within the approximate caloric range of your current intake level, I would want to restructure your macronutrients a little bit. I would try and pull those cards even though drinking the protein shake post-workout is an ideal thing. I would, for the sake of your weight loss goals, move some of the carbohydrates that you’re getting from the banana. What is she getting at 10:00?

Banana protein bar.

That’s probably not helping you a whole lot. There are probably other options you can get and move those carbs earlier in the day. Perhaps even along with that protein shake. In the evening, keep the carbs a little bit lower. I have many other clients who have experienced very similar scenarios with their exercising and they’re eating “clean.” What I will do with them is I will take them through a process at MetPro that we call Baseline Testing. That’s to establish without any guesswork and beyond any doubt where your metabolic rate is at by having you eat similar items for a few days, and then tracking your results.

That enables us to determine how much of the carbohydrates we need to pull, how much we need to move, and how much protein fats, carbs, etc. We need to create enough of a change for what our body is currently used to to affect weight loss. That would be my recommendation. Track this over a few days and then see what the ratios are, and you can possibly readjust those ratios. This would be the type of scenario, Jenny, that we would love to visit with you about and give you some personalized help if that’s what you need or even if you want some advice once we know what those ratios are.

This is something anyone can do on their own. Track and then when you have that information, look at calories first. If you don’t have a bunch of room there, look to reduce some carbohydrates without changing calories and take them from the end of the day first. That’s a starting point, and then consistency with the exercise and aerobic activity, Peloton should be part of your daily routine. It is going to be great. It’s absolutely going to help and you’re going to be on the road to success.

Thank you very much for all that. If people would like this information tailor-made for them or to talk to you or Crystal, where can they find you guys?

You can find us at MetPro.co/tco. We’d love to talk to you.

Thank you.


The Met Gala was this week. I don’t even know what the Met Gala is. I know it’s where rich people go to wear weird clothes and have their pictures taken. Does it do anything else?

They’re raising money for the Met. It’s a giant fundraiser. There’s always a theme and that’s why they’re wearing weird clothes because, in theory, the clothes should meet the theme. If you don’t, you will be publicly humiliated on all of the socials.

You’ll be publicly humiliated on half the socials, and then the other half will publicly humiliate you for wearing the weird outfit that you’re going to wear. No matter what half, the internet is going to mock you. Pick the half you like better and go with that.

The Met is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the people who have never heard of that, have never been to New York, and have no idea what that is, that’s what it is.

Hannah Corbin was there and she performed.

I think that we have to do this with bigger fanfare because she was there, but she was a backup dancer for Arianna Grande. That’s freaking amazing. A few weeks ago, she teased that she had booked something but she didn’t say what it was. Apparently, it was a big opportunity.

I find it interesting that an artist like Ariana Grande doesn’t have her own team of dancers on retainer. She would go out and hire people for an event to learn a thing. I thought it would be like, “This is my touring group and I bring him a touring group to do things.”

I have no idea. This is not my jam. This is not my thing. This is not a thing that I would have any interest in following, but I would say that it’s also possible that this was just a one-off. She may not even be touring right now. They weren’t ready. They invited her and she was like, “I’m going to need this,” and then they did that. I have no idea but get this though. The invited guests paid $75,000 a ticket. A ten-person table started at $350,000. When you say rich people, yeah.

These aren’t people that are just doing okay. This isn’t like, “I think I’m going to join the Disney Vacation Club.” This is like, “I shit money.”

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


There’s always a big performer. Some of the past performers have been Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. That’s cool though. We have pictures and there’s a video. She was right behind her and of course, got an amazing selfie with Ariana Grande. Huge congrats to Hannah.

Robin Arzon was also there. I will let you describe her outfit, especially since I got chastised for commenting that a woman looked younger than I would have thought. That was it.

I was teasing you. It is also important to say that this was at the after-party. I am not clear if Robin was at the gala. I’m not saying she wasn’t. I did not see any pictures of her except the after-party. That does not mean she was not there, but she was at the after-party. There was a Cosmo article that did a whole bunch of different lists. One of them was the most naked looks at the after-party, and Robin Arzon was featured because her dress was completely sheer. If you wanted to know what Robin Arzon looked like naked, we got you.

It’s 99% of the way through.

I would say 99%. I just want to be clear that it was at the after-party.

Was this ranked?


I was curious because if she wasn’t number one, what did it take?

I don’t remember the woman’s name because it was some person I don’t follow, but I’ll tell you which one outdid it though. Completely sheer, front and back. Do you know those beaded curtains from the ‘70s? That was her cape on the back. There was a tiny little triangle down below.

A Brazilian ‘70s bead curtain.

That’s it.

Everything else was all out there. It looked like she was walking around naked because the body suit that she was wearing was meant to be skin-toned and matched her skin tone. It looked like she was walking around with the cape and naked. That is one of the dresses that outdid Robin’s level of baring it all. Maybe the theme was baring it all. Maybe there’s a theme for the after-party. I don’t know. This is the world I don’t live in.

If you donate so much money, you can no longer afford clothes.

You literally give our clothes off. I am amused by this because this is a world I do not understand. I don’t get it but they all look like they are having fun. It is known as the fashion event of the year.

It looks like the sort of party that spies always end up bad.

Cardi B’s dress was stunning. It had this 360-degree train on it. The train took up the size of this room and it went all the way around her. When she twisted and stood at an angle, the whole dress twisted, and think it took a whole team of men to spread it out around her. It was a statement? It was the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. It was gorgeous.

They have to take that off as soon as they get their picture taken. You can’t wander around for the rest of the night like that.

If you got that money, you’re getting paid. I guess you have to be in pain all the time.

I’m not going to ever attend the Met Gala unless the theme is hoodies. If the theme that year is hoodies, I will choose to grace you with my presence, but I’m not wearing pants in solidarity with Robin Arzon. I was thinking more like Winnie the Pooh. I’m more of Winnie the Pooh than Donald Duck. Hoodies with no pants, I’ll go to the Met Gala. Jess Sims has a hoodie out for people.

The big news this week. It’s always been the Saturday 60. The Saturday 60 is no more because it has been rebranded as Sims 60. Now, all the apparel has dropped in the apparel store. There are two different colors of sweats that you can get that now is Sims 60 instead of Saturday 60. That also means that Saturday 60 is not necessarily on a Saturday for the foreseeable future. It will now be on Sundays. It’s a very very polarizing discussion though. Some people are very happy. Some people are very upset.

Matty Maggiacomo is raising money for not one but two charities coming up.

May is his birthday month and his way of celebrating is to give back, which I think is cool. He’s raising money for two different things. One is Matty Paws Rescue of New York City. The other one is Culture For One. The Matty Paws thing, he’s raising $1,000 and the fundraiser is called Nana’s Pack for his dog.

That’s where he got his dog from.

That is exactly right. You can support that. You can donate, and then he also has an event that he’s going to be attending. It’s the third annual spring fundraiser for Culture for One. That is on May 8th at 7:10 PM. Matty will be there. If you’ve been looking for your opportunity to meet Matty, this could be it.

Also, help a good cause. Maybe even get a tax deduction. Culture for One helps kids in foster care have access to arts programs.

It is so important. Many places don’t have art. That is very important and very helpful to kids who aren’t into sports. I was one of those children.

That’s how much I was not into sports.

Singing is a workout. It's tiring and takes a lot of time and training to learn how to stretch out the energy you're pushing. Click To Tweet

What would our kids have done if they didn’t have music, theater, and art? They would have been miserable.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk about the latest artist series, and Equinox is launching a new membership plan targeted specifically at people who attended the Met Gala. We’ll explain all that coming up next.


I think they’re going to run out of artists, but apparently, there are lots of artists I’ve never heard so that’s what they’re doing this week, which is Blackpink.

Blackpink is a huge deal.

I know because I looked them up. I was like, “What is Blackpink? Is it a tribute artist to Pink but she’s black?”

Blackpink is a K-pop band, that’s Korean pop. Korean pop is huge. It’s cool though because this is one of a few different musical artists that Peloton is highlighting for the Asian and Island Pacific Heritage Month. I cannot ever get those initials right no matter how many times I say it. That is pretty cool. There are going to be six different classes and two rides. There’s going to be a run, a yoga, and a full-body strength. and of course. a row. Lots of different classes that you can be involved in.


Equinox has a new membership plan available to people.

All you have to do is pay $40,000 a year. That’s it.

They’ll break that up into twelve easy monthly installments for you I’m sure.

That is half the price of a Met Gala ticket all year long.

You look at it as a value proposition.

It’s got everything though. Personal training, nutrition plans, sleep coaching, and massage therapy. It’s all inclusive of all the different kinds of things that you might need as far as all the different ways that you might want to try to be healthy.

This is a crazy town, like $40,000 a year.

You also get a battery of tests. Functional health tests are going to have 100 different biomarkers including heart, liver, kidney health, metabolic, immune systems, cancer markers, nutrients, and their own fitness tests, including VO2 max, strength, and movement range. The tests are repeated twice a year. They make it super personal. You get three 60-minute training sessions per week with a top-level trainer and you get two half-hour sessions a month with a nutrition coach, two half-hour sessions a month with a sleep coach, and one massage therapy session per month, sixteen hours a month of coaching and training.

I am speechless. This will probably upset somebody out there.

Pretty much everything we say upsets somebody.

This is gross. If you have this money and this is what you’re spending it on, I hate to be that guy that’s like, “You’re not spending your own money the right way,” but if you have enough money where you can do something like this, do something else with your money. $40,000 a year is a lot of money.

They say that it’s the same as a Formula One or an athlete where you’re giving the top experts in all the different verticals and then you have the super honed-in program just for you. First of all, we don’t have that money. I can’t even fathom thinking about it. If somebody were like, “What do you want to spend $40,000 on this year?” I’d be like, “Maybe a down payment on a different house.” I would never be like, “More healthcare.”

Some people have no health care, and then somebody is spending $40,000 a year for hyper-specific boutique fitness health care.

I’m curious how these sell.

I know they do these for athletes, but there’s a lot of money on the line for those athletes and those teams have decided that for them, it is a value proposition. It’s gross like if you’re doing this, you’re not a good person. I’m speechless. Maybe there’s an angle I’m not seeing, but this is such a waste of money. No one needs this level of care. If you need this level of care, then Chicago Bulls will be providing it for you.

I wonder l how much hospice costs or how much palliative care costs because it’s so expensive. I’m wondering how it compares.

Take care of your fitness, but come on.

If I had that much money and that $40,000 meant nothing to me, maybe. I don’t know. It’s something I genuinely cannot imagine.

I can not wrap my head around it on any level as you can tell. I’m sure I will get yelled at.

You won’t because they only send them to me.

I’m sure I will get yelled at through you.


Bingo number two lest we forget.

Bingo number two is Matt Wilpers.

Once again, listeners have come through and recommended their favorite classes and then we compiled them at the TCO Top 5. If you’re looking for things to do, here are some suggestions.

Favorite Peloton meditation. This was a 10-minute acceptance meditation from April 27th with Kristin McGee. Debbie Pinot says, “After weeks of searching. I finally found and retook this acceptance meditation. This is the most amazing meditation filled with a simple yet soul-nourishing mantra and message that will hit home and benefit everyone. It’s a true gem.” That’s great.

Number two, your favorite Peloton core strength.

This is a 10-minute core with Rebecca Kennedy from December ‘23. This is core, so we’re going back a little ways. Donna Markuson says that she loves this class. She said it is stackable and she’s taking it at least 100 times, “One hardcore workout,” and she utilizes every second and it has great music. Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive keeps it going.

Number three, your favorite Peloton climb.

We have the new climb series with Christine and this is part one. Lots of people loved this class, loved this series, and this is from 4/29. Okay. Alice Friedman says, “I loved the music and the way she queued everything. I enjoyed how she broke down each area of the climb such as the sections of the climb. Looking forward to doing the second part later this week.” Gwendolyn Dawson said, “It’s challenging but doable.” She did a 10-minute warm-up before and a cool-down afterward. They were all so great. Claudia Garcia said, “It was challenging but the coaching was excellent and it never fell impossible.” That’s going to be a fan favorite. We have lots of people excited about those.

Number four, your favorite Peloton ride.

The Glorious Gospel ride is back. this is with Cliff Dwenger from May 5th. He had a 30-minute one and people were so excited that it was back. Deborah Anzalone, who is a past guest, said, “Cliff’s latest Gospel Ride was another awesome uplifting ride. I loved it. It was so pumped. Just what I needed on a Monday evening.”

Finally, your favorite unstackable.

This was hands down the most unstackable. It was the obvious unstackable.

Whatever this is must be hard because I would think the climb thing would be pretty unstackable.

It’s a 90-minute run with Mariana Fernandez. It was her first 90-minute run on the platform. It took place on the second. We had a lot of people who loved this. Karentina Fujenga said, “The Run Fit is both the best class of her weak and an unstackable. She had awesome music, cute stories, and a heart.” She said it made her say Martia on the tread.

I loved this class. If you need a good heartbreak story that has a comeback, you need to take this class. I was outside running. I stopped running and sent a message to Mariana in the middle of it to tell her how much I appreciated her open heart during the run. It was an amazing story. All of her stories always are but it got me in tears. I don’t often cry outdoors running but she got me. Everyone needs to take that class not because I expect you to cry, but it was great, 90 minutes, lovely.

Coming up, we’ll take a look at This Week at Peloton. What do they get? We already talked about the new class type of rising country.

We also got some new mobility classes. There are going to be more options dropping that are going to be English and German. Some are from Matty Maggiacomo, Erik Jäger, and Irène Kaymer. Those dropped this week and Peloton has promised new mobility classes every Tuesday in May. Think of it as May Mobility.

We have a Defected Records ride.

That’s the hit-making British independent record label. There’s going to be a House-Defected Records ride with Hannah Frankson and it’s going to take place live on Friday at 1:30 PM Eastern, so 6:30 PM British.

We’ve all got some Mother’s Day stuff, You Ask Mother’s Day.

This is a funny class. Why is it funny? Because there are going to be classes that are going to be coming out. There are going to be English, Spanish, and German classes that are going to be starting on May 8th, but there is a special two-for-one ride with Robin Arzon and Jess King taking place on Saturday, May 11th at 10 AM Eastern.

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


Why is that funny? It’s funny because back in the day, these two were on a ride called the Bad Girls Ride. It was one of the most hailed epic rides for years, and then they redid it not too long ago, but now they’re both moms and they’re doing a Mother’s Day ride. They are no less epic, but it is hilarious to me how times have changed if anything says the time has changed, they’ve gone from bad girls to mothers.

You can be both.

You absolutely can, just watch Bad Moms.

Peloton also celebrated Jewish American Heritage Month.

This is cool because this is the first time Peloton has celebrated this month,

It is surprising.

It is but I have found out through talking to several Jewish people that there are a lot of people that don’t know this month exists. I don’t know how new it is. I did not do my research. I just know that there are a lot of people who were unaware of it. Whether it’s new or it’s not necessarily that widely known, I don’t know. Either way, they are being celebrated and I posted a few days ago that there is going to be a walk with Matty and there is going to be a ride with Jenn Sherman. Since then, Peloton also dropped two on-demand classes. One was a yoga flow with Anna Greenberg and then the other was a meditation with Anna. The two live classes, Matty and Jen, were live early this week on the seventh, and then there are two that dropped on the 9th

Peloton is also celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Month. if you’re Asian and Jewish, it’s your month.

There are all kinds of things to celebrate you. We already talked about Blackpink being one of the big classes this month, but we also talked two weeks ago about Luffy the slow-flow yoga class that Anna Greenberg had done. There’s also a Desi Hits run that Hannah Frankson will be doing. There’s also going to be New Asia Hits as well. New Asia classical and then there’s also another class series called Pacific Islander Vibes. They are sprinkling in a few different kinds of this month. Be on the lookout for those.

Kirra Michel has launched a new series.

It is called Creating Space. This is a journey through Yin Yoga that you can do with Kirra Michel.

Speaking of the new series, Ben Alldis has a new strength series.

It’s called The Stronger You. This is a six-part series. It’s a 20-minute full-body class. It’s interesting because these classes are structured very similarly to Ben’s total body strength classes from last year. We’re not sure if this is a rebranding of those classes or if that was intentional. We like it though. Either way, it’s cool. They’re still there. Now there’s this one so you could get a total of twelve if you want to, and if you want more Ben, there’s still Stronger You 1 and Stronger You 2. Those are both programs that you can find.

We also have new classes, Para Las Madres, for the mothers.

These are the Spanish classes we mentioned earlier. There are going to be three different classes. There’s going to be a walk with Camila on the 8th. There’s going to be a full-body strength with Rad on the 8th. There is a yoga flow with Mariana, and all three of those are taking place in Spanish. All three of those are on the 8th. They either be on-demand or they are live. You will be able to find them on-demand if you’re hearing this for the first time.


Finally, we have three birthdays. Susie Chan on May 10th.

My girl Susie Chan. Happy birthday, Susie.

On May 14, it’s The Clip Out’s birthday.

How many years are we now? We started in 2017, so ‘17 to ‘24, whatever that is. Seven years of podcasting. Seven years of this crazy ride called Peloton.

Finally, on May 16th, you can celebrate Matty Maggiacomo’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Matty. We love you.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Peyton McMahon, so stick around.


Joining us is Peyton McMahon. Peyton, how’s it going?

It’s going well. How about you?

How Peyton McMahon Discovered Peloton

We’re great. How did you originally find Peloton and decide, “I want to try this?”

My sister introduced it to me. She got one and I was over there one weekend staying with her. I heard her doing it one morning. She was taking a Cody Rigby class and heard all the chatter and everything in the other room. I was like, “What is going on in there?” I checked it out. I thought it sounded cool, and then my mom decided to get one at my parents’ house. I was like, “Why don’t I try this out?” I did and got hooked pretty quickly.

About how long ago was that?

With any creative field, you get a lot of rejection and judgment. It takes a lot of patience. Click To Tweet

It was about two years ago.

Are you still in the weird time thing from COVID?

Were you wearing a mask? Have you gotten a vaccine? Here are all the benchmarks.

I still keep saying things like last year and it was a few years ago. It’s so confusing. It’s like a wormhole that it became.

For real. The past four years have blended together. It’s crazy.

Were you always like a fitness person and Peloton was new? Were you a person that did not workout? Where did you fall in that spectrum?

Before Peloton, I was into fitness. I’m a runner. I started running halves ten years ago. About six years ago, I began to get a little bit more into it. I joined a couple of running groups in my city. There’s one called Varsity Sports. That’s awesome. That was a store and running group, then there’s also one called Happy Running Club that does a 5K every week from a bar. I started getting into that, then I started running full marathons, which was a whole other animal. That ups the fitness of what I was doing. I started working in some at-home strength training stuff at the beginning of COVID because I was at home a lot and why not?

What else are you going to do?

I pulled some stuff up from YouTube. it was fun for a while, but I was taking the same things. It was starting to get monotonous. I was into fitness to an extent, but as far as biking and stuff goes, that was a whole new thing for me.

That’s interesting because you’re a runner but you got into it with biking. Do you take Peloton running classes or outdoor classes or do you use any of that?

How Peloton Affected Peyton’s Fitness And Singing

I took my first outdoor running class two weeks ago. I was curious to try it because I’ve always kept my running stuff separate and done mainly strength training and the bike to complement it. It’s helped and rounded out my training and strength. I’ve been wanting to try the run stuff because why not? I tried one of the outdoor runs a couple of weeks ago and it was cool. I liked it. I don’t know. it was more entertaining and took my mind off of it, which was nice.

You forget you’re running, don’t you? It’s amazing.

It’s like running with a friend. You’re not thinking about, “I still have this long to go.” You’re more in the zone and that was nice.

I was going to say it’s interesting how many people that if they run, they still have this thought of like, “I don’t need Peloton for that part of my fitness.” There’s this thought process for a lot of runners of like, “I know how to run, so I don’t need Peloton.” When they finally cave, they’re like, “That was either more entertaining than I thought or more useful than I thought.”

I’ve noticed a huge difference once I started the strength training, especially. For runners, especially for doing marathons and stuff, you’re supposed to strength train to help prevent injury and keep yourself strong and well-rounded. I noticed such a difference once I started doing a lot of strength training on the Peloton and the bike stuff. I still remember my first few classes thinking, “This shouldn’t be that hard because I run.” It was different. I was using different muscles. Building up strength and that helps by running a lot.

I’m guessing you can get your legs pumping faster on a bike than you can running.

It’s weird. I don’t know because also with running, different types of workouts. You’re doing speed workouts. You’re using more different muscles in your legs. On the bike, you’re focused a little more on some other muscles that you don’t normally use when you’re running. I had some room to grow there and get stronger on those muscles, which I didn’t realize at first. It’s like, “This is extremely hard.” My heart rate was getting up so much higher than I was expecting. I was so out of breath. It was a wake-up call.

I feel like we have a window into your personality. On a positive outlook, you’re like, “I had some room to grow there.” Not, “I sucked at that,” which is how I would have said it. It turns out I’m an abject failure not just in the world of fitness, but as a human being where you’re like, “I had some room to grow.”

Running has taught me that you have to start somewhere. You start reflecting on how far you come as a runner. It taught me other things fitness-wise like, “I’m not so good at this, but maybe one day I will be.”

My understanding from our conversation offline is that you are a singer-songwriter, but you also mentioned that Peloton has affected your singing. I’m curious to hear more about that.

I’m a singer-songwriter. I release music and post stuff on my social media. Vocal health is important for a singer-songwriter, as with anything. I’ve noticed once I started doing more bike workouts and strength training, my lung capacity and my vocals have gotten a little bit stronger. My stamina with singing, especially if I play gigs with a lot of demanding songs. It’s a lot like doing a strength workout but in a different way. Your lungs, just like any other muscles, you’ve got to keep them strong. It’s like an endurance thing. I noticed once I started doing a lot more strength training, especially core stuff, that my voice felt so much stronger and the endurance was there longer. I’m thankful for that.

That makes total sense because as a big classic rock guy, there are certainly some singers out there who can maybe even still hit the notes, but they have trouble with breath control and getting through an entire verse. I don’t want to name any names because I would hate to embarrass Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe. That dude can’t make it through an entire verse of a song without gasping for air. You watch a show and you’re like, “I’m concerned for your safety, sir.”

People underestimate that. If you don’t know singing, you might think you can sing and you do it, but it’s a workout. It’s tiring. It takes a lot of time and training to learn how to stretch out the energy you’re pushing.

A lot of singers, especially in the world of rock, maybe didn’t come up through a school choir where they’re teaching them breath control. It’s like four kids in a garage and you’re the one who sounds the best, just go for it. They didn’t learn a proper way to sing. You hear the story all the time like Chino from the Deftones. At one point, he had to go to a doctor because his throat was roached. The doctor who was probably in his 60s was like, “Let’s hear one of your songs.” He’s like, “Sweet baby snow peas. Of course, your throat is roached. You can’t sing like that. How are you not coughing up blood?”

It’s like training for anything else. You can’t run a marathon every week. It’s the same thing as you can’t sing the most vocally challenging songs, a full set of them, every single week. You have to learn how to pace yourself and how to strengthen yourself and know when to take a step back, know when to rest. It’s all the same. It’s cool learning the parallels between the two.

What kind of music do you write and perform?

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


Along the lines of singer-songwriter, folk rock, and pop. Similar to James Bay. He’s one of my favorites. James Bay is a big influence of mine. Also, I love Mumford and Sons and Noah Kahan. He is one of my current favorites and a bunch of others. I would be here all day if I was going to name all the artists I love listening to. It’s along those lines, folk rock, pop, and singer-songwriter.

I’m scared to ask the question for fear I’m going to sound rude. Is that at a level where you still need a day job or this is your thing and you can support yourself doing that?

It’s not full-time just yet. That’s the goal. I’ve been working towards it.

I love just yet.

You’re such a positive person. That’s awesome.

Not all the time, but I try to be.

Peyton ‘s Music Career

That’s good that you’re working on it, that you have a direction and a path. That’s awesome. I know it’s not easy to do any creative thing that you have to start from scratch. My stepson, Tom’s son, is looking to go into being an actor. He wants to do specifically TV and film. It is interesting to watch all of the things. I couldn’t do it, just to be clear. It would be very hard to have people constantly judging you. That’s what we all do about everything but you’re putting yourself out there in a very different way. That takes a lot of bravery.

Thanks. It’s something I’ve learned. You’ve got to want it to still be trying for so long. With any creative field, you get a lot of rejection and a lot of judgment. It takes a lot of patience. I’m still trying to make it to the level I want to make it to you. You got to want to do it and that’s what keeps you going.

What’s been your biggest or most exciting moment in your music career thus far?

A few things. A few years ago, I got to open up for one of my favorite artists. His name is Dermot Kennedy. He’s an Irish singer-songwriter. He was doing this thing where he was having a local artist open for him on some of his tour dates. I sent him some of my stuff and the day before the show, his team emailed me and said, “He wants you to open for him.” That was a dream country because I’ve been so inspired by him. It would have been cool to meet him and get to his show regardless. The fact that he wanted me to play my music for his fans was the coolest thing in the world. It’s one of those moments that I was like, “I want to be doing this all the time.” That’s a highlight so far.

I’m sorry, the correct answer was being on the show. Was that the day before?

A lot of things in this business are very quick. There’s a term hurry up and wait for a lot of things and that’s what it’s like. You find out you got to be on deck. I was fully prepared.

My day job is I book concerts for a living. I went into concert marketing mode. I’m like, “If you’re going to bring in a local guy, you let that guy know four weeks out so he can start telling people locally and help you sell more tickets.” The marketing guy in me is like, “This is an outrage.”

He wasn’t doing it for all the shows. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing where it’s an artist who is playing one instrument and doesn’t have a whole setup. It’s easy to give them a 30-minute slot to play before. It was a cool thing for him to do as a bigger artist to give people like me a chance.

What size venue were playing in front of?

I don’t know the exact number. Probably a couple of thousand people. It was at Fillmore, which I know there are Fillmore’s around the country. It was a Fillmore theater.

Which Fillmore?

In New Orleans.

Sorry, I’m going in again.

I was like, “He’s at work now.”

I’m like, “Fillmore, those are big ones.”

A little insight into every time I watch a concert with him, he sits down and immediately starts checking out the exits, how the concert flow is going, and what the crowd is like.

I know that guy is going to be a problem.

What does it look like when they’re serving beer? These are the things that he goes into and I’m like, “Can we just enjoy the music?”

It’s hard not to. Once you see that or learn that side of things and about things that go into it and a little details. It’s crazy.

You live in New Orleans based on what you said?

Baton Rouge. It’s about an hour away. I’m here for the time being. I’m trying to plot a move somewhere, but I’m in New Orleans all the time anyway because it’s so close. That mirrors New Orleans.

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


Peloton Studio, Instructors, And Classes

I was curious if you had any plans or hopes to go to the Peloton studio at some point. I was trying to figure out how far that was for you, but it sounds similar to the distance we are because we’re in Missouri. It’s not a quick trip. It’s not like, “I’ll pop down to Manhattan today.”

I wish. I did a few weeks ago, I was in New York recording some music, working with a guy who lives there, a producer. While I was planning the trip, I was like, “I need to book some classes while I’m there.” I didn’t know how the booking process worked. I looked it up and luckily, the day the classes were dropping for when I was going to be there, which was the next day. It’s like, “Thank God I looked when I did.” I took two classes while I was there. It was such a blast.

Which classes did you end up taking?

I took a 30-minute ride with Tunde then I took a 60-minute total strength with Andy Speer a couple of days later. I wanted to get one bike class and one strength class because those are the two that I do anyway. I was lucky to get into those and they were both so much fun. I wish I could do them more.

Do you have a preferred instructor?

It depends on what I’m in the mood for. They all give different energy as you all know. I love Tunde. I was glad to take one of her. I loved all the motivational little anecdotes she threw in there. She’s great. I love Andy Speer as well. especially the total strength TF 60 classes he does every week. It has been fun to take. It’s such a cool comprehensive workout and I love his energy too.

All the little funny jokes he has. It’s funny. It keeps your mind off of the work you’re doing. Emma Lovewell has some of the best playlists. Her music taste is in line with mine. I’m very much into that. I also love Ben Alldis and Olivia Amato. They have some of the hardest ones, which I like the challenge sometimes. I love all of them. I love taking all their classes, but those are the ones that take the most.

That’s a good mixture.

What is your leaderboard name?

It’s pretty boring. It’s Peyton415. I couldn’t think of anything clever or funny. I was like, “Why not?” The first time I took a live class, it was a milestone I was reaching and I wanted a better chance and being able to pronounce the name. That was part of the reason. It’s very simple. Also, I couldn’t think of anything funny, so just my name.

Nothing wrong with that.

As a singer-songwriter, I have a question for you. I’m going to throw you a curveball. This is not on the list. Crystal doesn’t know where I’m going.

I have no idea where he’s going.

As a songwriter, give me three words that rhyme with Peloton.

Are there words that rhyme with Peloton?

I don’t know. I was hoping you’d come up with something.

I feel like it’s orange and there are no actual words.


Nothing is coming to me. There are probably some near rhymes, but not actual rhymes.

You would have to construct something out of the end of one word and the beginning of another. I was just seeing if he could do it. I was like, “If he can do it, this is going to be great.”

I’m going to Google after this and sure enough, there’s going to be several.

Where To Find Peyton

He’s going to be like, “I need to tape. Everybody put the same outfits back on. We’re going to splice this later.” Peyton, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you and all the places where they can check out your music.

Thank you all so much for having me. This was fun. Find me on all the social media, Instagram and TikTok. It’s Peyton McMahon, and on Spotify and Apple Music as well. It is my name. Search and you’ll be able to find my music. I’m releasing a new song very soon and have a few other songs releasing throughout the year. Stay tuned. On all the social platforms, it’s just my name. It’s pretty easy.

Thank you so much and fingers crossed that we one day have a Peyton McMahon artist series.

That would be incredible.

That is low-key on my bucket list or to be one of the artists that can go take the class in person and get shouted out. That would be fun.

That would be so cool.

The Clip Out | Peyton McMahon | Singer-Songwriter


Do the studio takeover.

Crash the internet and make everybody mad in the best way. That’d be good. Thank you again, Peyton.

Thank you, all. I appreciate it.


I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can find me on all the socials and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online on Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our Patreon at Patreon.com/TheClipOut. We’re going to record that right now. We’ll talk some more about what you can maybe expect to see if private equity takes over Peloton. Maybe we’ll see you there. Until then, keep pedaling, and running, and rowing. Bye.


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