347. What’s Up With All The Barbells? Plus Our Interview With Trish LaLonde

The Clip Out | Trish Lalonde | Peloton


  • Barbellmania is sweeping Peloton photo shoots.
  • 49ers gift Pelotons to players and coaches.
  • Peloton announces new referral program.
  • Pelton settles Tread+ suit…with investors.
  • Leanne Hainsby is heading to PSNY.
  • Susie Chan and Becs Gentry had running tips for Women’s Health.
  • Ohio State featured Ash Pryor on their IG.
  • Kristin McGee is running the London Marathon.
  • Dr. Jenn – Protecting your mental health when your family kinda sucks.
  • The latest artist series features Timbaland.
  • Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush were spotted in the studio.
  • CJ Albertson barely misses the Olympics.
  • Whoop brings AI coaching to wearables.
  • Zwift CEO steps down.
  • TCO Top Five.
  • This Week at Peloton.
  • Black History Month classes announced.
  • German classes celebrate Karneval.
  • Pelton Studios spotlighted German classes.
  • New Series Alert – Get Lifted
  • There’s a new Lululemon drop and a Valentine’s Day Shop.

All this plus our interview with Trish LaLonde!

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What’s Up With All The Barbells? Plus Our Interview With Trish LaLonde

I am traveling for work. I am in Los Angeles for Pollstar. Would you like some breaking music industry news that might not be breaking by the time this airs?


Jon Bon Jovi was one of the guest speakers today and he addressed his vocal issues.

What did he say?

They asked him head-on, “Let’s talk about your voice.” He said that he had something. He said the name of it, but it was sciency so I don’t know. It started with an M if that helps. He said one of his vocal cords was crossing on the other, and that they replaced it with a little plastic piece.

I picture that one movie we watched with that one doctor and the surgeon, and he was like, “Oh, those things.”

That’s Dr. Death Season 2, but this is your vocal cord. This is your actual windpipe. They replaced it with a little plastic piece and he’s been rehabbing it for the last two years. He said that he thinks he’s about 80% of the way back He is saying that he has a big documentary coming out about the history of Bon Jovi. They hinted that he was planning to tour Sadium in 2025, which makes me think of two things. 1) He needs good support, and then 2) He did not say this in this thing but I think that means there’s a good likelihood that Richie Sambora is back.

How else could you pull off a Stadium as Bon Jovi?

If you’re going to do a Stadium tour, you need to do something to re-energize it. Especially coming off some vocal issues. He has this documentary and then he’s going to talk about how he fixed his vocal issues and probably do some key live performances to show that off, and then Richie Sambora is back Now, they’re playing in Stadium with us and Def Leppard or something. That’s my guess.

Keep your eyes open because you’re going to need that to buy some tickets.

Yes, especially if he sounds good again. Anyway, that’s why I’m in Los Angeles. By the time this goes live, I will be on a plane heading back. There’s all that. We have to talk about the book club. The book club is coming up on Tuesday. We will be talking about Ross Rayburn’s new book Turning Inward. We are excited to remind you that Ross Rayburn will be joining us.

It’s going to be a big crowd too. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Questions have been submitted. This is your last opportunity to send over any questions. I’m surprised Peloton hasn’t yelled at me to hurry up and get them to him yet, but they have not. Friday will probably be the last day. I’m probably going to have to send them.

If you listen on day one, here’s your chance.

I’m very excited. Just to recap, that’s February 13th, 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern. We have about 45 minutes with Ross. It’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait.

You can get all the information over at our Patreon, Patreon.com/TheClipOut. You can partake in this event with nobody. This is open to the free level of Patreon members. This is not a cash grab, but you have to go over there and sign up for Patreon and you can sign up for the free level. It’s perfectly fine. All the details, links, and the RSVP live over there. If you want to sign up for a paid membership to Patreon, it’s only $5. It gets you all sorts of bonus content, an extra episode every week with stuff that we didn’t have time to fit in this episode, and then you get ad-free episodes of the main episode. If we get it early, you get it early and all that sort of stuff.

Don’t expect it early this week, guys. I jacked something up. Let’s just say that.

We do our best. It’s only $5 a month and a lot of that goes to helping cover the costs of all the people who are helping write articles and stuff for the websites. We also need to do a Bingo call here.

I’m ready. Jeffrey McEachern is Bingo number one.

Now that we’ve done all that, what pray tell do you have in store for people?

We have to talk about barbells being all over the instructor feeds. We’re going to talk about what the 49ers got as gifts, a new referral program, another lawsuit update, and a whole bunch of instructor updates. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn, talking about something very important, protecting your mental health when your family sucks. We have a new artist series. We have a celebrity sighting. We have a past guest update, competitors, all kinds of content updates, and more Bingo mentions to come.

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We shall.


For starters, let’s talk about barbells. We mentioned a week or two ago that we spotted an unusual-looking barbell and a bench in a Tunde photo.

She was doing a photoshoot. It was for Peloton. We confirmed that she had the Peloton sports bra on. The barbell did not have any words on it, but the bench had red knobs. There are lots of benches with red knobs. It doesn’t mean anything, but we couldn’t help but wonder whether there is new equipment coming or they’re going to start doing programs that have barbells. After this was aired, several of the instructors responded. Logan, Rad Lopez, Selena, and Rebecca Kennedy were in there. There were several.

When we posted a little reel asking people what they thought, some of the instructors saw it and started responding. They said that it is going to be the additional programming within the Peloton Gym feature. It was one of the thoughts that we had that it could be. I still say it’s weird that they were doing all these photoshoots for something that doesn’t need all that description and prettiness in the background.

Unless they’re going to do some sort of a marketing push to get more gym goers aware to justify, “I have a gym membership, but I’m still going to apply or sign up for a Peloton app membership.”

That could be because one of the things they talked about on the earnings call was that there are a lot of people who still have no idea what Peloton offers. They think it’s just a bike. They’re still dealing with that. There has never been any marketing push toward Peloton Gym. Not crazy but there we have it.

The interesting thing before we move on from barbells is the fact that nobody seems to be chiming in to say, “That’s this brand of bench and barbell.” You have to ask yourself, is it something niche? It’s not like your Instagram follower base is insubstantial. You’re doing okay for yourself. A lot of people are seeing these things when you push it out there. Nobody has chimed in to disclaim that they recognize it’s from a crowdsourcing standpoint. Did they get special barbells and benches made just for this?

I seem to remember that somebody connected to the Peloton instructors. I can’t remember who. This is vague. I remember a while back, Alex Toussaint had his entire gym redone and it was all custom. Do you remember that? He had it all done with his little motto on there. What if they had some of these made just for all these photoshoots? It wasn’t necessarily stuff that was going to be out there in the wild.

It could be as simple as the fact that they didn’t want to use another brand because it’s an implied endorsement or giving a boost to another brand. It could one day turn around and be a competitor, for all they know. It is interesting that they would get something custom-made and not just use run-of-the-mill bench and barbells.

I agree.

Watch this space. It was announced that the San Francisco 49ers, which is a football team, gifted Pelotons to the players and coaches as a reward for making it to the Super Bowl. I would think making it to the Super Bowl would be a reward for making it to the Super Bowl.

I suspect Peloton had something to do with that.

I don’t.

Why, Tom?

If they did, this headline would say 49ers and Chiefs. I don’t think they would just give it to one team.

That’s fair. I’m so bad at sports that I had a client who told me that they were going to the Super Bowl and then I saw this headline. I read it as the Super Bowl had already happened and the 49ers won. She was like, “That’s next weekend.” I was like, “Did I mention I don’t like sports?”

Thanks to YouTube. We don’t even have to watch commercials anymore. I’ve seen the mayonnaise cat one fifteen times already.

I don’t know why that one is so funny to people. The first time I saw it, it was funny, but I’m over it right now.

Anyway, I don’t think those have anything to do with it. They would give it to both teams if it was a PR thing.

Fair enough. They probably would have given it to the Chiefs if they were only going to pick one just because of the connection with Taylor Swift.

What’s Taylor Swift’s connection to the Chiefs? I’m kidding.

I was like, “Come on now.”

I have Facebook. I see my racist relatives complaining about it all the time.

People are so wrapped up in that. It’s so stupid.

Peloton has unveiled a limited-time referral promotion that they say is new but doesn’t seem new.

I’ve done a lot of research on this. Let’s say Peloton is saying that for a very limited time until February 12th, anytime you refer somebody, you get two months of free membership. That’s $250 for the person who is doing the purchasing. They’re saying, “This is the first time ever,” and I was like, “Uh-uh.” I remember all of the OGs talking about this. One very famous OG, that would be the Rosenbergs, has had six years of referrals

Why did it stop? I also think that promotion back then ended up being not a good idea. Obviously, they didn’t realize this when they pushed this offer out. They got to a point where they were bringing people in so fast. It wasn’t hard to sell somebody on a Peloton. There were people like the Rosenbergs who were racking up referral credits like crazy.

They didn’t cap it in the first two years. There were no caps maybe even in the first three years, but they didn’t cap it for a long time, and then they started tapping it to twelve referrals. That’s “new” to those of us who have been around for a long time. According to Jonathan Bradlow, this referral part of the program ended in 2017. Interestingly enough, Jason Rosenberg did confirm for me that the new part could be referring to one very little tiny thing, the purchaser getting the $250. That’s not the way it worked before. I believe that the way it worked before was that the person doing the referring and the purchaser both got two free months of membership.

You also have a wonder though if there has been so much turnover at Peloton that the institutional memory on stuff like this is non-existent.

You do have to wonder. All of the original founding members are gone and Jayvee is gone. I know she wasn’t a founding member, but she was super early in the run and had that institutional knowledge. Not to say there’s no one left but specifically, is there anyone left to remember this? Helper Bee Lindsay pointed out that it also could be considered new that they are including the Row because it was now included. You’re able to refer that. That’s new. You were not able to do that one.

You could say the same thing about the tread, right?

No, the tread has been around for a while.

This ended in 2017. The tread wasn’t around yet.

I meant that you can refer to get the Row. In other words, when the Row first started being sold, you could not get a referral at all. There was no credit for anyone at all, but the tread has been that way for a long time. That’s specifically what I meant.

I just meant that the referral program was ended in 2017.

I got that part. That’s not what I’m saying. That’s not what I say.

There you go. If you have friends who might want one, I do think it’s smart to bring this back and make it more than just a boutique credit.

A lot of people especially complained about that because they didn’t have as many guy options for clothing. They would just sit their referrals there. Again, it’s only a limited time so this is going to end on the 12th. Who knows if they’ll bring it back? It’s probably one of Barry’s A/B tests. That would be my guess.

That’s my guess. If this moves the needle, then you’ll see it again.

If any of the founding members could hear this episode, they would be shaking their heads, “That’s not new.” I know. I jumped all over it, guys.


Peloton is making a settlement of $14 million involving the Tread+ incident from a few years back. Here’s where I’m not sure how to take this part. It’s for investors, not for the family or anyone affected by it. I read this one and what appears to be at play here is a group of investors, probably Blackwell that we always hear from, sued Peloton saying, “You hit this information and it affected the stock price. If you had put it out in a timely manner, we could have sold our stock and we wouldn’t have lost as much money,” and so there’s a settlement for $14 million in play. We should probably keep an eye on our inbox because stockholders will probably get $13 out of this.

The convenience of having a Peloton at home made all the difference, especially in extreme weather conditions. Click To Tweet

I think it’s probably closer to $12. Let’s not get crazy.

You know what? That’s three more shares. I just thought it was interesting. When I saw the settlement, at first, I thought it had to do with the family of the kid who died.

That’s what I assumed it was. That’s why I was like, “We should talk about this.”

As I dialed in, I was like, “Investors?” Maybe we don’t know. Maybe there’s been a behind-the-scenes settlement. We certainly should not position this as investors are getting money and this family is not. There’s a good chance there was some sort of conversation outside of the public eye. Maybe that’s the final note in this whole Tread+.

That would be nice. It’s also more than just the safety issues. It’s the length of time that this has taken and how the CPSC responded. There’s a lot at play here.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk about which Peloton instructor from overseas will be making an appearance at PSNY, so stick around.


If you live in the New York area or don’t mind getting on a plane and you like Leanne Hainsby, she will be at PSNY.

She’s going to be there on February 12th. Last Thursday, the classes opened up. That got added to the list so that you could book them. My understanding was this class went up about five minutes later than all the rest of the classes, and then it was instantly sold out, of course. People were very excited about it because if you like riding, running, and taking classes with any of the instructors from the UK and/or Germany, you don’t get that chance very often unless you go to those countries. Understandably, that is why they were all snapped up so quickly.

Do we have any idea of what brings her to the States? I can’t imagine she’s coming over just to do this.

I have no idea. I will be honest. I am doing much better than I was last week, but I have been very heads down trying to stay on top of the numerous fires that have occurred in our lives. I have no idea what’s happening. I just know she’s coming.

Susie Chan and Becs Gentry talked to Women’s Health Magazine. Do they have a UK equivalent?

I think this was the UK equivalent. This is WomensHealth.com/UK.

They talk to Women’s Health Magazine with tips for runners.

Not only for beginning runners, but also for how to run outside, how to run in the cold, how to run during pregnancy, and how to train for a marathon. Those are some amazing tips. Also, Susie is a bonus here. I recently took Susie’s Badwater on the scenic runs. There is a 30-minute Badwater class and a 90-minute Badwater class. During the 30-minute Badwater class, she talks all about her run and the experience. I’m sure she does the same during the 90-minute.

That same week that she filmed those, She did a class indoors and a traditional class. That one she gave all kinds of tips about running in general. There are a lot of educational things coming out in general across all of the tread instructors. Make sure if that’s something you’re trying to learn, you’re using that as a resource. It’s almost like listening to a podcast while I’m getting instructions. It’s great because I can zone out in listen to the things they’re saying. It’s great.

Ohio State had an Instagram post featuring Ash Pryor.

It was celebrating Black History Month and they wanted to celebrate her. A Walk On Turned Big Ten Champion is how they put it for Ash.

I’m assuming she’s an alumnus there.

That’s what it’s saying. She was a walk-on unto their team and then became a Big Ten Champion within their team. Yes, alumni.

I scroll through the pictures, there’s a picture of her in school. She’s so young.

She looks like a baby. It’s not like she’s old now. It’s so funny how a few years could make such a big difference and the babyfaceness of our faces.

Kristin McGee announced that she will be running the London Marathon.

This is very notable for a few reasons. 1) She’s been running a ton. People are starting to wonder whether she going to become our next tread instructor, and 2) It is her very first marathon. Regardless of whether she becomes a tread instructor or not, we all need to be cheering her on because that is so exciting. It’s such a huge deal. I’m excited for her.


Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, and Sports Psychology consultant. She also has a wonderful app you might want to check out called No More Diets. It is Dr. Jenn.


Whenever I ask people for questions this time around, I ask people what they were struggling with during the holidays. There are a lot of things that people carry with them and it’s harder during the holidays. This is a little bit lighter but I feel it too. This is from Trish Lalonde. She says, “How do you protect your mental health when you are forced to be around toxic family members?” I know it’s only once a year, but I can only drink so much wine.” Girl, I feel you.

For a lot of people, it’s not only once a year. For a lot, it is a weekly family dinner or in-laws that you can’t stand to come and visit for long periods of time. There are a lot of things that you can do. First of all, you have to have great boundaries. There are times when you have to excuse yourself if you’re at a dinner and people are talking about something that is very upsetting, or someone is being critical or mean. It’s setting a boundary and saying, “Please don’t talk to me that way” or “I’m going to go take a walk. I’ll be back in ten minutes. I need some fresh air.” Protecting your sanity, your energy, and your space, and being able to do that is important.

Sometimes in more extreme situations someone is verbally abusive or cool or just so mean. Sometimes even if they’re a relative, you have to make a choice to protect yourself and say, “I’m not going to that event. I’m not going to that person’s house. I’m not inviting them to a dinner at my house,” and that’s okay. A lot of people will say, “It’s your mother, it’s your father, it’s your sister or your brother.” I don’t believe in that. It’s important to be able to say, “I’m not going to let that person treat me this way. I value myself too much and I’m making a boundary.”

It’s tough, and I’m not saying you’re wrong. Let me be clear. This is the math I do in my head. If anybody else hears me say something, then it might disrupt everyone’s day. I’m not just setting a boundary with that person. I’m I might be causing a kerfuffle and that is hard.

I encourage you to take on a new philosophy. That is fuck what other people say.

But it’s your family. We’re back to the beginning.

If your family cares about you and your mental health, they will support you even if they don’t agree. I also get that not every family has family members who are so insightful and have done the work on themselves that they’re able to tease that out, and instead, there may be a guilt trip of life, “But it’s your mother or your sister. How can you not invite her or do that?” You have to focus on protecting yourself because if that is the people’s attitude, they’re not going to protect you. You have to protect yourself.

How do you set that boundary without making it seem like you’re expecting other people to choose sides?

It depends on what the situation is. If you are having dinner and I’m choosing not to invite this person who is part of the family but is someone cruel to me and someone questions you, just say, “I’m not expecting to pick sides. I’m choosing to do this because I don’t like how I’m treated in her presence, but I encourage you to go have dinner with her on your own. Go do your own thing. I’m cool that you don’t have to pick sides. I need to protect myself though.”

How then do you deal with the fact that they did pick a side?

That is a whole other episode right there.

It’s like, “You don’t have to pick up. You go have dinner with her. Oh, that’s how you are.”

The other thing is sometimes the way someone treats you is totally different than the way they treat that other person. If their relationship is like even though it’s the same person, it’s a totally different person. It’s like anyone else like that other than you.

That’s true. I’ve run into that where someone will tell me some awful thing about somebody and I’m like, “I’ve known them for years. I’ve never seen that side of them.” Thank you so much for all that. wonderful insight. Until next time, where can we find you?

The Clip Out | Trish Lalonde | Peloton


On social @DrJennMann, especially on Instagram. I post my Peloton workouts on Insta Stories.

Thank you.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk about the next artist series and let you know which celebrities drop by PSNY, so stick around.


We talked about this in the last episode, but now it is official. The next artist series will feature Timbaland.

I have to point out that it is a producer series. I did not realize until you and I talked about how he had produced so many things. This is an expansive artist producer series because there is so much music that he has been involved in. There are a bazillion classes for this including three different Lanebreaks. There’s one for the bike, for walking, and for running. There are eleven different classes for this.

He’s one of those artists who grew out of being a producer. He’s working on these songs and then he starts to get featured on these songs and then all sudden, he could just do a song.

We were looking back through the history of Timbaland who was born Timothy Zachary Mosley just for people who might be curious. In his early days, he worked with artists like Aaliyah and Missy Elliott, and then later, started working with artists like Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. He has been long-standing. It’s been this long range of amazing songs that he has been part of.


Eagle Eye listener Lisa Silverstein brought this one to our attention. Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush from The Today Show were spotted at PSNY. I guess they were filming something there because you can see the cameraman.

They followed them all the way through but they also took a live class. They took a class with Ally. If you look at the first picture, that’s them at the front counter. If you look at the second picture behind them, that’s the two ladies in the front row right there behind Ally. Of course, Ally had to be in the picture with him. Later though, when Hoda and Jenna were back on the set, they talked about their in-studio ride. That was the first time they had taken a ride in the studio. It’s something that some of us might take a little bit for granted because if you want to go to the studio and you’re able to get in, especially back in the day when it was easy, you’ve probably taken a lot of classes. These ladies are too famous to go in and just take a ride any time they want to.

They will probably get mobbed if they walk in.

I thought that was pretty fun.

Although Koda Hotb has been up and famous for a long time, she could have gone into the old Studio because she’s been a Peloton user and an Ally Love fan for a long time.

All the way back to 2018.

She is definitely pre-pandemic. She is not a who had come lately.

She is not.


Past guest CJ Albertson, you might remember him because he’s the guy who runs faster than a Tread+.

On his easy days, that’s his resume to endurance.

We have some sad news. He was trying to qualify for the Olympics and he barely missed it.

Ten seconds. I think CJ is going to hit the next one. I know it’s four years from now so that’s tough. I can’t imagine how soul-crushing that would be. He posted about it and he talked about it. I think he said that about halfway through, he started off losing the pack, and then he had to kick it into gear to stay close. He was pretty behind. He made it through and he couldn’t believe that he was within sight of the top three. He had to push the last couple of miles.

I know that had to be soul-crushing, but it’s easy for me to see as a person who’s so in awe of his abilities to push for 10 miles. Those 10 miles would take me all day. It’s 4 minutes for him and it’s like 4 minutes per mile. It’s hard to even wrap my head around how fast he is. He’s so talented. I hope that that he makes it to the next one and I also hope that there are so many good things coming his way. I bet he needs a little boost right now. Anybody out there send CJ lots of love. He deserves it. He was getting lots of love from all the amazing runners out there. I saw Kara Goucher posting on there about what a talented runner he was.


This is interesting. Whoop is bringing AI-driven virtual coaching to your wearables.

I’ve been using Whoop for a long time. This is cool because you can ask all kinds of questions. If you get a low heart rate variable score or you have a super high heart rate that day or resting heart rate or anything, you can look into why those things are happening and it will give you all kinds of considerations, and then you can ask follow-up questions to it. It’s pretty amazing. I’m not going to lie.

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of things you start asking it.

I talk to it all the time because it’ll give me new data every day. I’ve had this for a long time. I don’t know why they’re just now writing about this because it’s been out forever, probably 6 to 8 months. I talk to it all the time anytime there’s something I don’t understand about why my data looks different than what I expected it to. It has questions already filled in that you might have. You can choose from one of those or you can type in your own. It’s very easy to use and I enjoy it.

While we’re talking about competitors, the CEO of Zwift has stepped down.

They had another big round of layoffs as well. They had a bunch of layoffs in ‘22. They had a bunch of layoffs in ‘23, and now another round of layoffs in ‘24, and the CEO stepped down. That’s not good.

That’s something people need to keep in mind when they piss and moan about Peloton. We will talk about this in the bonus episode, which is the overall decline industry-wide in revenue for fitness-based companies. This is not a Peloton-only phenomenon. We will go into some of the other theorized reasons for that. I will provide one that I think is not on the list. How about that?


Before we get to the TCO Top Five, let’s announce the next Bingo person spot.

Bingo number two for this week is Matty Maggiacomo. Make sure that you take a class with Matty. I’m already checked off because I took my class today.

I had no doubt that you already had a Matty Maggiacomo class under your belt. The TCO Top Five. We ask you in The Clip Out group, which is another reason to join if you want to take part in something like this, but we ask you what you think your favorite class of the week was. Darcy is kind enough to compile them for you, and then we read the back here. That way, if you were looking for different classes to take, we’ll give you some ideas so you’re not doomed to scrolling instead of working out.

I love this. I think this is one of my favorite conversations that we have within the group every week. People get so excited about it. I literally have people asking me, “Where is the post?” They just start sending them to me in my DMs. I’m always like, “Darcy is not going to see this one.” First up, we have our favorite Peloton row bootcamp. This came from November 14th. It was a 30-minute Row Bootcamp Core with Katie Wang. It is Sonya Norman’s favorite class this week. She said, “It was all animal-themed. Floor exercises had animal names like dead bugs, bear planks, etc., and the song titles all had animals too. Katie is hilarious. It was a great workout.” That is very fun. Nice job, Katie.

I feel like I want to be a nerd and push up my glasses and be like, “Actually, bugs aren’t animals.”

We then have our favorite Peloton ride. This came from January 11th, 2024 with Tunde. It was the 30-minute The Color Purple ride. Reagan Rogers loved this ride. She said, “There’s so much energy from Tunde and the members in the studio on this ride. Tunde spoke about the movie and as always, her words were so moving. It was a beautiful ride. Make sure to stay until the very end.”

We have the favorite Peloton barre class. This was from January 18th, 2024, and it was with Hannah Corbin, Earth Wind & Fire Barre Class. It was 15 minutes long. It was Natalie Dunlap’s favorite class and it was a perfect add-on to her 30-minute bootcamp. She stacked this on and she said, “It was fire. Get it?” We have the favorite Peloton upper body strength. Ben’s intermediate three-day split. Day one, 30-minute upper body push. That came from Karen Smith. She surprised herself with this one. She said that it was day one of his intermediate three-day split and she typically doesn’t care for strength classes, but this one was great as well as hard. She’s going to retake the program again because she couldn’t finish that last set of push-ups. Get it, Karen. I love that when people go back.

We then have our unstackable. Lots of people said this one. February 3rd was the second installment of the 120-minute Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers. We heard from one of our members, All Biz Liz, “A hundred percent, the 120 with Matt Wilpes. I know the work that goes into programming and planning a ride like that. It was such a wonderful way to start the weekend.”

We also have This Week at Peloton.

There was a bunch of new stuff that hit. There were Disney Magic and Disney Flow Yoga with Aditi. That’s new and it dropped on-demand. There were new mobility classes that dropped, as well as I want to make sure that we point out seeing Selena is joining the instructor team. We are going to be able to see more mobility classes. We also have new New Wave rides with Christine. She’s the only one who’s going to do that, but people love them. There’s an At The Club run coming up with Jon Hosking.

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If you’re a New Wave fan, Echo & the Bunnymen are going to go back out on the road. I learned that this week at the Pollstar conference. If you like the New Wave music, I think it’s been a bit since Echo & the Bunnymen went out on the road.

That’s bringing back the ‘80s for sure. The last item, in case you didn’t hear me before, is At The Club with Jon Hosking. There are going to be more of those as well.

We also have Black History Month classes for people. Well, we don’t, but Peloton does.

I do want to make sure we update people. We talked about how they were going to have classes for Black History Month, but we also talked about the fact that the schedule looked like it was going to be a lot of classes that were repeats and things like that. What they’re doing is they’re looking at different genres of music and linking that to Black History Month. You’re going to see things that were like Legends of Hip Hop, Black and Brilliant, Black Classics, and Funk. You’re going to be seeing a lot of those classes. Some of them are still going to be repeats and some of them are going to be brand new.

The German instructors are celebrating Carnival.

Everyone is dressed up in these very elaborate outfits. Apparently, part of what you do at German Carnival is dress up, I guess. They look like they’re having a blast.

While we’re talking about Germany, Peloton Studio’s Instagram spotlighted some German highlights for people if you’re looking for classes.

Specifically, what they did was call out different classes that you might have missed lately so you can check them out. What might those be? They had a 10 by 10 Beginner Strength Collection with Erik and then they had a Berlin East Side Gallery outdoor walk with Jeffrey, a 15-minute FTP warm-up ride, and a 20-minute FTP test ride with Charlotte. Also several listening parties with Jeffrey, and then evening stretches with Marcel, and mobility with Mila. Not to mention, Yin Yoga with Nico. We already talked about the carnival.

Finally, we have a new series, Get Lifted.

It’s going to be from Rebecca Kennedy and it’s going to be arms and shoulders. That starts on 2/16. I think we’re going to be seeing a new series.

With a title like Get Lifted, maybe she’s trying to compete with Sundays with Love.

This one takes place on a Friday, but I see where you’re going with that.


We have a new collection.

The Peloton apparel that I was trying to tell everybody about was the Valentine’s Day collection. They dropped on Wednesday. It’s stuff that you’ve probably already seen. It’s not like it was a ton of new things, but there were new shades of the styles. There was some red stuff in there. Also, there was a sale in general. Some items were 50% off. If you had your eye on some things and you haven’t pulled the trigger, this might be a good time to do it.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Trish Lalonde. We were lucky enough to get to hang out with her a little bit when we were in London, and we got to talk to her some more right after this.


Joining us is Trish Lalonde. Trish, how’s it going?

Good. How are you guys doing?

Good. You’re joining us from Canada. Where in Canada are you? We are terrible at geography, so help us out.

I’m in Alberta, which is the westernmost province before BC. Most people know Vancouver BC. We’re in the province right next to it. I’m in a small town called Beaumont. There are 22,000 people here and we’re up north.

I supposed it gets cold there.

It can. Sometimes we were the coldest place on earth at minus 52 Celsius. It was bad.

What did you do? Did you just stay inside? Could you start cars? Would cars even run in that temperature? No, I don’t think so.

No. It was a two-day wait. If your car broke down, it was a two-day wait to have someone come help you. Most people just stay at home and we do plug in our cars. We have heaters for that. If you’re not plugged in, you aren’t going anywhere.

For Americans, minus 52 didn’t sound bad, but according to the internet, which we all know is never wrong, that is negative 61 degrees.

Now, it’s eleven degrees Celsius.

I’m not expecting that. I thought it got cold here.

We usually get that one week a year. It’s very rare but it comes every year.

Around here, we were getting wind chills of minus 25 but real weather. The actual temperature was negative 10. You just could not get in the house warm. There’s a constant coldness to the house. Do you have different houses there where that doesn’t happen?

Electric blankets are awesome. I have those little magic bags, I’ll heat that and put it under the blanket. We have our ways around it. We have a fireplace so that helps.

It’s a fireball. I mean an actual ball of fire, not the alcohol.

That sounds dangerous.

They probably call it something different in Canada.

My dogs were like, “We’re not having it.” They would go out for two seconds and come back, lifting their paws. They couldn’t feel them.

I don’t blame them for lifting their paws.

Trish, take us back in time. When did you originally find Peloton?

It was back in 2018, which I found out in my Peloton trivia, that was the year that it was introduced in Canada. I got my bike in December 2018.

Does that mean she can call herself an OG?

I think so, and it was way before the pandemic, which is the new metric. You’re Canadian OG. We bless you as Canadian OG.

It’s our way of making up for the fact that you guys always had to pay a dollar more for a paperback.

The Clip Out | Trish Lalonde | Peloton


Also, a lot more actual bikes.

I justified it. I had been driving every day to a spin studio, which was a good half-hour hall each way. When it’s minus 52, that ain’t fun. Classes would be $20 a class and the time both ways in the class. I thought there must be a better way of doing this. That’s when I started researching and got the Peloton bike.

Her journey was similar to your own.

It is, except for the minus 52.

You go to a Tim Hortons on the way to spin glass.

Double double.

What is that stuff called where they put the gravy on top of the French fries?


That’s so good. Why is that not here?

I don’t know.

We were in Canada for twenty minutes.

We were barely there.

I’m ordering fries and I’m like, “What is that?” They’re like, “We put gravy on it.”

Also cheese curds.

Is that in there too? I don’t even know. He just loved it. That’s all I know.

I was just like, “Why has this not spread? Why did we get bear-naked ladies instead of this?”

We went to Canada and you loved those fries. We went to England and he loved the crisps.

They triple-fried them. Their French fry equivalent kicks the shit out of all the French fries.

The synopsis of this conversation is the American fry game is sad.

We are far behind. There’s a technological revolution in French fries and like Americans, we are resting on our lawns.

Tell me about where you were in a journey of fitness. Some people are fit their whole lives. I was the person who never did any real workouts until I got Peloton on a regular basis. Where do you fall in that?

It wasn’t a straight path, I’ll tell you that. When I was in my 30s, I did triathlons and distance running. I ran marathons and half marathons in addition to the tris. That’s where my journey started because I got injured and I had a bad hip injury. No one knew what it was. I continued to train on that hip. What happened was it got really bad. My training scaled back, but I was still eating like I was running a marathon every weekend while I was waiting for surgery. Our healthcare system is a little different than yours in the US. Here it was fully paid for but you wait. I was in the queue for three and a half years with my hip before I got in for surgery. By the time I got in, I had gained quite a bit of weight.

Is that why the band is called Tragically Hip?

It’s all coming together now.

It’s a political commentary. Who knew? This says that you can’t do that on television.

Were you eating like that because you were still hungry? Your body was telling you, “You used to eat this amount of food, keep eating it.” Were you like, “I just enjoy it?” Was there a moment where you didn’t realize that you needed to change something? That could sneak up on you.

It does sneak up on you. My life was so busy that I didn’t realize it. it’s quite insidious how slowly it can get there. Plus once you establish a taste for the good stuff like Poutine, it’s hard to train your body not to eat like that anymore. I wasn’t investing the time in doing it. Work was busy and my hip was sore and having ice cream helped my hip feel better, or so I thought. It did start to sneak up on me. I finally did get the surgery and was starting to get back to being active again. That’s when the spin classes came in because when I did my tri training, we would bring our bikes inside and put them on trainers in the winter. It was a terrific way to train. We enjoyed it. I used that going to spin and it didn’t bother my hip at all. It was great. I then got the Peloton bike and I stopped exercising.

After you got the Peloton bike, you stopped? What happened there?

I was the worst member ever. I was heavier than I thought I was. It was very uncomfortable on the bike. I was struggling. I was afraid to stand in the saddle. That seat is not comfortable when you first start out. I’ll be careful how I say that so Tom doesn’t make a joke. The bike was in our basement, so when I would let the dogs out, I’d walk by it and I would look at it. It was like the scary doll in the corner staring back at me trying not to see it. In the spring I started to get on the bike and very quickly fell in love with it. I remember I took one of Ally’s Pitbull rides and that’s it. I was hooked.

Was there an impetus to get on the bike?

Summer was coming. You know how that is.

You want to look nice when it’s zero degrees outside.

I was doing good on the bike and then I fell and tore my meniscus. I’m laughing now but actually, it wasn’t funny.

Did they make you wait three and a half years to fix that?

Yes, I was. I was in the queue for three years. I don’t say people should do this, but I wrote all the surgeons in my area a letter pleading for them to take me early because of the effect it was having on my life. One of them called me back and said, “I will do it.” My doctor was so mad at me because I wasn’t following the protocols.

Does anybody ever just send them a check? Has there ever been a scandal where they flat-out bribed a doctor to get to the top of the queue?

When I did injure it, I was on a six-month waitlist to get an X-ray and MRI done on it. I paid privately to do that, so that was $900. I felt it was worth it because I was in so much pain. If I had wanted to, I could have had the surgery done in BC, in Vancouver. They charge $12,000 and you pay for it yourself.

That’s a lot of money.

Or you wait.

People don’t bribe doctors to take them early, but you can go and do it privately, but it’s not going to be cheap. Does it take that long because you live in a rural area? If you lived in a big city, would they process it faster?

We’re twenty minutes outside of a major city. It has two million people. It’s just the need and then they queue you up. The doctors said bluntly, “You are young. You’ve got many years ahead of you. You can wait, versus maybe someone who has other health concerns who was older.”

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That makes sense.

The good news is he did take me and did the surgery. During that surgery, however, I stopped breathing. After the surgery, the doctor said, “You may have sleep apnea and it’s due to your weight. You have to lose weight. You have to do something.” I said, “I’ve got this Peloton bike.” He’s like, “Get on it as soon as you can with your knee. It is the best way to rehab. I’m not giving medical advice again to do that.” At the same time, I got invited to a wedding where my partner Paul’s ex was going to be there. I thought, “There’s no way in hell his ex is going to see me like this.” That was truly my motivation. Not sleep apnea, but the wedding.

Can we pause on that for a second? Thank you for keeping it real. I appreciate that.

I’m wondering, I’m like, “I think Crystal looks amazing, but imagine how good you would look if my ex was attractive.” You would never go out with me.

December 19th, 2019, I got on the bike. I joined a major weight loss company. I did that and I said, “I am going to look kickass for that wedding in March. Come hell or high water, I’m doing this.” I started on my journey there. By that point, I was 209 pounds and I’m 5’2”, so I was very heavy.

We’ve talked offline, and you’ve lost a lot since then, 80 pounds. Congratulations. That’s hard work. That’s impressive.

How long has that been?

I’ve kept it off now since 2020.

That’s no mean feat.

How did you look at the wedding? Were you happy with how you looked at the wedding?

We had a pandemic. The wedding was on March 19. The world shut down that week. The wedding was canceled. We couldn’t travel to go to the wedding. It was in Australia, so it was quite the trip. I thought, “I’m already down 30 pounds. I’m just going to keep going.” I kept on it. With the support of the Peloton community, I have to tell you guys, they are wonderful. It is a huge aspect of this world that I didn’t think was out there. When I started on the bike in 2019, I joined the weight loss group that was associated with the company I joined, which was a Peloton group. It was through their motivation, kindness, and ideas that I learned about the other Peloton groups and made so many wonderful friends. Such motivation and such a great exchange of ideas. I’m not talking about the main page. I can’t remember the last time I was on there.

The running joke in America is how nice Canadians are. It’s safe to say there are no Canadians in the OPP.

Our community is very small here in Canada too. We have a very small Facebook group. We do try and stay in touch with each other, but nowhere as robust as the US, the American group. I’ve made such wonderful friends across the various states. I probably have a friend in every state if I wanted to go visit them.

I was also thinking you starting to lose weight right into the pandemic is fortuitous. With the way the pandemic was, if I hadn’t been in that mindset, I would’ve eaten my way through lockdown.

It was good. We can relate in that way that a lot of the external influences were gone. I wasn’t going out for dinner. I wasn’t traveling for work. We didn’t have all of that temptation around us, and we had the focus on ourselves. A huge thing I realized with weight loss is that it’s not just the food, the dieting, and the exercise, it’s what’s going on in here. It’s how we talk to ourselves. That’s one thing I got from the Peloton classes and the instructors. I was having a hard day and I was questioning my plans or felt like throwing in the towel.

I would do a class, just a ten-minute class with one of the more positive, they’re all positive, but at the time it was Robin for me. That would set my mind right and I would get back on plan again. It was just ten minutes and it made a world of difference. Something that Emma Lovewell said in her class once, “You can’t hate yourself into change.” That resonated with me because again, back to that self-talk. It’s being kind to ourselves. When you’re kind to yourself and you respect yourself, you make better decisions. The big thing for me was having that sense of self-worth and choosing better foods. That’s what got me through the journey. The journey is not over. It’s always changing.

That’s what got me to where I was. At the end of my weight loss when I was done, I was filled with fear because the world was starting to open up and I was like, “All of these temptations are now coming back into my life. Am I going to be strong enough to stay on plan? All those things I learned, are they going to stick now that the world is opening back up again?” That’s when I enlisted a coach at that point. I said, “I have to make sure that I got this.” They made me throw away the scale, which is probably the biggest gift that the coach gave me because as Pelotoners, we are so fixated on numbers, and so the scale would dictate my day. Getting rid of that was so freeing. If anyone wants a scale, I have a closet full of five of them. They’ve been in that closet since I met that coach.

I’m the opposite. I need that accountability. I need to see it so that I don’t let go too much. I don’t buy it.

She had me do it and I still do it. I take measurements. People don’t look at you and go, “She looks 125 pounds.” The measurements show what you look like in your size. That’s what I use to stay accountable.

I love those articles that I see on Facebook sometimes where people show themselves at different weights and they’re mathematically heavier in one photo, but they look thinner because they’re in better shape. They’re not just starving themselves to get to a number. They’re living healthily. It’s just to show that it isn’t always about the scale. The scale is an easy metric. I’m not trying to shit on weighing yourself.

There are times when you’re going to need to do that, and different people have different motivations. The longer we do this, the more I realize how people eat is like religion. Everybody has a different way of doing it, and when people find a way that works for them they start evangelizing. That works for you and it probably works for a lot of people, but not necessarily everybody. I don’t mean you specifically but not everything is for everybody.

I gained a bunch of weight, so I started doing the hardcore program and building muscle. My composition was changing. Had it not been for the measurements, I would’ve been back in a ball in the corner going, “What the heck is going on?” The weight did fluctuate, but the measurements went smaller. It speaks to what you said. It’s so true.

I also wanted to ask about the Peloton Boutique Buy/Sell/Trade group. I know that’s your favorite. I just wanted to hear a little bit about that because I think that’s a fun group.

I didn’t start with them initially. When I first did the wedding countdown, I started training with the Boo Crew. There is purpose for me sharing this, but they’re so welcoming and so warm, and it was through them that I found the boutique. The Boo Crew is all about Cody, who used to be my favorite. My partner Paul, just like you, Tom doesn’t do any Peloton. Doesn’t know Peloton. All he knows is I’m a nicer person if he lets me go workout. We were sitting there watching Dancing with the Stars and the ballroom announcer said, “And coming onto the ballroom floor is Cody Rigsby.” He looked at me and he said, “You named our dog after him?” I got a puppy during COVID. I named him Rigsby. He had no idea. I never told him. He was three months old at that point. I said, “I’m not changing his name now.”

He already knows it.

When I’d reached the first big weight loss, about 30 or 40 pounds none of my clothes fit. We were in a pandemic. I couldn’t go to the clothing store and I had no idea what my size was. I had all these old Peloton clothes that were now too big for me that I had purchased, and I wanted to know where to sell them. That’s how the Boo Crew introduced me to the boutique. Girls go on there and they post their used Peloton clothes, but they also share ideas about the clothing. We have shopping parties and on Saturdays, we do Deal or No Deal. Everybody will post their items and then we bid on them. It’s quite a bit of fun, I must say.

In the beginning, the fervor around the apparel was the stock prices. It was crazy. I never thought that I would spend $200 on a used sports bra, but I did. You just get caught up in it. I have a very nice vintage collection now that has been sitting in my closet. Some items I’m afraid to wear because they’re just so rare. Over the years, just like the stock went down, the fervor around the apparel has waned a little bit too. I still hold onto those pieces. It’s a lot of fun. We used to match what we were wearing to the instructor in the class. It added another layer of fun to everything. It involved shopping. You can’t go wrong there.

In Canada, we don’t have a lot of the items that you guys have in the US. I had friends there who would ship me things all the time. All of a sudden, all these packages kept showing up at the door. Paul was like, “What is going on?” I’m like, “When your friends use your code, you get two, or you can get up to $250 of free clothing.” He’s like, “That’s pretty good.” We’ll just let him think that.

I didn’t say that’s what I did. I just said that’s a thing that’s out there.

It’s very possible that can happen.

You jump to your own conclusion. I’m the victim here.

Through that, I started doing reviews, which was fun. When the items came in, I would do a review of the set or whatever and put it on. There’s a Facebook page dedicated to reviews. Girls started following me and we became friends that way. They would message me to say, “Have you tried this item? What was it like?” It was another motivational thing too. You’re putting yourself out there on a Facebook page. It’ll keep you honest with your food, that’s for sure.

What is your leaderboard name?

It’s Super Trish. It used to be TrishLAL. Before I went to the studio in 2022, I changed it to Super Trish because I have this little mantra. I say to myself when I’m heading into stressful situations, “I am Super Trish. You got this.” That’s why I changed it to that.

I love that.

You’ve talked about two different instructors who were your favorite instructors at the time. I love the fact that your favorite instructor has evolved over the years, but who is your favorite instructor du jour?

It depends on the day and what I’m looking for. I don’t know if you can tell here, but I have the tread and I now have the row. To say one instructor is pretty hard to go across all three pieces of equipment. I adore Jess Sims. I find her very motivational and with the foray into strength, her classes are awesome. Also, Ally Love. I like her as well. You guys know from our time in London that we got to meet a lot of the instructors and they’re all so kind and so welcoming and just so human with you. Afterward, I’m like, “I’m going to try your class now.” I’ve tried Becs and I love her. Jon Hosking was a blast. Sam is a sweetheart. You really can’t go wrong.

That’s so true.

He was very nice.

Maybe for Sam, you’d take a class.

No, I’m good.

He might give you a shout-out. You never know.

He seems like he might do that, like some nerd culture reference that will maybe bring you two together.

The Clip Out | Trish Lalonde | Peloton


He did spot my nerd shirt. Trish, thank you so much for taking time out of your day and joining us. Before we let you go, remind everybody where they can find you in all the places.

On Instagram, it’s @TrishLAL42. It’s my name on Facebook so Trish McIsaac Lalonde.

Thank you so much for joining us and for hanging out with us in London. We didn’t talk about that we were hanging out when we were overseas.

It was a lot of fun. It was crazy. You came from Canada and we came from here, and then that’s where we hung out the most. I know we’ve met before, but that was probably the most time we had spent together.

It was so much fun.

It was. Thank you.


I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can also find me on all the socials and on the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the Show online at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our Patreon where for $5 a month, you get bonus episodes that include all the things we couldn’t fit into this episode. You get ad-free content. If we get them early, you get them early. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing.


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