TCO 269 | Peloton Dads

269: Is A Peloton-Tonal Partnership In The Works? Plus Our Interview With Jonathan Edward

TCO 269 | Peloton Dads


  • Are Peloton and Tonal planning something? John Mills joins us to discuss the continued stock decline.
  • Why is SoulCycle so thirsty?
  • Jenn: Finding time for combining Peloton and Tonal.
  • Olivia Amato’s wedding is featured in Brides Magazine.
  • Matt Wilpers wins the 35-39 age group at the NYC Triathlon.
  • Logan Aldridge was on the Today Show.
  • Sam Yo talks to Broadway World.
  • Robin Arzon gives the keynote at Monmouth Medical Center’s Power Of Pink Luncheon. Christine D’Ercole is competing in the National Championships.
  • Men’s Health sat down with Andy Speer.
  • Ally Love was featured in Essence.
  • Emma Lovewell celebrates 5-years with Peloton.
  • Hannah Corbin was checking out glaciers in Iceland.
  • Leanne Hainsby is back.
  • Peloton adds new corporate wellness partners.
  • Instinct Magazine talks about Ryan Reynolds and the Christopher Meloni ad.
  • Body And Soul has tips for finding a Peloton in Australian hotels.
  • There’s a new music lawsuit for Peloton.
  • Angelo: Gait-keeping and the right way to run.
  • Rob Lowe gives Jenn Sherman a shout-out.
  • Ashton Kutcher talks to Runners World about the NY Marathon and Peloton.
  • Nico Sarani has a Deep House Flow class.
  • Birthdays – Jayvee Nava (8/2), Marion Roaman (8/3)

All this plus our interview with Jonathan Edward.


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Is A Peloton-Tonal Partnership In The Works? Plus Our Interview With Jonathan Edward

We’re super excited. Fingers crossed, we’ll get our COVID test for our cruise. Hopefully, we’re going on a vacation this time.

We’ll let you know next episode. We might be on a boat. We might not.

If not, the next episode will be very crabby. It’s going to be a little different at the top of the show. Normally, we’ll do a roundup of like, “Here are the things that happened,” and then go into the show, but we didn’t know where to file this so we’re going to talk about it right here. It is Peloton related, so if you skip past this part, you’re missing out. This is a conversation Crystal and I have been having for a few weeks now off the air. We want to preface this by saying we don’t know anything. We have no inside information that we’re dressing up. This is entirely conjecture and speculation.

We’re pretty good at conjecture and speculation. Not to say we have this right. I’m not saying that but I am saying, it’s not like this is the very first time we’ve ever had conjecture and gone somewhere with it.

We’ve been asking questions ourselves because things have been a little different over at Tonal lately.

Let me give a brief history. We did talk about on the show that Tonal had to cut 35% of their workforce. The reports in the news and the official statement from Aly Orady were that it was in preparation for an IPO, but then things got a little weird. I don’t know another word for it. The thing is rumors started spreading that the LA studio where they film has been closed down. It became rumored that the LA West Coast instructors were no longer going to be there.

They were all pulled from the schedule for a minute.

They’re still off the schedule at this moment. A couple came back for live classes, but for the live class schedule, all of the West Coast instructors were removed. A couple came back. That’s it. This is three weeks out. We’re in the second week of August right now on live schedule. None of the other West Coast instructors is on the schedule at this point. None of them.

The thing is if you were preparing for an IPO, you would never have a rumor out there that you’re getting rid of these instructors, whether it’s true or not. I’m not saying they’re actually getting rid of those instructors. I want to be very clear about that. When people asked the question of Tonal, the answer was, “We can’t talk about it. No comment.” That is different.

If you were doing a layoff and you got rid of people, you would simply say, “We’re done with these people. It’s sad. Let’s all move on.” That’s not what they said. They said, “No comment.” That got us thinking, maybe this is actually in preparation for a sale or some agreement moving forward because what happens when you do that, you get lean in preparation for that.

There are also some other elements that make us wonder if there’s some sort of Peloton-Tonal partnership, sale, merger or acquisition. We don’t know because Peloton is in a weird spot right now to attempt to purchase anything.

They don’t have any cash.

Their stock is hovering at an all-time low. It would seem odd for them to shell out a bunch of cash. That’s why we’re like maybe it’s not a full-on purchase. We don’t know. This coupled with the fact that Tonal has not removed any of their New York instructors from the schedule, and Peloton canceled their Tonal-like device. When you start zooming out and looking at this all in concert, you start to wonder, “These pieces are aligning.” If this isn’t aligning for this reason, it’s a whole lot of coincidences getting stacked on top of each other right now.

I feel pretty confident that Tonal has an agreement in the making with someone. I am not confident that it’s Peloton, but I can make a very strong case that it’s Peloton. It makes sense because we have said since the day we found Tonal that they would be a beautiful partnership together. Aly Orady has sung the praises of Peloton and would love to have some agreement with them. Peloton wants to create content. They don’t want to create equipment. With Tonal, they can do that. I don’t know what’s going to happen but we’re going to find out fairly soon. I say in the next 30 days maybe.

It would also give Peloton a piece of equipment that’s unlike anything else that’s out there. It would elevate their strength game. That same piece of equipment could be used as a Mirror-like device if they wanted to go down that road.

Right now, all these other pieces of equipment that are out there that are connected fitness are second to Peloton. They all came after Peloton.

They’re lame.

They are pale imitations of Peloton. They’re trying to create the same thing that Peloton did. I’m not saying they’re not equipment that you can use. What I’m saying is what Peloton has created was magical. Everyone else is trying to capitalize on that. Tonal is by far, in my opinion, the only other piece of equipment that is unique and different, and would be an excellent complement to Peloton. Both companies in my mind are amazing. Both companies could only grow together.

We both feel like there are a lot of people who have Peloton that are resistant to Tonal because they don’t want a second monthly subscription, which I get. That would alleviate that barrier.

I still think there would be an add-on. In my mind, whatever this looks like, if it is an agreement, it’s still going to be an add-on of some kind.

I could totally see that if you want to add the Tonal, it’s $10 more or something like that. That’s an easier pill to swallow than $50 on top of your $45. I think there will be a lot of appeal if you could also access Peloton instructors teaching you Tonal stuff.

It’s a different kind.

There are a lot of people that don’t want that, that are used to Tonal that are like, “I don’t need all that.”

For the record. I love my Peloton instructors. I love my Tonal instructors. I want all of them to co-exist in a world where I can have access to all of them. That’s what I personally want.

It’s like a DC-Marvel crossover.

It would be cool to have access to both. The thing that would make me sad is if we end up coming out of this and that’s not the case. That would make me personally sad because I love the culture at Tonal. I love what the culture at Peloton used to be and what I think it can be again. I don’t want to see either of those go. I don’t want to see what Peloton is today change the way Tonal is. I think that has to happen and that makes me sad.

As we said at the beginning of this segment, this is all conjecture. We have nothing that leads us to this other than things that we’ve seen externally that anyone can see that we pieced together that we’re like, “This looks odd.” We’re just trying to figure out how this all lines up. Every way we keep looking at it, we both keep landing back here. We thought we would throw it out there. We’re just asking questions. We could totally be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. My first marriage, for instance. There’s that. Aside from wild speculation that is surely upsetting C-Suites on both coasts, what do you have in store for people?

We have our interview with Jonathan Edward. You’re going to learn a lot from him. You’re going to learn a lot about the Peloton Dads Group. You’re also going to hear about all kinds of fun stuff that they do. Not to mention Jonathan’s cool story. We have John Mills joining us. We’re going to talk about stock dropping. We’re going to talk about SoulCycle losing their minds. We’re going to hear from Dr. Jenn talking about finding time for combining Peloton and Tonal. That is timely.

We did not do that on purpose. We’re just that good.

We have a bunch of updates from the instructors and what’s going on with them. We have a new lawsuit to discuss. We have a visit from Angelo at MetPro talking about gait for runners. We have a bunch of In Case You Missed It. That’s all.

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We shall.

Joining us once again is John Mills from Run, Lift and Live. How’s it going?

How is it going?

That energy is big. Are you okay over there?

I think I’m all right.

We’re going to say that John is having some tummy issues and we’re going to leave it at that.

I ate some stuff that’s causing some stuff. You guys don’t want to smell that stuff. That’s all I know.

I’m glad we are close enough to share these moments with you, John.

Speaking of fart noises, how about the Peloton stock?

It hurts me in my heart every time I look and I still go and look. I don’t know why.

You keep hoping.

Do you remember when it used to be green all the time and we had such happy conversations?

I wonder why it’s so stubbornly stuck at all-time lows. I feel like they’re making good decisions.

The market is crappy.

It’s a combination of the economy and the market. Not just the economy but this connected fitness space in general. The combination of those two things is causing their angst now. Hopefully, something changes soon.

I think it will. I know I’ve been saying that for a long time and I know nothing has happened, but the world, in general, has been in a weird place. I believe that this is all going to be fine.

I keep making jokes in my group about it. We laugh and we cry and then laugh again.

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I find it a little ironic that your joke about this one was all about toilet paper, given our earlier conversations.

You see what has been on my mind.

We should say that the screen-share we have is $8.61, but it did tick up over $9 since this was posted, so people don’t complain that we cherry-picked the absolute lowest thing.

That was then. Obviously, it changes every few minutes.

In fairness, it doesn’t deserve this at the moment. I’m not saying it should be $80, but I definitely think it should be $8.

I don’t think it should be either. Eventually, this will all turn and we’ll see a more reasonable number. Now it was up to $9.

It was $9 even when it closed. Since it closed, it’s at $8.99. I’ll call it $9. I think we can give it a penny.

I was in my group and I was like, “Are we happy?”

It’s in the right direction. That’s all I can ask for these days.

For SoulCycle, I believe it is a bad look. For our non-YouTube watchers, which is the bulk of people, we should explain. The SoulCycle put out an ad that says, “F it. Let’s ride together. Trade in your bike and come ride with us.” That is if you trade in your Peloton bike, in exchange, they will give you that amount of in-store credit for classes.

Supposedly, it’s 47 classes. You’re going to sell your soul to SoulCycle for 47 classes.

In fairness, if you traded an Echelon, they’ll give you three classes.

This is gross.

It reeks of desperation.

I don’t understand. If Peloton is doing so badly in the market and everyone is like, “Oh no, it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.” That’s the gym. Everybody is going back to the gyms and the studios. Why do they need to be so gross?

There are two thought processes going on here. The first is they’re trying to turn a perceived negative into a positive like, “We’re in-person classes. We’re going to double down. All that at-home stuff, that’s for pussies.” Also, if people are making that transition, then they’re trying to be like, “Get rid of your bike,” to seal the deal. It comes off looking sad, pathetic and desperate.

John, I got a question for you though.

Remember, the first campaign was the “F it, let’s ride” campaign. This is another campaign that’s like, “F it, let’s ride together.” Whoever is doing their marketing thinks this appeals to whoever they’re trying to appeal to. They are edgy. I think it appeals but it also makes me wonder, are they expecting to get much out of this from people returning bikes? Were they trying to get another edgy thing out there so that people would talk about it? It has been everywhere. It’s all over the place, Glamour, People Magazine, everybody is talking about this.

My guess is that it’s more of a PR stunt, but it’s a PR stunt that is backfiring because they look douchey.

They don’t seem to mind looking douchey. How many times in the last few years have they had negative press for doing something gross?

Yeah, but that was more behind-the-scenes stuff. This is actually their marketing campaign being douchey.

I’m just saying that it all looks the same to me. Those were isolated incidents. That’s top down. That’s the kind of people you are working with. That’s the kind of people you want to go ride a bike with. I don’t want to ride with these people. This is gross. I want nothing to do with them. It is weak.

I think it’s also a potential positive play in their mind. They know that there are people out there saying, “I’m tired of being at home. Let me go back to the boutique. Let me go back to the gym.” I’ve heard people that are saying that. Their thought was, “Let’s test the water.” They’re only doing it for 100 bikes and if they only get 20, then I guess it’s not a big deal. If they quickly get people to take up 100, then maybe they’re onto something.

Did you say they’re only doing it for 100 bikes?

The first 100 that say, “I want that,” they’re in.

That’s barely anything.

A few hours ago, a friend of mine went in and he could still fill it out to get one. This has been out since this morning and it goes like eight hours, and they still hadn’t gotten 100.

This would be a good place for a fart noise. I didn’t realize it was only 100. When I hear 100 bikes, that’s definitely a PR stunt. That’s all this is. It’s a bad one. It’s a bad look. You could make the argument that when it comes to exercise bikes, I am nobody’s target demo, but the marketing guy in me looks at this and goes, “Yuck.”

I can’t look at it without making a face that’s like, “Ew.” It’s gross. It’s yuck. John, why did you say you like it? Why did you like this ad? What’s happening?

I have no idea why I like that. I have no defense. I have no fart noise right now.

This is SoulCycle. I don’t understand what happened.

I don’t know what happened. I actually saw it in an ad. They hadn’t posted it on their social media yet. I posted it from the ad, and then I went to their social media a few minutes later and they posted this. Underneath it, I saw Peloton members responding like, “What?”

I’ve had so many people send this to me. One person sent it to me and said that this was the best comment. “I’m wondering if you also intend to trade in your lack of inclusivity, your ageism and your misogynistic policies toward your employees. Also, instead of coming for your competition, do better and be better. Maybe you wouldn’t have to wage such a desperate campaign.”

I did the same thing. I went through the comments and took a flip with some of them, and then grayed out the pictures to protect the innocent. I sent it to a few people like, “Is this crazy?” Some of the comments are nuts. They were getting real.

If your only metric for success is engagement, then you’re getting it, but I don’t think it’s the kind you want. The other question I have is what are they going to do with those 100 bikes? Are they going to throw them away? That seems wasteful.

They are probably going to open a new studio.

Somebody in my group is like, “They’re going to give them to the employees to take home like their bonuses.

It’s part of the severance package. In the next round of layoffs at SoulCycle, you get a Peloton.

They’re probably going to try to send it back to Peloton and get a trade-in for it. That’s how desperate they are.

My advice is if you SoulCycle and you got a broken Peloton laying around, roll the dice.

There are a couple of people that jumped all over me. They were like, “John, this is incredible marketing. It’s a great idea. Everybody doesn’t want to ride at home anymore.” There were a couple of people that came at me.

You can’t have anything in the world that doesn’t have the opposite opinion.

There are people out there who loved Howard the Duck, but by any objective metric, it didn’t work.

That’s a good comparison.

SoulCycle equals Howard the Duck. When you take a class and you get thirsty, you can quench that thirst with a new Coke and a Crystal Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi was delightful. It merges two of my favorite things. I just didn’t know it in the ‘80s. Real quick in the world of connected fitness, there have been some more layoffs in the world of connected fitness. WHOOP had to cut some jobs.

They reduced it by 15%, and then 35% over at Hydrow. Yikes, especially when Peloton is about to put out a rower.

If that rower drops like we’re thinking it’s going to drop next month or September or whenever, I keep thinking that there’s going to be some draw that’s going to affect Hydrow. All of these connected fitness companies have been affected this way. We saw iFIT do layoffs. We saw Tonal do layoffs. We saw now Hydrow and WHOOP. There are others but they’re leaving me now. We keep seeing these in this space, which makes me think, did the pandemic create such an explosion for all of these companies? It was inevitable that you start drinking your own Kool-Aid because things were too good. Was it just inevitable?

It’s one of those things where even if the demand is more excessive and you know that this is a special circumstance and it’s going to back off, it’s impossible to know how much it’s going to back off, and then the things that have occurred since then.

If the demand backs off, then collectively we step into what appears to be a recession or real close to one.

Nobody could have predicted that. I guess we did kind of predict that was going to happen, but you couldn’t have seen it at that level and be like, “I’m going to stop making things. I’m going to stop hiring.” You got to take a little bit of a gamble and try to keep moving forward. I’m not saying they all got it right. I’m saying, if they’re all laying people off, maybe it’s not that they all got it wrong. Maybe it’s just much worse than they anticipated.

It’s a mistake that’s not necessarily unique to Peloton. They just made that choice first.

It also makes me wonder to that point that they made that choice first, the fact that all these other companies are private and Peloton got skewered. Is that benefiting them? We don’t know how bad this is for all these other companies because they’re private. All we know about is the layoffs. You don’t know all the other numbers.

The downside of Peloton for these other companies is that they’re the 800-pound gorilla and they suck up all the oxygen in the room at this point. The upside in moments like this is that they’re the 800-pound gorilla and they suck up all the oxygen in the room. It’s hard for them to get their message out because every media is like, “Peloton, Peloton.” Peloton has become the shorthand for connected fitness. In moments like this, they benefit because Hydrow laying off 35% of their workforce becomes an asterisk to a larger story or barely a blip on anyone’s radar.

It indicates that Peloton is probably the best situated to come out of this in a positive manner.

I think the same. There are a lot of pains that some of these other connected fitness companies are going through that we don’t know about. Peloton looked extremely painful because it’s so public. I agree they’re the big dog on the block. They’re probably in the best position. I absolutely agree with that.

I would be worried about Hydrow right now. When Peloton comes out with the rower, there are so many people that hate to have double subscriptions if they can avoid it. If you can buy a Peloton rower and have it bundled in with your existing subscription, that’s a no-brainer for me.

I know there are a lot of you out there that have Hydrow. You do what you want to do. My personal opinion would be to get rid of it now while you can if you’re going to want a Peloton rower because Hydrow is probably going to bottom out from a resale standpoint. You’re going to have a very small window once the Peloton rower is out.

What it reminds me of is when CDs first came out. I remember in ‘86, my mom bought me a CD player for Christmas. I ended up with about 20 CDs. I had 800 records and I had 20 CDs. I kept listening to the same 20 CDs. One day I put all the records in the car and took them and traded them in. I was like, “I can’t be the only person having this experience. In six months or a year, these records are going to be worth pennies on the dollar. I better dump them now.” That’s what I did. I feel like Hydrow is in a similar situation. If you’re thinking about you’re going to make that switch, Crystal is absolutely right. I would go without your rower for a few months if you want to get max value out of it. Once that Peloton rower comes out, the resale market on a Hydrow is going to be in the shitter.

Someone in my group sent me a conversation that we were having about the Peloton rower exactly a year ago.

That person was Danielle.

It was actually Danielle. I was trying to remember who it was. We were having this conversation in July 2021. She was sending a message like, “By the way, we’re still talking about the rower a year later.” We were arguing back then. I’m like, “We’ve been talking about this forever.” Now, it’s a year later and we’re still talking about the rower. We were talking about a link at the time to an article. In the article, they were talking about how the Peloton rower was supposed to have some form of AI. That’s what the article was talking about. I re-read the article and I’m like, “Wait a minute. If it does come out with something that is truly unique to the space, that speaks to everything that you’re saying even more.”

We’ve got a whole community of Peloton Prophets. There’s not one anymore. There are a lot. Every single person that comes to me about this rower that has seen it, tested it, and knows about it because of their connections says, “It’s amazing. I can’t tell you why, but it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.” I don’t know, John.

I don’t remember reading this AI piece. Now I’m reading this year-old article and it’s talking about that. I’m like, “What?” We already knew that there are these people that are not going to want to manage the two subscriptions. They’re going to have an opportunity now not to have to do it. If you add innovation on top of it, Hydrow has a problem.

Anybody out there that has been thinking about joining our Patreon for bonus episodes, I have a feeling that there’s going to be a very interesting bonus episode dropping in the next few days with some interesting information. I’m leaving it at that. I’m just saying.

On that cliffhanger, we should move on. John, until next time, where can people find you?

After this, they probably can find me in the bathroom. I held out though. I was alright. They can find me on my Facebook page or group, Run, Lift and Live. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive. They can find me on TikTok, Run, Lift and Live, or they can find me at

Thank you.

Joining us is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and Sports Psychology consultant. She was a five-year national team member in rhythmic gymnastics and a sports psychologist for USA gymnastics. It’s Dr. Jenn.


One listener posted that she is looking to get advice on how to combine Tonal and Peloton workouts. I know you typically use Peloton, but I look at it like this. How could she combine strength and Peloton? You do that all the time. I feel like you can still give us great advice.

The first hurdle is mental. I suspect that she probably is a Peloton user who’s wanting to integrate into the Tonal world, but it works both ways. I’m going to go with that assumption for the sake of spelling it out. What you need to do is acclimate to the idea of stepping into this other world. Sometimes we feel a lot of loyalty to our favorite instructors, to our favorite classes, to the way that we do things. It’s to be able to step out and say, “I’m going to schedule this.” That way you know, “I’m doing Peloton on this day and Tonal on this day,” or some combination. You have your strength, cardio, stretching, yoga, and whatever else you are doing all planned out. You want to have a balance.

One of the nice things about combining the two as Crystal has very clearly demonstrated is that they are very complementary to each other. You can do both and get enormous benefits when it comes to both strength and endurance. The two biggest hurdles are one, mentally saying, “I’m now going to step outside of this comfort zone and this loyalty I feel to this one particular company, instructors and all of that. Two is to actually write out a schedule that balances it out where you’re getting the strength and the endurance and everything else.

You bring a good point because we have so many people in the Peloton world that are like, “I don’t want to miss so-and-so’s class this week, and then there’s this other class and somebody’s celebrating a milestone. I’m supposed to be there for that.” When do you have time to do anything new?

If you write out the schedule and you commit to yourself to do it, then you’re far more likely to do it. I know some people who are like, “What do I feel like doing today? I’m going to do this strength class and that.” If you’re like, “I’m doing Tonal, I’m doing this program, I’m doing this group of exercises, and then I’m doing this spin class,” you’re far more likely to stick with it.

I agree. The way we have Saturdays our long run day helps create the rest of my schedule for the week.

Doesn’t Tonal have classes that are designed to complement the bike or is it just to make you stronger for the bike?

It’s both. They have a program called better bike and tread. They have two of those. It is specific to be complementary to the bike and the tread or to get you a stronger build to use them. The way that that particular instructor will teach it is to be like do this class and then do a 20-minute class on Peloton. They very much put those together, but that can’t be every program.

I get that, but that would probably give you a template to figure out the rhythm of that class that you can then emulate with other programs.

I definitely agree.

It’s also probably a program that leaves enough room on that day to do the other workout as opposed to a class that ends up being an hour-long class. If you’ve carved out an hour to do everything, then you’re not. It’s making sure that the timeframe lines up that you’re like, “I’m doing X number of minutes of strength, X number of minutes of cardio, and X number of minutes of stretching, which I always love to throw in. I think that’s key.

That makes sense.

Thank you so much for all of that. Until next time, where can people find you?

On all social media @DrJennMann. I post all of my Peloton workouts. Not yet Tonal, but who knows? That could turn me to have it. On my Insta Stories, you can see all of what I’m doing sometimes with Crystal.

Olivia Amato was wed and featured on I don’t know if they even still have a magazine.

That’s a good question. I don’t know.

They probably do. Of all the magazines in the world, this is the one that probably still exists in a physical thing because they want to leave it in dress shops and tuxedo rental places.

That makes sense. I love hearing people’s reactions to stories that are circulating in the Peloton world. This one here, “Oh my God, these pictures are gorgeous. Oh my God, it’s so elegant and perfect. Oh my God, she’s so beautiful.” All of which is true, by the way. Then it’s like, “Are you kidding me? Do you remember when we posted the ‘Is she engaged’ photo and she said nothing? Then one day, she was like, ‘I’m getting married, by the way,'” and then comparing that with some of the other instructors who are talking about it all the time. It’s funny how they have very different ways they approach things. Obviously, they are different people, but it’s fascinating.

It’s not like it’s weird for a woman to talk about her wedding, but it is interesting the way that for some people, it’s on the front seat, and other people were very insular about this stuff.

A lot of the instructors went. If you have not gotten to look at these pictures, I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous. There are pictures with her and all of the instructors that went, and most of them did or the US instructors that could go. I was stunned by the lineup of all the instructors because it had to have taken an hour to get all of the instructors lined up by rainbow order of the beautiful dresses. You know that was crazy.

The wedding took place in Ireland, and several of the instructors had to run out fast and hop on a plane and get over to Ireland. Robin and Jess did that Lizzo ride. That was the day before this wedding. They got on a plane right after that ride and jumped over to Ireland real fast. This is a good picture if you’re watching the YouTube of some of the dresses. This one is not in the rainbow order, but you get an idea of some of those dresses that were included. Olivia looked stunning. She’s a gorgeous person and they’re a gorgeous couple. We’re very happy for them. Congrats.

Matt Wilpers won his age group at the NYC Triathlon.

He did the 35 to 39 triathlon. Congrats to Matt Wilpers. That’s cool.

It’s also nice when you see the people who are teaching you this stuff can actually perform at that level. That should give you a little bit of comfort. Logan Aldridge was on the Today Show.

Apparently, he was once on the Today Show many years ago talking about similar things. He says, “The message is different but the mission remains the same, empower all people to discover their fullest potential and recognize how capable of achieving greatness they are.” That’s cool that he has such a positive outlook on adaptive exercise. It’s so inspiring.

TCO 269 | Peloton Dads


Sam Yo was featured on and Matty Maggiacomo is not having it. They are feuding. This is what I’m making up in my head. They are having an epic rap battle about who deserves to be featured there.

I love that Broadway World managed to highlight both the New York studio and the UK studio. That’s awesome. We haven’t seen Sam in a ton of articles. That is great for Sam as well.

Robin Arzon gave the keynote at Monmouth Medical Center’s 27th Annual Power of Pink luncheon. By the time they said what it was, the luncheon was over. That’s a lot.

That took place and we don’t have any details from it other than she was there and he keynoted it. Good job, Robin.

Andy Speer was featured in and you have to be an MVP to access this page so I don’t know what it said.

I don’t know what it said either because I’m not going to subscribe. I do know that he shares his go-to warmup, his workout finisher, and more because that’s what it says in the title.

That’s what they allow us to read. It’s all blurred out.

You can’t even see a little.

You would think I would be better reading this for all my days of watching scrambled cable porn when I was a teenager.

It’s great that he was featured in Men’s Health. That’s awesome. Congrats to Andy.

Ally Love was featured in Essence Magazine.

It says, “Get the scoop on how some of your favorite entrepreneurs and executives are spending time off to refuel, recenter, and remember their North Stars.” This particular article focuses on all of those things with Ally Love if you’re dying to know how Ally Love relaxes off the clock, which I don’t think she’s ever off the clock. She has like eight jobs that she does.

For her, working is relaxing.

Maybe there are some tips in there for you. You never know.

It’s not behind our paywall. You can actually read this one. Emma Lovewell posted on Instagram about being at Peloton for five years.

Congrats to Emma Lovewell. That means that Denis’s five-year anniversary is up too. Congrats to Denis Morton. I remember that we interviewed both of them the day that they started teaching. It was that same couple of months. It’s hard to believe that it has been five years now. Keep in mind that they are employed for several months before they start actually teaching classes. It doesn’t quite work out math-wise.

If you try to mark it from their first class, you’re going to be like, “But wait.” Everybody has got to be trained.

It’s hard to believe these instructors are having these milestones, but it’s pretty cool. Congrats.

Hannah Corbin was racing around on glaciers in Iceland.

She leaves Ireland and then jumps over to Iceland.

There’s probably not a long jump if you’re already in Ireland.

I have no idea.

I don’t either because I’m American. We know America.

We don’t know geography unless it’s our States. For smarter people, you could probably tell us.

They are screaming at their phones right now.

I expect Friday morning to get lots of messages. Until then, I thought this was a neat story because not only was she an Iceland, but she was on a big ski mobile. She was doing it on a glacier that’s on top of an active volcano. She said, “Remember that big eruption in 2011 that ruined everyone’s flights in Europe? This is Katla, its big sister. She’s about five times bigger and was predicted to erupt in 2018.”

Did she just fat shame that volcano?

No, I think she meant taller and older. She said, “It was wild snowmobiling on something that may not be here in six months. Last year, there were four earthquakes in Katla’s center crater. In the last two weeks, there were twenty. To give you some perspective, before its little sister erupted, there were 8,000 earthquakes in the crater the day before. It’s a waiting game now.” I don’t know that I would have the guts to do that. I think that’s ballsy and I am very impressed with Hannah Corbin. I think that’s cool.

If you get taken out by a volcano, it’s like how many non-virgins get taken out by volcanoes? You would have that on your LinkedIn. Christine posted on Instagram about preparing for the National Championships.

The National Elite Championships. It started on July 27th. She posted race times for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can still catch some of her races but it’s cool to see her race. You were talking a while ago about how neat it is to see Matt Wilpers at that level competing. Christine has won several of these. She’s got medals galore. It’s pretty cool that we have so many instructors that are amazing.

Finally, for this segment, Leanne Hainsby has returned to the bike.

Also taking place on July 27th, Leanne Hainsby is back on the bike. You might remember that sadly, she had a very close friend, we understand it might be her best friend, that passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on what was supposed to be her best friend’s wedding day. I think Leanne has been crushed by that. She has taken quite a bit of time off to take care of herself. There have been a ton of people pushing for everyone to get on her ride and make sure that everyone is showing her love and support for being back. Hopefully, a lot of people showed up to do that. Knowing the Peloton community, they did. Welcome back to Leanne.

Peloton has added new corporate wellness partners.

It’s fifteen of them, AARP, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, Ben & Jerry’s, Digitas Health, Dropbox, Goodwin, Namely, Nasdaq, Pharmavite, RK&K, SAP, UCB, VICE Media, Vitamix, and Volvo Group.

That’s a pretty impressive list. What do they get?

They get special pricing on Peloton bikes and treads and discounted or subsidized digital or all access memberships for employees of the companies enrolled as Peloton corporate wellness partners. If you haven’t heard about this and you belong to any of those companies, check it out because you now have free access to Peloton.

How about that? Instinct Magazine is talking about the Christopher Meloni ad and Ryan Reynolds thoughts on it.

This cracked me up. It’s a little bit old. It was from the 19th, but he talked about how this isn’t an ad. It’s a crime scene. He’s so funny. I love this article simply because it shows some of the behind-the-scenes of when they’re creating the actual video or the commercial. It says, “The most fun you can have without clothes on, @chris_meloni and @vancity_reynolds.” It’s Chris Meloni standing outside in the park filming. He is bent over and he appears to be naked. As Tom pointed out, he’s not. He has flesh-colored underwear on but you have to look.

They did a good job of matching the skin tone.

This whole thing cracks me up. I find this great. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes thing like this.

You love seeing the behind, all right. We know what’s going on. A website called Body and Soul has tips for how to find a Peloton in hotels if you’re in Australia.

I love this because it was specific to Australia. We don’t see a lot of articles coming out of Australia, but it’s giving you a lot of tips on how to find them. It’s a cool article. Laura Hill gives an honest review of the bike. She does ride bikes to work in other places, but she had never done a spin or cycle class at a studio or gym. This was all very new to her. She seemed to enjoy it very much.

I feel like it has been a while since we’ve had a Peloton lawsuit to talk about.

I’m surprised that this one exists.

Soul Assassins Inc. is suing Peloton. They’re a music company. They’re saying that Peloton was playing music without the proper licensing, which seems odd because I thought they got all that hammered out.

We haven’t heard anything like this in a long time. I’m curious to hear more about this whenever it comes out. It will, at some point. It always does.

Joining us once again from MetPro, here to answer your fitness and nutrition questions, it’s Angelo.

It’s great to see you again.

You too. Speaking of again, we had a question a few weeks ago from Brandi Rosas and this one is also from Brandi. She wants to know about running. She personally is not a runner, but she wants to try and do a 5K. She wanted to for a long time now. She doesn’t know if her foot strikes are correct or her arm movement is correct or if her strides are long enough. She started a 5K program through Peloton for guidance, but she’s still looking for general advice.

Brandi, you’re asking about gait analysis. That’s a whole thing. We have a few coaches at MetPro that specialize in that. If you’re looking for just an entry point for gait analysis and some simple things that you can do to improve your gait, you can google gait analysis and there’s a whole bunch of YouTube videos on it and information that’s free and easily accessible out there.

If you want something a little more personalized, a number of higher-end athletic shoe stores that are known for taking care of runners will typically have some advice. Some of the experts that work at these stores, you might call and find out, “Do you have someone who specializes in gait analysis?” They may be able to simply watch you walk or jog in the store and give you some light suggestions.

You can find coaches either at MetPro or otherwise, that specialize in endurance sports, running, long distance, track and field, etc. that are going to be gait analysis specialists. Even speed coaches are going to be good with that. If you’re wanting to take it to a tier higher, especially if you suspect that you have some dysfunction, what I can promise you Brandi is it’s not just a one-factor issue. It’s not just, “Here’s this one small factor. Now your gate is perfect.” It’s always the multitude of compensation patterns. That’s going to span your entire posture. It’s going to impact your hips, your femur rotation, supine, pronated, your entire gait, your knee position, hip position, and even head and shoulders. They are all going to influence your foot strike and gait.

If you wanted to do more detailed posture analysis, while that’s something we assess and can help people with as well, you could go to some high-end clinics such as egoscue university or egoscue practitioner or even some well-versed PTs that can help with that, especially if you’re at the point where you think that there’s some significant dysfunction that needs addressing.

One last piece of advice that I’ll give you if you’re starting this journey and you’re thinking about talking with a professional about gait analysis is to record in advance yourself running. Video phone will do. Have someone film you from a low vantage point running towards the camera and back away from the camera. Do so both in your running shoes and barefoot. Have that footage ready to go because the gait analysis specialist is going to be able to glance at that and give you some feedback. There are my best tips for you, a 4 or 5-minute answer to gait analysis. Hopefully, you can find something of value there.

Thank you so much for all that. If people would like stuff like this tailor-made for them, where can they find you?

Come talk to us anytime at for The Clip Out.

Thank you.

Jenn Sherman, who gives more than her fair share of shout-outs, got a shout out for herself from none other than Rob Lowe.

Somebody posted on Instagram that they were pre-gaming for Sunday Yacht Rock with Peloton Jenn, and then lo and behold, Rob Lowe, reposted. Jenn Sherman posted, “Hi Rob Lowe.” That’s amazing. I love those little things. Those are so fun.

While we’re talking about celebrities in their Peloton, Ashton Kutcher is getting geared up for the New York City Marathon, his first ever. He’s using his Peloton for training and he was featured in Runner’s World.

He’s doing this all in support of the nonprofit Thorn. Remember, he gets to actually work with Becs. He’s so lucky. He doesn’t even know how lucky he is, but that’s cool. I love that Ashton is getting more press for Peloton.

People buy fitness equipment because they have this sense that they need to make a big change in their life. Share on X

I saw a great article about him the other day. They’re doing a reboot of That ‘70s Show for Netflix. It’s called That ‘90s Show.

It is not, are you joking? You’re killing me.

I’m dead serious. It follows the kids of Topher Grace and Donna something. I’m forgetting her name. They go back to visit the grandparents for a week or something. All the cast members are showing back up except for the one who is probably a rapist. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are showing up. I saw a great interview with him and he said, “We were thinking, should we do this? Should we not do this? We owe everything in our lives to have been on this show.”

How great is that?

He’s like, “Everything that’s happened to us professionally is a direct result of getting cast on That ’70s Show. If they want us back, it’s a week of our lives. We’ll go do it.” I don’t think it is full-on like it follows the original cast, but they all make appearances at different spots. I thought what a great attitude, especially because Ashton Kutcher has money. He doesn’t need to do anything. I thought that was a great attitude and outlook.

Between that and the nonprofit thing that he’s doing, it shows he’s a nice guy and they all are. That’s cool.

He’s super smart. You wouldn’t think it but he’s crazy smart.

That’s cool.

If you like the Deep House Flow and you like Nico Sarani, you were having a good day.

She’s doing a 30-minute Deep House Flow. It’s going to be in English. She doesn’t get to do a lot of those classes so it’s cool. That happened on July 26th. If you missed it, go back and look because it’s out there. July 26th, 7:00 AM Eastern with Nico Sarani. One other thing I wanted to make sure you guys knew is there are classes that drop from Scotland, Scenic Run, Ride and Hike in Scotland. Susie Chan was there and Jon Hosking also got to do those classes. They filmed them together and now they dropped on Peloton.

Finally, we have two birthdays. It has been a birthday drought.

Get ready and buckle up because, in the month of August, we have a ton.

Yes, there are a ton. What we know is that Peloton instructor parents don’t like to do it in October, but they liked to do it in November. Did Ido the math right there? Happy birthday to Jayvee Nava on August 2nd, and on August 3rd, Marion Roaman.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Marion Roaman, but let me tell you that she was one of the very first instructors with Peloton and actually taught the very first live class in the studio. Happy birthday to Marion. We would not be here without you.

Joining us is Jonathan Edward. Jonathan, how’s it going?

I’m good. Thanks for having me.

Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. I always like to start with people to find out when in their timeline they found Peloton. There’s usually some kind of story. How did you come across Peloton and decide, “This is it?”

At the time that my wife and I decided to invest in a Peloton, I had just finished school. We had two tiny humans at home and had just renovated our house. We were looking for an alternative means of exercise so that we didn’t have to leave the house after the kids went to bed. This was in the 2017 to 2018 timeframe. We were getting back into the swing of things for exercising. For years, we have been endurance athletes. We had done triathlons since about 2008 timeframe. We took hiatus to have some kids. We move a couple of times, build the house, and then decided that having a healthy lifestyle was also as important as all those other things. That’s where we got started with it.

Why Peloton? Is it because that was the time savings? That’s why you went with that?

Exactly. That’s the whole thing.

You said you did triathlons, then you took a hiatus. You’ve been doing Peloton for several years at this point. Are you still doing triathlons? Do you stick to the bike? What does fitness look like for you these days?

These days, it’s mostly cycling. Cycling in general has kept me injury free. There is some lifting involved in our exercise routines. We’re redoing the basement for the home gym. Running has been a nightmare for me for years. I’m a taller guy and it has always been problematic. My wife runs still. We haven’t picked swimming back up yet. Now, it’s strictly cycling and resistance training to keep that bone mass up as we age.

TCO 269 | Peloton Dads


How did then the Peloton Dads Group come to be?

It was started by now a friend of mine, Orlando, in February of 2016. His remarks to that question when I first talked to him about this years ago was he was looking for a place for dads to come together around this new fitness device. He was an early adopter of Peloton within the first few months of this sending into the fitness world.

I like that you said, “Now friend of mine.” In my head, you were mortal enemies, and then because of Peloton Dads, you united in harmony. It’s like a buddy cop movie.

I had not met him prior to being a member of the Peloton Dads Group. Like a lot of people coming together on social media, we had never known each other or anything like that. When he first started the group, it was a couple of years until I joined. After being an active member and talking to him about how he wanted to shape the group, I joined with just a couple of hundred members of the group. I didn’t look now, but we’re pushing 13,000 to 14,000 members now. We had a conversation about how we want to shape this group going forward, how we want them to look in terms of what we want the group to stand for, what’s the best meaning, and how we can make this experience for dads on social media most meaningful.

It was right after that point that he said, “Do you want to jump on board?” If you want to even call it a leadership team or admin team of this particular group. I said yes. It’s a great opportunity to make a big impact in a large group setting. It wasn’t then but now we have a larger admin group. Orlando has taken a business opportunity and stepped down from the group. We’re running it rudderless.

Who can be part of the Peloton Dads Group? Is it anybody who’s a dad? Is that how you get in?

Like any other private Facebook group, we have a set of questions. There are 3 or 4 questions and one of them is, “Are you a dad? Do you have children? Do you own a Peloton? What’s your leaderboard name if you have a Peloton?” You have to be a dad or identify as a dad to be a part of the group. You have to have children or take direct care of children. It could be a father figure. You don’t have to own a Peloton. We have many members now that don’t own Pelotons. They are at various stages of their fitness journey that are interested in being part of an inclusive group of dads that promote each other. We constantly use the term, “We’ve got a hand on your back.” That’s true in the group. You have to be a dad, but that’s pretty much it.

How do these people that don’t have a Peloton find the group? I don’t mean people using the app. That makes perfect sense to me, but how did they come across the Peloton Dads Group if they don’t have a Peloton?

It’s either by word of mouth or via social media recommendations. If you’re in fitness groups, Facebook automatically puts you in this algorithm to look for other fitness groups. Sometimes they pop up that way. There are other people that are thinking about purchasing a Peloton, and some people that use the virtual interface or the app.

You said that you had a conversation about how to shape the direction of the group. Where do you feel like you landed? What’s the flavor of the group? What’s the feeling like in there?

It’s an interesting group of guys. I describe it as the only group of 13,000 inclusive dads who are 100% supportive of each other, goofy, funny, and at different stages of their fitness. They are willing to support each other through every life stage of being a dad you can imagine from having a new baby to adopting a child, losing a child, getting married, putting their kids through college, and all of the above. It’s a parenthood group for dads who are fitness-related. We do a bunch of other cool things in the group. We do rides in remembrance of lost family members. We did that several times for COVID.

We’ve done rides for dads who have had a stillborn child, need that extra support, and to know that there’s this big group of people that are thinking about them. That’s some of the stuff we do. We also do fundraisers intermittently. The logo that was designed for the group, we use that to sell t-shirts and other sportswear. Each time we do that or the group as a whole, I put a pull-out and say, “What do you guys want to fundraise for this time?” It has to be a child, father or family-related charity.

People just jump on board and start throwing examples of what they’re interested in helping fundraise for. I put together a list. Since we decided to start doing these fundraiser things, we fundraise for the Ronald McDonald House and the Shine Initiative, which is an adolescent mental health advocacy and education group in Massachusetts. It’s awesome.

We’ve done ALS, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the childhood brain cancer group called Team Jack, No Kid Hungry, St. Jude Hospital, Special Fathers Network, and several other small local fundraisers as well for particular dads. We’ve over $30,000 raised for these types of groups and foundations, which has been meaningful to me. Besides the fact that I get to be part of this group with an awesome and supportive group of dads, it has been eye-opening how people can put themselves out there and fundraise for such important causes.

It’s nice that you spread it around because that can be a difficult thing to land on who you want to help because there are many different people in need.

There are a lot of worthwhile charities out there. That was a great list.

It has been super meaningful to be part of. I make this group sounds serious and we’re not. We have Dad Joke Friday. One of the admin team guys puts out a post and every response is a different dad joke. It was the funniest day of the week. It caps off the week. We have a beer thread, liquor thread, and all kinds of different avenues that are coming together as a community. It’s wicked fun. Have you guys interviewed the people from the Wicked Smaht Zone?

We have. That’s exactly what you made me think of when you said that.

Those guys are another group too.

They are another great group of people. You’ve been pretty much doing cycling. You were also working on adding strength to your home gym. What other kinds of Peloton classes do you guys take?

Between my wife and I, we cover a bunch of different things. We are certainly into strength training, yoga, and tons of stretching. I think the two of us cover all the basics that they could offer. One thing that we don’t have is this Guide thing. We’re a little bit on the fence about this. I don’t need people monitoring my movements. You’re talking to a guy that was like, “I don’t know if I need an Alexa in my home.”

If you go overboard, you will regret it. You will injure yourself and you will hate your life because you've just spent a lot of money on a piece of fitness equipment that you can't use. Share on X

Originally, he was going to do this entire interview wearing an anonymous mask.

I was like, “I don’t know if I could do this video stuff.”

Did you cave in and get an Alexa?

Yeah. We got these Google Home devices.

Give us a rundown of some of the more popular challenges that you’ve done in the group. I know that those always seem to be a key component of groups like yours.

We have an admin in our group that decided to put together a weekly challenge where we choose a 30-minute ride and everybody races this ride. You get points based on how close you come to your previous 30-minute PR. You join a team within the group, and then that team’s points get added up. At the end of this period of time, they do this bracket showdown challenge. It’s this hilarious thing. My also now friend, Adam Clous put this together. He is a smart guy.

We interviewed him.

He is a beautiful beefcake of a human being. He is one of the quality human beings that may have entered there.

What happens when you set a new PR?

That goes up every time.

It’s not like you’re trying to dial it in and get the exact thing that if you passed, you get extra points.

The way he set it up is you have to get 95% of your previous PR to get the maximum points. If you go over, next week is going to be harder.

You have no incentive to go above the passed point.

There are maximum points that you can get by going above. I don’t remember the whole calculation. He’s a super nerd and he puts the Excel spreadsheet together.

I like that it’s based on PRs and not based on max point. What I’m trying to say is that is a good way to normalize however your bike is set. You take that into consideration.

That levels the playing field.

I love how you put that. It’s funny that you said that. When my wife and I upgraded to the Bike+ at some point in mid-fall. We got this new bike and I get on it. I am like a superhero on this thing. One day, it was being completely funky. I had to have it fixed and then they ended up doing the frame swap and then they brought it back down to normal. For certain periods of time, we all can have a bike that’s a little bit out of whack. This was Bike+ so I was like, “You can’t argue with me.”

Did you have to reset your PRs after you had your bike fixed because you had gotten new PRs? What did you do with your challenge?

I do a lot of the Power Zone challenges. Doing a twenty-minute test is not abnormal for me. I did a bunch of these even before having a Peloton. I don’t think it was out of whack that I would beat my twenty minutes or anything like that. If I was averaging normally 230 watts, this was like a solid 260.

I feel like you had an epiphany like, “That’s why I’ve sucked lately.”

Do you have a favorite instructor that you ride with?

My favorite instructor probably is Matt Wilpers. We intermittently do this thing that I’ve named out of The Saddle For 30. We called it the Peloton Dads Partnership. It’s very geeky. I was demanding that he be part of that and he still hasn’t done it yet. Wilpers would be my favorite instructor. I like things by the book. I’m a former engineer.

The backstory playing in my head is you’re by the book and Orlando is like a loose cannon. He doesn’t play by the rules. Take no prisoners kind of guy and you’re over here. Through fate, you’re thrown together as mortal enemies, then you start this group. I got the whole thing going.

It does take a lot of work to run the groups.

It can take a lot of work, but we have appointed a couple of admins that are awesome. They’re super active. We’re a no-BS kind of group. What that means is if people are being hostile to each other, rude or often bring harsh political comments in the group, you see everything on social media, we shut that down and kick those people out. We’re inclusive to a point, but we do not hesitate to get rid of the people who do not conform to the way we do things because that is the case. It’s a private group. If you don’t want to play by the rules, we simply either ask you to leave or remove you from the group. That has saved the atmosphere to be a very positive one.

It’s important. It’s exhausting to have to police those things. You want it to be positive. It’s okay to have differing opinions. Nobody expects everyone to have the same opinion on everything, but you also don’t need to be name-calling, rude about it, or say things that are straight-up hateful. You can say your piece professionally.

Having a no-tolerance policy has allowed us to keep up with the theme of the group, which has been awesome.

It’s important to have a certain amount of etiquette and decorum, especially as it gets larger.

That is tough. We want to keep that atmosphere. In the leadership group, we have this conversation a lot about whether we should somehow figure out how to limit membership to reduce the amount of BS that comes out on a daily basis. We do get a lot of pushback from people that we end up censoring because of their attitudes towards other people or their hateful commentary. It is what it is. If you want to run a tight ship, you’re going to get that kind of thing.

Do you have any advice for people just now getting their bikes or Peloton equipment in general?

People buy fitness equipment because they have the sense that they need to make a big change in their life. If you’re buying physical fitness equipment, the answer is always yes. You already know you have a big change you need to make in your life. That’s great. You’ve made a great step in the right direction. If you go overboard, you will regret it, you will injure yourself, and you will hate your life because you’ve spent a lot of money on a piece of fitness equipment that you can’t use. The caveat behind this is as a medical provider, I should say that if you’re buying a piece of fitness equipment, you’re very out of shape and haven’t exercised for a long time, talk to your doctor about it first.

Once you get this bike, just try out all the different classes starting at twenty minutes. If you could do a twenty-minute class, try them all out. Don’t try to follow the instructions in terms of resistance and cadence in the class. Try them out and get your feel for what instructors work for you. Start taking a little bit more of those classes. Once you have the bike for a couple of weeks, jump into one of these programs like Intro to Power Zone. There are a lot of those kinds of things. After you’ve spoken to your doctor, make sure you watch that video by Christine about how to set up your bike correctly because nobody likes losing Watts more than I do. You will lose a lot of Watts by not having your bikes set up correctly.

I love that it’s not about like, “You don’t want to get hurt.”

I will say that next. People are injury prone when they’re not setting up their bikes correctly. Although Matt is probably my most followed instructor, I take most of his classes when they come up, Christine is a very close second because her attitude cannot be beaten. I met Christine at Hincapie Fondo in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. I got to ride with her for a short period of time. She’s a funny joyful human being to be around. She is absolutely great. I love her classes. People are saying, “Christine cries,” and I’m like, “I cry.” That’s the funny thing about Peloton. Sometimes you get on that thing and all of a sudden, you’re crying. You don’t know why. It’s crazy.

It brings out the emotion. According to other things I’ve read, humans carry a lot of emotions in their hips. You are using a lot of your legs and hips whenever you’re using the bikes.

I love the Mental Health series. Kendall Toole did this anxiety ride. For people that have a generalized anxiety disorder, it’s perfect for people like that.

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t feel general anxiety these days. There’s so much happening in the world.

Once you guys are part of the group, you’ll see that we steer clear of political subjects almost always. With the caveat being, we also try to speak about things that affect you as a parent. Things like school shootings. We talk about those kinds of things and monitor them. We put them in a single thread to monitor that kind of discussion to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand or get crazy. Without getting off on a tangent, as a father of two daughters, a husband to a wife, and a self-proclaimed male feminist myself, I do feel like we’re going back in time because we are. It’s literally happening. That’s the thing that this group supports. We talk about that kind of thing in the group. It gets stuff out in the open. You can go about your day and we leave it on the bike in the group.

Thank you for supporting women.

What is your leaderboard name?

Sometimes I’m seeing gray and do not hear much during these rides, but I don’t think I’ve ever got a shout-out. My leaderboard is JGTheFNP. I’m a family nurse practitioner. I worked for the Lown Cardiovascular Group in Chestnut Hill, Mass. You can find us on Instagram @Lown_Group. It’s a very non-creative leaderboard name that talks about me as a professional.

Have you never gotten a shout-out ever?

I don’t think so. My admin team constantly brags to me about that. Probably, not.

People are injury prone when they're not sitting up on their bikes correctly. Share on X

You can use some reverse psychology and change your leaderboard name to Don’t Give Me A Shout Out.

I can put The Real Adam Clous on there. I have an Instagram account purely because I kept asking Adam for fitness advice and he kept sending me these Instagram posts. I never had an Instagram account before. My Instagram name is @ClousMadeMeDoIt. I have zero content in there, but I respond to every single post that he puts up there. He has a bunch of followers mostly because he’s in a way better shape than the rest of us. I’ve got some awesome webinars out there. If you go to the Lown Group website, I create why is exercise important kind of webinars and stuff, which is fun.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day and joining us. Before we let you go, remind everybody where they can find you in all the places if you would like to be found.

You can find me on Facebook @JonathanEdward and search for the Peloton Dads Group if you’re a dad or identify as a dad and taking care of children. You could follow me on Instagram if you want to, but I didn’t post any content. It’s fairly useless.

Maybe people should follow you just to give you a review.

Thank you guys very much. It has been a lot of fun.

Thank you so much.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

Hopefully, on a boat. You can also find me over on Facebook at They can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.


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