TCO 183 | Peloton Tread

183: The Turkey Burn is BACK plus our interview with Paul Bradley

TCO 183 | Peloton Tread


John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton acquiring Peerfit.

More news out of Taiwan about manufacturing.

SoulCycle’s decline is an embarrassment of riches with an emphasis on “embarrassment.”

Peloton accuses Norditrack of trying to illicitly access their advertising plans.

New Artist Series with Metallica.

Peloton partners with Spotify and its Hot Country playlist.

The Turkey Burn is back and now it’s part of Gratitude Week.

Dr. Jenn – Turning Point Classes

Bike Boot Camps and Tread Boot Camps now have separate categories.

GrooveOn makes a great holiday gift.

iPhone app now has the “Not Taken By Me” filter.

Alex Toussaint was on Fox NFL Sunday.

Tunde signs with ICM and takes over Vogue Beauty’s Instragram.

Peloton launches a two-part series about HBCUs.

Peloton SVP and Head of Global Marketing & Communications, Data Treseder, is featured at Debug 2020.

Jenn Sherman is launching a new signature series.

Emma Lovewell bought a new house.

All this plus our interview with Paul Bradley

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The Turkey Burn is BACK plus our interview with Paul Bradley

How is the brave new world in which you find yourself living?

I assume you mean Apple?

Yeah. You’re used to the Renault world we live in. You’ve had your MacBook for a while, but this week you got your iPhone.

I did and my Apple Watch. The biggest thing that’s not fun is that everything has to be re-downloaded because I lived on an Android app for so long.

Apple is probably the same way, but when you log in to a new phone, it’s just like “Here is everything,” you have to start all that from scratch.

It downloads everything for you whenever you’re going Android to Android. My guess is Apple to Apple does too. That’s been difficult, but not awful. It’s just time-consuming. Nothing’s been that hard. I have enjoyed the Apple Watch more than the phone, because I’ve of come to the conclusion that Garmin is for hardcore athletes, people who are exercising all the time, especially triathletes, because a lot of the Garmins are waterproof and the Apple’s waterproof too. The Apple is more for fun. You can be an athlete and do all those things. You can do all of the hardcore workout stuff with the Apple Watch, but you also can have fun with the Apple Watch. My favorite feature so far is that Minnie Mouse is on the face, and I can change her dress to match everything I’m wearing every day and she talks.

This is a great commercial for Apple. You were trying to get it to talk and now it’s not.

That’s really frustrating.

Disney knows we’re recording a podcast, “You didn’t pay for the rights to use Minnie Mouse’s voice in your podcast, so we’re not going to let it work.” That’s how good Apple is.

Right now, I’m annoyed.

Overall, until this moment you’ve been enjoying.

In all seriousness, being able to use the Apple Watch with the Bike+ and it connects instantly, it’s really nice. It’s very simple. It’s very easy to use. I’ve also enjoyed it over on the Tonal because it works with the Tonal too. You can get the Apple Music you listened to on Tonal. Having the Apple Watch has been the bigger of the two adjustments, but all positive things that I’ve gotten to do. Overall, it’s been a good experience. It’s just getting used to everything.

That’s a whole new ecosystem that then you just have adjustments.

You know how to do everything when you use your phone all the time, and now it takes me a lot longer to figure things out, like sending my own GIPHY, I can’t do that anymore. I can, but it takes forever for me to go to the right place to do it.

What do you have in store for people this week?

I got all distracted with my watch. We’re going to talk about a new acquisition for Peloton. We’re going to talk about what’s going on in the Taiwanese media outlet with the Peloton manufacturing plants. We’re going to talk about some issues that SoulCycle is having, and also another lawsuit for Peloton because why not? All kinds of Peloton stuff.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart, wherever you find your podcasts, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and subscribe so you never miss an episode. If you’d be so kind, leave us a review. We have a new review. This is from Katelivespeloton. It says, “I’m a sucker for a good Peloton ride, and a sucker for a good Peloton podcast. This podcast is the highlight of my weekend. I got my bike about 2 years ago and it has been life changing. Thank you.” Thank you for the nice review. Also don’t forget, you can find us on your interweb delivery device at While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel where you can watch the show in glorious HD at That’s it for all that, let’s dig in shall we?

Joining us from Run, Lift and Live is John Mills. John, how’s it going?

I’m doing well. How’s it going?

It’s good.

Since we ran the breaking news sweeper, we should use the breaking news segment. It seems like the best way to handle that.

Usually if you like play a card like breaking news, you should then have some breaking news to follow that up. This is pretty much hot off the presses because I was driving home and you dropped this in the bucket.

I just happen to run a cross. I don’t know anything about this news outlet. I noticed that within it, they referenced that a company called Peerfit, which I guess is some form of corporate wellness platform. I think they present like local workouts or instructors and/or online-based instruction. You can look for where you can get to those in your area, or you could sign up for classes that are virtual online through their platform. They tend to sell their offering to insurance companies and corporations. The article suggests that it looks like they’ve been acquired by Peloton. It states that they’ve had some 30 employees, that at one point were listed on LinkedIn as being employees of Peerfit, but now as of late are listed on LinkedIn has been employees of Peloton. It’s nothing that’s been announced. It just looks like they’ve did some research and have assumed it. Also I checked Crunchbase and it says that company is worth about $50 million. The article states that Peloton recently had an SEC filing where they disclosed that they had spent some $74 million on some type of technology acquisition or intellectual property acquisition. If you put these things together, that’s what it sounds like they just acquired it.

TCO 183 | Peloton Tread


Any initial thoughts on what they would be doing with this company?

I don’t know. It throws me a little bit. When you go look at their site, you can type it, you go to the site and it checks your location. If you were looking for a doctor, in your network, your area, here are all the providers that you could take their class, and you can sign up right from within their platform. You can sign up for these virtual classes. My mind keeps thinking, if Peloton acquired that, you think they would just want their classes, not all these hundreds and hundreds of classes from all these various providers across the country. I don’t know how they’re going to use that. I’m not sure.

Where my mind goes, and I am completely guessing, but my mind can’t help wonder from a human resources standpoint if they’re going to use this to leverage ways for companies to be able to use Peloton to write off insurance.

To incentivize their HR departments or their benefit programs to get people to use their Peloton, whether it’s use the app or buy a bike.

Somehow this technology allows them to link it to what they’re already doing, opening it up to more people. Thereby, and this is all in my own head, they could even further reach their democratization of fitness goals because now people are going to be able to get reimbursed in some capacity or get a discount or whatever.

If you have the Peloton app and you use it five times a month, then the company will credit you half of that back towards off your cost of benefits that you’re chipping in or something.

That’s where my mind goes.

My mind tells me it’s something that’s probably creative and probably bigger than my mind can process. I’m asking people in my side like, “Should I be excited?” Probably a month or two from now, we’re going to go with, “It was an exciting thing.” I don’t know.

When they finally announce it, then we can be excited. For now, we’ll be cautiously optimistic.

Also, you had some news out of Taiwan.

Tell us what’s going over in Taiwan.

That’s how exciting my life is. I’m looking at Taiwanese news articles. This Taiwanese news article on MoneyDJ, the story was about REXON. It’s actually about one of Peloton’s producers or manufacturers. The story was about their earnings and they reside in Taiwan, so of course they’re reporting on that. In it, you can get some inklings of what’s happening with Peloton because Peloton is one of REXON’s major customers. They are one of their primary customers, they have others. REXON also makes some of the NordicTrack material bikes. They also make power tools and a bunch of other stuff. Their primary customer is Peloton. The article indicates a few things. First, they talk about Peloton and the Tonic Center opening up in December 2020. We all knew that. They talk about how REXON went to two shifts for producing the bikes. I think that’s the 24-hour production, so we knew that. Then they mentioned that, “By the way, REXON has a manufacturing facility that’s opening up in the fourth quarter of 2021.” I don’t think I knew that.

That’s that sounds like new information. I don’t recall hearing that on any of the earnings calls.

It was another element of where Peloton may be able to get bikes and treadmills in more mass because REXON is increasing their manufacturing capacity.

It also points to even higher demand than what we were guessing. The last earnings call obviously was for the three months prior. I think that’s a signal that continues.

This is just gossipy. It’s not even Peloton, it’s Peloton adjacent, but it’s too fascinating to not talk about it. SoulCycle has found itself in the news again, not in a good way.

What is happening over there?

I don’t know. It is crazy at SoulCycle. It’s been crazy there for at least the last year and a half.

You posted about the timeline, but this started last year 2019. What was the first thing that kicked it all off?

I think the first thing was their one of the majority owners had that dinner to do a fundraiser in late 2019. It was really expensive per plate. It was at his mansion in the Hamptons or something. No one said anything about it until someone SoulCycle folks got upset about it. All of a sudden, it hit news that, “Why is he raising money for trunk?” There was a thought that was countered to the beliefs. That became a big deal. Remember, at the time it hurt them because they were about to announce their at-home bike. They had to delay the whole thing because they had issues with funding after that all broke. That was the first thing. Then you cut into early 2020, all of a sudden just out of the blue, a bunch of SoulCycle instructors started quitting on Instagram.

It was all about the lack of diversity and how they would say that they were diverse and inclusive, but really behind the scenes, they weren’t being treated very well, if I remember correctly.

That was what they were stating as they walked out the door with their Instagram posts, “Their messaging is this one thing. They do this fundraiser thing, which was against their messaging, and now they’re treating us a certain way, and that’s against what they’re saying in their advertisement that we can’t be this hypocritical anymore. We’re leaving.” A bunch of instructors left. Then we heard about the CEO going on a spending spree on company money buying handbags. All of a sudden, we heard that she was fired for that. SoulCycle had a suit against them for discrimination or something from an employee that was pregnant. She claimed that she was fired because she said she’s pregnant.

I forgotten that one.

It’s like a whole soap opera. Then we found out that same CEO that got fired, told a male employee that wanted to go on paternity leave that paternity leave is for pussies. Then we heard about that. This is just the latest story. It’s been on and on, it does not stop. They do not fail to give you some great entertainment.

You say it in your words because you cracked me up with your posts.

It’s incredible because now this Business Insider article is saying they’ve got complaints from employees and riders that there’s a host of instructors that are fat shaming.

One of these instructors showed up at a rider’s home.

It sounds like the rider lived at a dorm in college or something. The instructor showed up at the dorm.

It gets worse because then he wanted a certain activity and she declined. He suggested an alternative activity. One you would call The Full Monty. That was the first suggestion. The second was he didn’t have to remove any clothing, but it was all about him. She said, “No,” and he said, “That’s the least you can do after all I’ve done for you.” You can’t make this up.

These instructors are like pseudo celebrities, it calls them. They’re basically saying it has gone all the way to their head. One of the instructors claims that whenever she had classes, she would fat shame the people at the front desk if they had people working that day to introduce her riders that were not in shape. She would fat shame them and complain to the company, “You’ve got to people up there that are in shape to introduce people into my class.”

It’s funny that they think they’re celebrities. I got the picture that we have up, which I’m assuming this is a picture of SoulCycle instructors. All I can think of is like when there’s a popular movie and then they make a sequel, but the sequel was made just for DVDs. This looks like that cast. It looks like if someone made a straight to DVD sequel for Peloton, this is who they would cast the instructors.

I was talking to Erica about this. Back in the early ‘90s, Erica watched a certain set of soap operas on one station. My grandmother at the time who was alive at the time, she’s long passed, but at the time she watched a set of soap operas on a different station. When my grandmother come to our house, she would look at Erica’s soap operas and she was like, “That looks so fake.” On my grandmother’s house she’d be like, “That is so fake. It’s wrong.” It makes me wonder to the SoulCycle rider, these instructors probably looked like the real deal.

It’s like you watch the local news in a different city.

“Who are these jokers?”

It also made me think reading all this stuff, it sounds like it’s just gone to their head. I wonder if that’s something that is broader across the industry. Are there instructors at Peloton maybe, or at others, where there are such many people that are in admiration that it’s inevitable?

We have seen that. The Oliver Lee story I think can be classified under that umbrella. Overall, we haven’t seen as much of it at Peloton, or they’ve done a better job of keeping it under wraps. I tend to think it’s the first one, which there hasn’t been as much.

TCO 183 | Peloton Tread

I would agree there hasn’t been as much of it. Also, I would say that sometimes when we wonder as home riders about changes that are made to the instructor lineup, maybe there are reasons. Maybe there are reasons that those things happen, so they never got to that point. Maybe we need to give Peloton a little more credit for keeping things in check over there instead of being so upset.

We’re not trying to cast any aspersions at the company. We’re just saying that sometimes when you see these changes and you’re just like, “How could they?” you don’t always know.

We don’t know what happened behind the scenes, good or bad. It could be getting to the point where maybe it’s not a good fit anymore.

If next week you tune in and it’s just Crystal and John Mills, you know, I did something.

It’s got to get to your head. All the adulation and all the admiration in mind, I think Peloton has hired some great people they’ve got a great structure. SoulCycle don’t have nearly the level of popularity, I would think, of these Peloton instructors or the advertising that they get, it’s not as large. My mind thinks that’s got to be something they have to manage too.

That is one of those top-down things, which is what I was alluding to that when there are things that happen behind the scenes and we don’t understand, something suddenly changes in Peloton world. There might be reasons, not necessarily that somebody even did anything bad, but that they’re making sure nothing bad does happen. I think over on SoulCycle’s world, there was no reigning it in. It was just like, “Whatever.”

I think also they’re not under the microscope in the same way that Peloton is. It was probably easier to just be like, “He clocked out.”

Peloton might have done some good in that way too because maybe because Peloton has skyrocketed to being so visible, that might have been the impetus to have some of the SoulCycle instructors start saying things. Maybe they were like, “There are other companies that don’t allow this thing. This is not normal like it was.”

I’m waiting for the next episode.

Stay tuned because we’re going to report on it when it happens.

Thank you so much for sharing all that with us. Until next week, where can people find you?

They can find me on Facebook on my Run, Lift and Live page or group. They can find me on Instagram, @RunLiftAndLive or at

Thank you.

Thanks a lot. Talk to you later.

There was another of volley in the ever-increasing volleys of titles between Peloton and NordicTrack.

Talk about a soap opera.

Peloton have filed another complaint under federal court against NordicTrack as part of the patent lawsuit.

First, they filed a lawsuit against NordicTrack several months ago saying, “You guys copied off of us,” basically in layman’s terms. Then NordicTrack said, “You guys used our stuff because you have the auto-follow and swivel screen. Now it’s your turn.” Now, Peloton is like, “We’re not done here.” Supposedly, Peloton has proof or it looks like they have proof. They’re alleging they have proof that NordicTrack actually was able to steal some of their trade secrets or attempted to steal some of their trade secrets for their advertisement plans, by using the same ad agency.

What it looks like, and a lot of this is under seal, they said that within seven days you’ll see a redacted version of this complaint, but that NordicTrack’s parent company reached out, utilized its advertising agency to try and get copies of Peloton’s advertising campaign, so they could see exactly where they were at. If I was doing this as a marketer, I’d want to know where they were advertising and what they were spending and what they were paying. Those are two different things. They sound like they’re not the same. I want to know overall what they’re spending, but also what price rates they’re getting to see if maybe I’m paying too much. That’s a little sleazy. It’s an interesting step in that process. It is heating up.

This is going to be very interesting to watch it play out.

Peloton has partnered up with Metallica.

I, for one, am very excited about this Metallica ride. I am ready to ride after this is done. Wednesday, 11/18, Kendall is having a live ride. There’s a whole bunch. Andy is doing a Full Strength on Tuesday. Denis Morton is doing Power Yoga. That’s going to be fascinating, Power Yoga Metallica. With Power Yoga, you move a lot faster than the traditional yoga. Olivia Amato is doing a Bootcamp on Thursday, the 19th and Erik Jäger is doing a Bike class on Monday. All kinds of great to Peloton Metallica classes.

While we’re in the world of Peloton and music, they are teaming up with Spotify for their Hot Country Playlist.

I am also super excited about it. This is a playlist that you’ve listened to many times. You like this playlist.

It’s a great way since I book a lot of country acts back. For our younger audience, there used to be this thing called live music.

Hopefully, there will be again someday.

As someone who isn’t a country fan by nature, it was a good way for me to stay up-to-date on country music. I would listen to the Hot Country Playlist quite bit.

It’s a good playlist and I’m excited about it. There’s going to be a Flow with Ross on the 19th, Run with Selena on the 19th at 10:30 AM Eastern. I want to point that out because it will have already happened by the time this airs, but there was an error whenever they posted it on Instagram, they used the wrong date and time. Hopefully, people saw that. Then Hannah Corbin is doing a live ride on 11/20 at 7:30 PM Eastern. There are lots of good stuff.

We’ve seen lots of chatter online over the last week. What about the Turkey Burn? We finally have some insight as to what’s going on there.

I keep bringing it up.

I am calmed down. Speaking of calming down, welcome to Gratitude Week.

The Gratitude at Peloton specifically all started with the original Turkey Burn ride. Do you remember sleeping through it?

I do remember sleeping through it.

It was our first year on the road while I had a Peloton.

You pulled it up on your tablet and I fell asleep on the bed while you were watching the Turkey Burn.

This week, it’s going to be an entire week of classes. They’re going to start with Monday through Wednesday. Each day will have a Gratitude class, ten minutes long. When we get to Thursday, things get crazy. There are going to be two on-demand Turkey trots. This is the first time Peloton has had a Turkey trot. You might be familiar that a lot of cities have a Turkey trot every year. It’s usually a 5K, 3 miles. This is their contribution to that. Everybody, your group can start it at the same time. You can do this social distancing. This is something you can hang out with people and do, but in a very safe way, or you can take it on your tread. Whatever you want to do, it’s on-demand. It’s got an out and back, so they’re going to cue you when to head back to your house when you’re starting. There’s going to be a 30-minute and there’s going to be a 45-minute. The 30-minute is with Matty and the 45-minute is with Matt Wilpers.

On Thursday, at 8:00 AM there’s going to be the first Turkey Burn ride. There are many people, we’ve got to split it up. Alex is doing the first one, 45 minutes at 8:00 AM Eastern. Then there’s going to be for the first time ever, Family Fit Live with Jess Sims. There’s going to be a class that everybody in the family can take, which is great since the families are together. The second Turkey Burn ride will be at 11:00 AM Eastern with Robin. There’s going to be for after you’ve eaten, you want to slow down, you get to do your Flow and Let Go with Aditi. Then there’s a Gratitude Meditation to round out the day. On Friday, there’s going to be another new series called Bring the Heat. They’ve never done this before. It’s going to be a series of Bike, Bootcamps, Power Yoga, Run with Becs. There’s going to be a ride with Emma and then HIIT cardio with Adrian, which I want to point out, 30 minutes and it’s live. A lot of people don’t get to take those HIIT cardio live. Make sure that you take note of that. On Saturday, you get to do a Saturday 60 with Jess Sims, another bootcamp, and then Sundays with Love on Sunday to round out the whole week.

You’ve got all sorts of Thanksgiving stuff dialed down.

People need to settle down.

Joining us is Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage, family and child therapist, sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn or her long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She’s written four bestselling books, including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection & Intimacy. Dr. Jenn, hi.


We’re going to talk about turning point classes, like a class that you took that changed your mindset, changed your outlook.

I love these turning point moments because I think they very much shape us as athletes. A lot of the time, people don’t think of themselves as athletes, especially when there are people like Robin doing 100 miles and Ultra Marathons and things like that. If you’re getting on that tread, on that bike, on that mat, you are an athlete. There are classes that we take. A big turning point class for me was I did a 45-minute Hills Run with Matt. It was one of those things that I was like, “I can never do a 45-minute Hills Run. Then for whatever reason, maybe I was seduced by the good music selection or his charm and how adorable he is, I was like, “I’m doing it.” It was one of those things that was a turning point for me because all of a sudden I went, “I could do that Hills cross. I can do anything.” It made me feel like, “I can stretch.” I would see a class and be like, “I would normally be intimidated by this, but I’m going to do it.” What it really speaks to, and as a sports psychology consultant, our mental state, how we approach our workouts, how we think of ourselves as athletes is a huge factor in how well we do and how we progressed. It’s important to always check in with ourselves, “Is something holding me back mentally or physically?”

I know a lot of the time on my long run day, I’ll be running and I’ll be like, “I don’t know if I can go out. How do I do this?” I do a scan and I go, “Is it my endurance? Is it my strength? Is it my mind?” What I’ve found is now that I have been doing Peloton for as long as I have in doing as much cardio as I have, 95% of the time at least, it’s my mind over my body, where I’m like, “I’m mentally tired. I’m tired of doing this.” What I have to do is re-energize and check-in with myself. I think that’s important. It’s important that we use these turning point classes to challenge ourselves, to help us to grow and also to build our self-esteem as athletes.

Whenever I hear the phrase turning point class, I was thinking that it had to be like some momentous occasion, like you’d reached a certain milestone or you’ve got a PR or something like that. It could be as simple as a person who have never taken a live class, they’re scared to, and then they take a live class. Perhaps it’s a person who have only taken twenty-minute classes and they’re all beginner and they’re not sure they can handle a “real class.” I put that in quotes because I consider all classes real classes. Those can be too.

TCO 183 | Peloton TreadI have a girl friend in DC who we started doing once a week, we do abs and a Strength class and a Foam Rolling or Stretch class together. We do it obviously from afar. She is pretty, she’s very new to Peloton. She is someone who does not have a big athletic background. She had asked me like, “What do you do on each of the different days?” I sent her my schedule, and then I was like, “Ten-minute core on this day and ten minutes of glutes and legs on this day, 30 minutes of cardio and this and that.” She’s like, “I’m going to join you on this day but I don’t think I can do a ten-minute core class.” I said to her, “Yeah, you can. You don’t have to do it exactly like Olivia’s doing it, but you absolutely can and you can modify as you need, you can take a rest if you need.” We’re now doing it every week. She now knows she can do it because she pushed herself. For her, that was the turning point where she said like, “I can’t do a ten-minute class,” then she did it with me and then was like, “I can do ten-minute classes.” What she’s found is that now she’s doing ten minutes of core on her own. She’s doing ten minutes of arms on her own, doing ten minutes of glutes. It helped her to expand to do that in all areas.

I love that, it is inspiring. People get scared to try something new.

On that note, where can people find you?

People can find me on all the social media, @DrJennMann. Right now, people cannot find you on the Peloton, but I’m working on it and I am still hopeful that week-after-week of us chatting that maybe I can get Tom to do five minutes. I told you the first time we ever spoke, I’m not going to give up on my job.

I was like, “Let’s have her run the show weekly anyway.”

It is odd that you agreed to that to be honest.

That’s because deep down inside, there’s a part of him that wants to start. It’s a rebellion against his rebellion against his family history of having exercise pushed on him.

Is it rebelling against rebellion conformity spun around?

I think ultimately it is good self-care. It’s figuring out what’s in your best interest and following through, regardless of any other people in your history who had their own agenda.

She is good.

Another new development, Bike Bootcamps and Tread Bootcamps have been separated.

Since day one of Bike Bootcamps, people have been asking for it and now, it’s happened. It has its own category. You can find it very easily now. However, we already have some issues because people are never happy. It’s changed. They’re legit questions that people have. For example, if you already took the class, it no longer shows up as taken because they moved it into a new category, so now that category didn’t exist. It’s not flagged. The Apple Watch doesn’t work on the Bike Bootcamps.

That seems like a short-term thing.

I would think so, but I did have people bring up the fact that when you walk away from your Bike, it ends anyway, it disconnects. If you’re doing the Bike Bootcamp, you jump off your Bike to go to the floor to do the floor routine. If you get too far from your Bike, it disconnects anyway. Peloton has not made a statement on it either way at this point. It doesn’t mean that they won’t, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to get fixed. I’m just letting you know that’s where people stand. It’s very exciting and I want to point out that the Bike Bootcamps are now live. That is brand new. They were all dropped on-demand. I think that really shows how much excitement people have for it.

With the holidays just around the corner, if you’re wondering what to get for somebody who loves their Peloton and is looking for something a little different, GrooveOn.

It’s a great addition to your bike, and that’s Bike or Bike+. You can get a GrooveOn for either one, it works. What it does is it allows you to change your resistance with just a click of a button. If you click it twice, then it goes up by five or no.

It’s programmable, you can set it to go up by whatever increments you want. No decimal points, don’t be a jerk.

You could make it be seven and you go up by seven every time. Then you click another button and you go back down. I will say that this is super helpful when you are out of the saddle. You can get one that has a controller that you put on the end of your handlebar, or you can put it down in your second position. You can also get the deluxe package that has both. It’s awesome. My favorite is when you’re out of the saddle. Maybe I’m the only person this happens too, but I am not the most balanced individual. I lose my balance. When you reach down to change sometimes if you’re going really fast, you might tilt a little bit. Being able to not move, be very steady and just click a button, that’s a game-changer.

It’s super helpful for people that love their Power Zones.

It is perfect for Power Zone classes. I feel like it is made for Power Zone because you go to your same zones. Once you know you need to click it three times or whatever to go to the next zone, that’s all you’ve got to do.

It’s like how you have a volume knob on your radio, but also on the newer cars now you’ve got the volume control right there on the steering wheel, so you don’t have to reach over. When’s the last time you’ve touched the volume knob on your actual head unit? You use the one on your steering wheel.

In my new car that I’ve had for two years now, I have never once touched that.

Here is something I would be concerned about. What if you’re so used to that being the volume control, they play a song you like, and you start cranking up.

Then you’re getting a better workout. It’s a win-win

This is a Kickstarter that they got going on right now. They have a limited number of discounted GrooveOns available. This is for The Clip Out audience only. You want to head on over to and take advantage of that. If you have a loved one in your life that has a Peloton, and you don’t know what to get them, here’s a great item. A real quick point, the iPhone app now has the Not Taken By Me option that the Android app got first. Android app had its moment in the sun, and that moment is now over.


Android app still has the weights option that’s filterable, and the iPhone does not have that.

The Android I have had the weight option for a long time.

Seriously, you don’t even know how nice the iPhone app is compared to the Android app. It is like Android app lives in a third world country without water supply, indoor water. That’s how different it is.

Alex Toussaint was featured on NFL something or other?

The NFL Kickoff on Fox. It’s like the thing that kicks off NFL for the day on Sundays. He was featured on it. At the beginning of every Sunday, they have this opening montage that they do for some football, and Alex got to be part of that this week. He basically pumped them up about, “Get ready, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that.” It was great.

We actually had to figure out how to find football on the TV so you could watch it. You’re like, “Who’s showing football?” “I don’t know.”

It’s Fox NFL, and Tom was probably on the Fox channel and I was like, “Oh yeah.”

I haven’t paid attention to football since the Longest Yard, the Burt Reynolds version, not the Adam Sandler version. I’m a purist.

This is awesome exposure for not only Peloton, but Alex Toussaint. I want to say to all you guys who had little faith, I posted the teaser about this and the Jenn Sherman fans went apeshit.

They just run into it like the worst possible thing, so they couldn’t get mad.

Everybody was very scared that Alex was taking over football rides because Jen does have football rides, and it’s a thing. It hasn’t been this year because it’s been a weird year, but never fear. It was just a tiny little commercial and it was awesome. Thank goodness, peace has been restored in the JSS realm.

A couple quick Tunde items. She was signed by ICM.

Do you know much about ICM?

It’s a big talent agency. I book bands through them if when they’ll return my phone calls. They represent a lot. Most of these agencies that rep bands also rep actors and actresses and models, in different realms. A lot of times they’ll try to package things together if they can or whatnot. I see that they’re a big deal.

That’s awesome. She was also signed to a different agency not too long ago, so I find it interesting. Can you sign to two things? Maybe one does appearances and one does voice, because this mentions voice work specifically. I don’t know if they’re for two different purposes or what.

I thought that if you had an agency, they did all of that, so I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.

I don’t know either.

While we’re on topic of Tunde, she took over Vogue Beauty’s Instagram.TCO 183 | Peloton Tread

She talked all about makeup tips and being the awesomeness that she is., so very cool. If you have not seen that, definitely go back to Instagram and check it out. It is worth watching. I say that about everything Tunde does because she is amazing.

Peloton revealed some more of the Beyonce content that they’re going to be rolling out. This time it’s revolving around HBCUs, which for the uninitiated means Historically Black College or University.

We knew that this was all related because they talked about Beyonce’s Homecoming, this was all homecoming. They did all the memberships to Peloton at the HBCUs. It’s all connected. It’s this ongoing partnership that you’re going to see. The other cool part about it is they created a two-part series that’s called HBCU at Heart. It talks about the actual partnership between Beyonce and Peloton. It talks about the Historical Black Colleges and Universities. It talks about Homecoming there. It’s like all of this brings it together. The other cool is that Chelsea Jackson Roberts is the one presenting this. She was a Spelman grad, which is an HBCU. I am super excited to announce, she will be on the show in a couple of weeks.

We’re going to interview her in the next day or two, and you can look forward to that interview talking about her time at Peloton, of course HBCUs and their importance to her. That’ll be coming up in the next weeks.

We’re going to bring it all together. Make sure and watch these videos before, because by the time we get to the interview, it will be a nice round, a full cycle of all the things, the Beyonce classes, the series and then the interview to round out the experience.

John Mills pointed out to us the Debug 2020 summit has some Peloton content associated with it.

Do you remember the Peloton Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, Data Treseder?

I do.

She is going to be speaking at the Lesbians Who Tech Conference, and it is going to be November 16th through the 20th. The last day of it will be already happening. She will be speaking at 4:45 PM Eastern on the 18th. We post on the 20th, people will have already missed it, but it’s awesome that she has the chance to be there. That’s really cool. You can see all the other speakers.

It’s a pretty impressive lot. It’s a lot of big names.

It’s a big deal for one of the Peloton employees to be a part of that.

You can go check out their website. I bet you, a lot of that stuff has cataloged apparently.

That’s a good point. I didn’t think about that. I just assumed it was something you had to pay for and you only got your one chance to see it. You make a great point, everything is digital right now because it’s COVID.

Jenn Sherman had an announcement.

She is launching a new signature series this Sunday and it is called Cover to Cover. For those of you who ride with Jenn Sherman often, you might remember that last year 2019, she did one that’s called My Mixtape. One of the mixed tapes that she did was all cover songs. Jenn is a very talented person when it comes to picking music. I feel like her cover mixtape was my favorite from last year 2019 because it had some covers I had never heard of. There were covers I didn’t even know was a thing. Jenn promised that the series will be taken it old school, the favorites that everybody knows and loves, but also we’re going to be learning some new stuff, unexpected covers.

I love unexpected covers or covers that you wouldn’t expect.

Unexpected is ones that you wouldn’t expect. It was funny but I totally get what you’re saying.

When a band you wouldn’t think would cover a certain type of song, like the Eels have a version of Prince’s I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man. It’s so good.

I think of Johnny Cash doing Nine Inch Nails. That’s the unexpected one.

Also his version of Rusty Cage by Soundgarden. That’s really good too.

I’m looking forward to this. This is going to be a cool series. It starts this Sunday, 11/22, 9:30 AM Eastern. It’s been a year in the making.

Finally, Emma Lovewell got a new house.

Apparently, they were forced to leave because of the pandemic. Her landlord wanted to renovate. They were able to find a temporary rental, but then that all happened at the beginning of the pandemic. Then they were stuck in their temporary rental because it just kept going and going. When they got their rental, it was outside the city. She’s lived in New York City for twelve years. She never thought she would ever live outside the city. Renting there, they had to start making some choices because renting is just not something that everybody wants to do forever. It was time and they found a house and it’s outside the city. If you haven’t seen this Instagram post, definitely go check it out because it is hilarious on the other two slides. They’re tearing down a wall of renovating this house that they’re closing in, and then if you go to the next slide, she is using a leaf blower on her property and it’s amazing. I love seeing instructors in their natural habitats outside of the studio. She’s very excited about it, so wish her congratulations.

I know the instructors are doing okay for themselves. I know that they have connections in the world, but I hate to see them flaunt their connections and wealth quite this way. Here she is pictured with toilet paper. The rest of us can’t even find it. She’s like, “Look at me, I’ve got toilet paper.” Look at you, Miss Fancy Pants.

I bet that was a welcome home gift. There’s a banner up.

There’s a bunch of other stuff in there too. It’s a little farmer’s market box. I thought it was funny with toilet paper getting hard to find again. I was like, “Show off.”

Congrats to Emma, that’s awesome.

Joining us on this episode is Paul Bradley. How’s it going?

I’m good. How are you all doing?

We’re good. It’s good to see you. We haven’t seen you since 2018. The Homecoming did not happen this 2020. The Homecoming before that is the last time we saw you.

We ran into each other at the back concert. Everybody would want to be back in that room together.

Paul, tell us how you found Peloton.

It started in December 2016. I started seeing some Peloton commercials. I started talking to Karen about it. She’s like, “I used to spin all the time.” We ended up in February 2017 going to the Austin showroom. We’re up there looking at the bike, trying it out and I was thinking, “We’d go back home.” It was Karen at that time, she was conservative about buying anything. I’m like, “We’ll make a decision.” Karen was like, “No, I’ll take it.” We ended up getting it in March. That’s how we got started Peloton. I didn’t start riding right away. I only took eleven rides that first year.

I was like you, Tom because my second leaderboard name was, I Ride My Wife’s Bike. Neil said I had to change that, but it was pretty funny. I did change jobs in 2017 stuff. I started working out at work and I started riding a cheap bike at work and got used to the seat and riding it. I came home and told Karen, “I think I want to ride now.” My first live ride was a 45-minute ride with Robin. Karen had posted a picture of me in that blue epic t-shirt and I blew up Robin’s page.

At some point though, you transitioned to running and you got a tread too?

Yes. Late in 2017, I’m working out at the gym at work and I started walking on the treadmill and I said, “I wonder if I could run.” I had not run in many years. The next thing I know I ran 3 miles. It was 26 minutes or so. I felt good. I said, “I think I could run some more.” I started slowly progressing to running and then in January 2018 Peloton announced they were coming out with the tread. The same day I’ve changed my leaderboard name and preordered the treads soon as we could. We got it in December of 2018. I bought the tread and she bought the bike.

My guess is though, she probably let you think you bought the tread.

I feel like we’d be getting a different story for Karen.

You said you started exercising at work. Does that mean that you had previously been working out? You had a low or you always working out? What is your background look like from a fitness standpoint?

There wasn’t one in a long time. I was in the military. I was an Air Force. Once I got out, I’ll be the first to tell you, I struggled the first two years. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I found the horticulture business. I’ve been doing that for almost many years now. I have found what I was meant to do in life and that’s to be in the landscaping the lawn and all of that business.

I’m glad you clarified because when I hear someone say horticulture, I assume you sell weed.

Don’t get me wrong. With Texas, I’ll will start my own growing operation. I’m not saying that I advocate that at all, but I do have a great green thumb with indoor and outdoor plants. I’ve been able to grow many legal plants along the way.

I cannot grow things to save my life. I am terrible at growing about anything. The only thing that I’ve had any success with are those air plants because they require only air and a little misting every once in a while. That’s my plant to take care of right there. We mentioned to you because you had this grand adventure with the Moab 240. What inspired you to do that? How did you land on that and not a short 50 miler or something?

It started in 2018. Karen and I, we’re watching a Spartan World Championship on ESPN. Nowadays, you can watch anything on TV. I fell in love with watching them compete and all the different obstacles. I’ve always looked for challenges in my life. The first thing I did was after that show, I looked for a Spartan race near me. I found out it was going to be in San Antonio in March of 2019. I signed up. I get out there. I signed up in the age group, which was now as I look back, it was a bad decision because I was the smallest guy out there. I’m surrounded by all these big fitness buffs and here in my dad bod going off.

What consists of a Spartan Race for people who may not know?

This particular one was a Spartan Sprint Race and it was supposed to be 3 miles. It ended up being 6 miles. It had 30 obstacles. I remember, Joe Gaviola telling me, “Don’t get electrocuted,” but that was a different type of race. They have different obstacles like walls, bars and ropes you got to climb on. If you don’t complete an obstacle, you have to do 30 burpees. At the end of it, I had accumulated 180 burpees. I didn’t finish last, which was good. I enjoyed it. I ended up doing three more Spartan Races that year. I finished a trifecta. A trifecta in a Spartan Race is where you do a Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super and a Spartan Beast. Each one of them graduates a little bit more difficulty. By the Spartan Beast, I was into working out. I completed that 13 miles, 30 plus obstacles with no burpees.

That’s incredible to go from having to do the burpees to completing the longest one without any.

In between that, I did some 5Ks, a couple of 10Ks and I ran some half marathon. The way the Moab 240 came about was Karen was following David Goggins in the 2019 race. She was like, “You got to look at this.” I started tracking him too. I was like, “This looks like it would be intense.” I started looking it up and it kept eating at me, “I think I would love to do this.” Everybody that I told what I had wanted to do this said, “You’re crazy.” Even Karen, the first thing she said, “Don’t you want to do a 50K first or something?” I’m like, “No. I want to do this.” It took a little bit of coaxing from a friend of mine Scott Kompa. I mentioned it to him, he looked it up and that’s all he and I talked about for a while. Come January 2nd, 2020 when they opened up the Sign Up for it, he signed up and he sent me a picture. I’m like, “What?” I sent Karen a message like, “I’m signing up.” She’s like, “Okay.” I could see the roll eye emoji coming after that. I signed up and the pandemic hit. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen.

Many things have gone away.

It’s been a tumultuous 2020 to say the least. Is it 240 miles or 240 kilometers?

It was 241 miles in 2020. The majority of the racers in that go on 241 that completed it. Sixty percent completed the race in 2020. There were 195 or 200. About 130 people or so finished the race.

Did you do any special training leading up to it or did you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

When the pandemic hit, we were in New York City when it happened.

I remember that. You went to the weekend that everything shut down and I was worried about you. I was like, “I hope they get back okay.”

We were on a backtrack to that. We had a family meeting, me and Karen. We talked about everything, the good, bad and ugly if we went to New York City. We took a family vote. I said, “If one person votes, no, we’re not going to go.” Everybody wanted to go anyway. Looking back now that the fact that we made it there and back, I wouldn’t change it for the world because we had the best time. We met a couple of friends up there. Erica Dunmyre and Tammy Haber, who was featured. Me, Erica and Tammy went ahead and ran from Brooklyn to Central Park. We did our New York City Half Marathon.

We were supposed to go to Mexico the following weekend and we bailed.

We were worried we were going to get somehow separated from the kids and not be able to get back. That was a scary time. Also, we were afraid we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves because we’d be worried about what would happen, but you were all together and you were in the country. That made that a little less dicey. I could see us making that decision if it hit big in the country.

If your worst-case scenario, you rent a car and drive back even if it is for us halfway across the country, it’s tough but we could do it.

It’ll be a longer drive for them because they live in Texas and they would have to go even further.

To leave the country, it’s not about Mexico. It’s being outside of the country especially the time when they talk about shutting down the borders.

Back to Moab.

TCO 183 | Peloton Tread


I got up to 209 pounds because I became the quarantine bake man. I was cooking cookies and brownies. I was cooking stuff on the grill experimenting. I was trying different stuff.

To recap, you don’t grow weed, but you’re the bake man, making brownies and cookies.

I’m going to blame that on Robert Gates because he’s the brownie guy. I’m like, “I need a quarantine name” and I’m like, “Quarantine Bake Man.” I transitioned to that quickly because Karen was like, “You got to stop doing this.” When I quit that, I wanted to start writing. I started feeling pain in my right Achilles tendon. I went to my orthopedic doc. He diagnosed me at that time, the Achilles tendinitis. They put me in a boot for six weeks. He said I could ride the bike, but I couldn’t run. I started riding. I would wear the boot all day, get home and I’d ride a little bit. I wasn’t doing crazy stuff even though Karen will say I was.

When I get on the bike, I want to go for a PR every time. It’s the competitive nature of myself. Once I got out of the boot, I was like, “I can start running.” I started off gradually and I didn’t follow anybody’s training program. I knew what I needed to do. I started doing some trail running and running a lot in the neighborhood. I got to where I’d run from 4, 6 to 8 hours at a time and I’d do a walk-run. I wasn’t just trying to run for eight hours. I was trying to prepare myself because I knew there were some steep hills and things like that there that I was going to have to walk up.

Isn’t that the David Goggins method?

Yes. He’s able to run strictly on dirt roads and stand. There aren’t a lot of that here except at the trails at Government Canyon. I did some runs out there. It was funny. The very first time I went out there to run the trail, I had my pack on and everything and within the first mile, I fall. I caught myself with my hand. I laid there for a minute. I looked around and nothing’s broken and bleeding. I stood up and I was like, “Focus the rest of the way.” I was able to keep going after that. I did some good trail runs there in a different part of San Antonio. For the majority of it, I would run on these hills in our neighborhood. I’d get up 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and go out running. I would come back home by halfway, change clothes, go back out again. Karen was a big supporter. Once I started running and she saw me putting in the effort, that’s when she started planning our Moab trip. She didn’t anything up until she started seeing me prepare for it because she didn’t know if it was going to happen or not.

How does that work? It’s such a long amount of time to run. Are you supposed to run that straight through there’s no breaks or sleeping, no naps?

I can’t. This is how I got out of the race was you have fifteen aid stations along the way. You have a certain timeframe to hit those aid stations by. I had to hit mile 57.3 by 6:00 AM the next morning. I got there at 7:00 AM. I missed the cut-off by one hour. When I was running at about mile 40, I turn my foot on a rock. I didn’t fall, but I bent one of my trekking poles that helped save me from falling down. When I did, I felt this sharp pain in the back of my Achilles. I sat down. I started to massage and working on it. The sweeper starts coming by and they make you get up and walk if you can. I got up. I started walking around and I’m like, “I can walk on it.” We started walking together. We then came upon this guy that had blisters all on the bottom of his feet.

This guy they’re going to take forever. At that time, I looked at my watch it was about 2:30 in the morning and I had about 14 miles to go so 3.5 hours. I said, “I wonder if I could make it.” I took off a light run, but the light I had wasn’t the ideal light. If I could do it all over again, I would have spent $300 on the Gala Light because it projects a different light for the area instead of just direct. I’m running and walking. I thought I was going to make it, but 5 miles ago, I ran out of water. I did the last 5 miles with no water. By the time I reached Breaking Bad Aid Station, I was broken. I get there and the only food they had left was a couple of pieces of bacon, some Oreos and some M&M’s. That was what I got to eat until I met with Karen a little bit later.

Where are you at in the world at that point? What’s the math on that because you’re about a 4th or 3rd of the way through? I’m a Mass Comm major. Do they have a car that will get you somewhere? What happened?

This was one of the remote locations. It was about a two-hour drive. It’s a 17-mile dirt road that you go down. It was eight of us at this aid station that had to be picked up. They sent a truck out that could pull four people in it. The Destination Trail did an excellent job on the COVID and everything. Anytime you’re at the aid stations, you had to wear a mask. If you’re in a vehicle, you wear a mask. They planned this out good to protect us, protect their employees and volunteers. We ended up going to the next aid station, which was Indian Creek. We turned in our trackers at that point. The leader of that aid station is here with Mike McKnight. I got to meet him. He was the winner of it in 2019. He set the Men’s Record in 2019. He’s a great guy. From there, it was a two-hour drive back to the cabins where we were staying at, which we stayed where they held the event at the Moab RV & Campground. It’s nice there.

What was it like compared to what you thought it was going to be?

The first 3 miles, it was all a paved road. You go through the City of Moab like a residential area and then you hit the trails. I had posted a couple of videos of me running and it was up and down a trail. It was nothing challenging at that point. You hit that first aid station. It’s about 8 miles. From there, it was straight up a mountain, but you’re zigzagging up this mountain. I remember it because at mile 9 is when David Goggins passed me. I stepped aside and let him in his little Fruugo. I’m like, “I need to stay hard.” He’s like “Right on.” That’s part I felt it was the most difficult except from night running because of my short legs, there were some of those rocks that I’m having to use my hands to pull myself up on, but I enjoyed it.

It doesn’t sound like a typical run. When you say you enjoyed it, I’m wondering if you enjoyed it similar to how you enjoyed all those obstacles that you did on the Spartan Races?

Yes. The other part was during this whole training, I fell in love with running. I know some people that’s hard to believe, but for me, I enjoyed the time out there and challenging myself. Once I got to the top of that first mountain, I look back and I see the whole City of Moab and I felt like I had accomplished something great at that point. I look up and there is like a fairy. It was grasslands and you can run through that. You start hitting slickrock and the whole time, you’re in awe like for me because I had never seen stuff like that. Karen and I went to Grand Canyon many years ago, but this was a little bit different. Now, in 2020 that you can appreciate these adventures that you are able to pay for.

I soaked it in. I took many pictures and kept moving forward. I saw them, Karen, at four at miles 17.9 or something like that. I changed my socks and shirt. I lubed up my feet because I had three small blisters at the end of my toes at that point. It felt like a 90-degree incline or a sharper incline and I was running down and my toes kept hitting the bottoms of my shoes and it wore some blisters. When I stopped at that next aid station, I put this RunGoo all over my feet and I never had another problem for the next 7 miles.

That’s a testament.

Especially after what I saw in mine when I did my little marathon on the treadmill.

To me, a marathon is a special moment. You shared it in 2020. Alan Nager, he ran his New York City virtual. I was tracking him the whole time. Right before we got on, he was a little over five hours. To me, you can say that you’ve done that.

Do you think you’ll give it another shot or no dice?

I thought about it. I know what I said after the race but I created a GoFundMe and it’s Make Paul Run Moab in 2021. I want to do it again. That’s why I created the GoFundMe because if I told Karen I wanted to run again, she’d probably stab me or something. In 2019, I did a fundraiser for MMRF for the New York City Half Marathon. I figured what I’d do with this would be to pay for the cost of my entry fee and any associated money left over, I would donate it to the United Way of San Antonio.

I bet that’s an expensive venture between the travel, the entry fee and getting there and all your supplies that you need. I bet it’s not an inexpensive thing.

It is an expensive journey. For me, it was the best journey I’ve ever decided to embark on. It’s the most expensive. Equipment-wise, I only need a few other things to make 2021 better than 2020. The airline and things like that, I would relate that like a New York City trip. We’ve taken five of those. You and I, we can relate on our New York City trips. The people that live up in Connecticut, they can’t relate to our travel expenses because they can just take the train up there.

They can be there in an hour or two versus it’s an all-day event when we go.

We’re exhausted by the time we get there and everybody’s like, “Let’s go out and party,” and we’re like, “What?” That’s all you do there. You hang out with friends. I look back and if somebody was to ask me, “What got you started on this journey?” Karen and I were talking about that. There are many people within the Peloton community that has fought different diseases, cancer and life-changing things, where they lost loved ones and things like that. Those people were the people that inspired us because Karen and I, we didn’t do anything. We’d go to work. We’d come home. We’d hang out and watch TV.

Once we got our Peloton, got involved and she was there in the community over a year before I was. She started conversations with different people and learning all of these different stories and that’s what inspired us to go on our adventures and say yes to this and that. She hasn’t told me no on any of my crazy adventures. I love this girl and she’s been there to support me. We both support each other. I’m not a big planner, but in 2019 I surprised her. I sent her up to New York City with Oliver’s tread mates so she can hang out with her friends. She ended up in New York City and not New Jersey or something.

As we’re circling back to Peloton, do you have any advice for people who are now getting a bike and/or a tread?

The first thing is to get involved in the community. Get to know who you’re riding with. You’re going to find your people. The people I’ve found that I enjoyed the most was the original JJ’s Crew. That was adman by Billy, Tracy and Lisa. They were able to bring many people together. That core group of people that I met through there helped me to meet other people. I would say the more you get involved in the community and the riders or the instructors that you like, the more you are to stay in it and enjoy it.

I have never felt so much that the saying is true that I do with Peloton that, “The more you put in, the more you get out.” I feel the Peloton people are my people. I love that Peloton has led me personally on many crazy adventures. I get what you were saying. There are many things that I never would’ve tried, never would have done had it not been for Peloton. This conversation would not be taking place if it hadn’t been for Peloton. We wouldn’t have a show. We wouldn’t have a bike and I wouldn’t know all the things. I love talking to you and Karen. You have always been great to us and we appreciate that. That’s great advice to get to know the community.

In 2019, I did 21 races and especially now more than ever, say yes to an adventure. Don’t start when you’re ready. I got that on a pair of Peloton shorts that I looked and it says, “Don’t start when you’re ready, start now,” or something like that. You can plan trips and adventures even during this crisis that the whole world is facing right now and still do stuff for yourself. That’s what going to help people go in and enjoy their lives.

What is your leaderboard name?

It’s JustTreadIt. Once they announced the tread, I changed it that day. That’s my leaderboard name. I won’t change it again unless some life-changing thing happens. That’s who people know me.

I want to go back. You were talking about your headlamp when you’re Moab trip because I’m a gear nerd now that I’ve found Peloton. I’m curious why a regular headlamp wouldn’t work? Is it because there are too many shadows and stuff and you needed one that was more wide-angle or is there something totally different?

The first thing is I’ve changed batteries six times in 17 miles. The Gala Lights, I hate to try and do an advertisement on it. It’s a belt light, it goes around your waist. It has a rechargeable battery pack that comes with it. It projects a wide amount of light instead of when you’re there. I saw 4 to 6 feet in front of me. I saw some couches and stuff at night because they say you see hallucinations at night in the desert. I didn’t want to go sit on them because they are probably some cactus.

If you see a random couch in the middle of the desert, it’s a trap. Don’t believe it. That means you were tired and you wanted to sit on the couch.

If I could add one thing about the whole Moab 240 experience was, I said I ran 21 races in 2019. This was the first race I ever ran for Destination Trail. I would have to say the race director, Candice Burt, she put on an absolute, fantastic race from the planning to execution everything. Especially during COVID and all the things that they made her change to be able to make this race happen. It was the first race that I ever started on time. It was like, “Five, four, three, two, one, go.” If you want to follow somebody on social media and get some good trail running advice, @RunCandiceRun. She does some great runs. She puts on three great races. I’m definitely not doing those, but I would like to repeat the Moab 240. Hopefully, Scott Kompa will go with me this time.

After he signed up, he didn’t go? I assumed he went.


He had some hip issues. Hopefully, he’s doing some great rehab and he’ll be able to join me in 2021.

Where can people find you on social media, if you would like to be found?

On Facebook, I’m Paul Bradley. On Instagram, @PBradley007.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to join us. I’m glad you’re up and moving. I can’t even imagine 57 miles. I know that’s not even the whole thing, but sweet baby snow peas. That’s a lot.

I appreciate it. I didn’t have any soreness in my legs. I’m not even joking. The only soreness is in my Achilles tendon. I go back to the doctor on November 3rd, 2020. Hopefully, we can figure out what’s going on and get it repaired or rehabbed for 2021. I put my legs through some good training. If you do that, you’ll see the results.

Thank you for taking the time to join us. We appreciate it.

Thank you, all.

Thank you.

That brings this episode to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people next time?

It depends. We have two amazing options depending on how editing goes. If the editing goes well and quickly and smoothly, then we will have Chelsea Jackson Roberts on. If it takes a little longer than expected, and I’m sure it would be our fault, then it would be Jeff Pearlman, who is a sports writer.

He used to write for Sports Illustrator. He’s written quite a few books and he was a fun talk.

He’s a very fun guy. You have two great options coming your way.

Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me on They can find me on Instagram, Twitter on the Bike and of course the Tread, @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page, join the group. You can see our dog at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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