Myranda and her dog in her car in a selfie. She's on the way to a race. You can see the bike in the back of the car.

128: Jess King & Robin Arzon Bring Back Bad Girls Rides and our interview with Myranda Williams

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128: Jess King & Robin Arzon Bring Back Bad Girls Rides and our interview with Myranda Williams

October 18, 2019

  • Jess King had special guest Robin Arzon on the “Jess King Experience” and announced the long-awaited return of their Bad Girls Ride.  The Bad Girls rides originally took place a few years back and these two coaches teamed up to teach the class together.  For many Pelotonians, its been a favorite and something that has been requested over and over again to happen again!  
  • Christine D’Ercole is kicking butt at the Masters World Championship and scored a gold medal in the team sprint.  She also won a bronze for a points race. 
  • Ben Alldis has a special ride on 10/21 and will be joined by Christine.  Christine is staying in the UK for a few extra days and will be joining Ben in the studio for a ride 6pm UK time on 10/21.  After that, Ben, Christine and Leanne are all going to be in the showroom for a meet and greet at the Kings Road location.
  • Eliud Kipchoge crushes the marathon world record.  Not Peloton related (NPR) but so freaking inspiring, we had to include it.
  • Peloton has a new blog post about what newbies can expect when they try out a bike in the store.  Make sure and share this with your friends thinking about a bike or a tread so they know what to expect.  They can get a better idea and therefore a better experience!
  • The Peloton Prophet has some boutique predictions for us.  The next collection will drop this week (and it did drop 10/19!) and there will be camo, green and and leopard print.  (check, check and check – score another point for the Peloton Prophet)  Make sure to listen to hear the details for the Holiday collection – SQUEEEEE – i cannot WAIT for this one! You can also visit the Peloton Prophet corner here.  
  • Robin Arzon gets interviewed on Good Morning America.  Make sure you watch this awesome video where Robin is interview by Robin Roberts!
  • The Peloton blog features the Latinx Facebook Group.  Make sure you check out the new group and celebrate Latin appreciate month.
  • Kristin McGee has a new meditation class.  Zen in 10.  This one is perfect for those who are just learning about meditation.  You don’t need a special room, space or candles.  You can literally do this anywhere.  Its a great pick-me-up so make sure you try it out!
  • An update on Oliver’s half-marathon.  Find out his PR details and what Oliver plans to focus on this spring.  
  • Andy Speer gets engaged. His new fiance are fueling a certain rumor.  We add questions, but no answers!

All this plus our interview with Myranda Williams!