Peloton Prophet Predictions That Came True

Olivia will be a bike AND tread instructor.  

Yep, the prophet nailed this one.  Before teaching on the bike, Olivia Amato taught only on the tread.  Now, we are graced by her presence in both venues!  

Tunde Oyeneyin will be a new bike instructor. 

Tunde has a fascinating background where she overcame her own battle with weight!  Can’t wait to get to know her better. 

Kristin McGee will be a new yoga instructor.

Way back when the Peloton Prophet called this when they predicted the Yoga offering in general.  Kristin has been a fantastic addition to the yoga lineup!

A second line of instructor quotes in the Peloton boutique!

We all know the first line sold out quickly.  The prophet accurately predicted a second line of quotes before they hit!

Jess Sims will be a brand new Tread instructor  

Jess moved from education to the boutique fitness scene in New York before being snapped up by Peloton.  The Peloton Prophet saw it coming!

Kendall Toole will be a new bike instructor

Kendall joined Peloton the same week as Tunde and has a background in boxing.  What could that mean?

Ross Rayburn will be a new yoga instructor.

The Peloton Prophet accurately predicted Ross would be added as a male yoga instructor.

Next boutique line will drop the week of 10/18.  It will include animal print, green and camo.

The Peloton Prophet nailed ALL of this!  

Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby will be instructors in United Kingdom!

Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby were the first instructors hired for the United Kingdom.  

Peloton will offer Yoga

Yep the Prophet accurately predicted this one as well!

Peloton will offer audio meditations

The Prophet was dead on about this one too – naming the week it would be released as well!

Prophet Predictions That Haven’t Happened YET!


The Peloton Prophet predicts the first German instructor.  

The Prophet is predicting the first German instructor – Erik Jager.  Find him on IG here.

Hannah Frankson will be an instructor in the UK. 

The Prophet expected that Hannah would be announced the same week as Tunde and Kendall but then Hannah had hernia surgery so the theory is Hannah had to put her debut on hold.  

Peloton will be doing some kind of nutrition program.

The Prophet has predicted Peloton will release some kind of nutrition program of their own.  No details on what it might look like yet.

Peloton Holiday collection will include sparkles and PJs.

The Prophet has predicted Peloton will have PJ’s in the holiday collection.  SQUUEEEEE!!! I can’t wait!!

Peloton’s next offering will be a rowing machine.

Hard to know when it will happen, says the Prophet, but they are convinced the next product is in fact a rower!

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