121: BONUS EPISODE: Peloton IPO Special with Michael Jurenka

121: BONUS EPISODE: Peloton IPO Special with Michael Jurenka

September 3, 2019

It’s a special bonus episode of The Clip Out. Peloton’s SEC filings are public and all of us outside of the financial sector are collectively wondering what it all means. So we dig into them with special guest Michael Jurenka C.P.A. 

If you’ve read many of the articles written so far, you’ve undoubtedly been frustrated by their complete lack of understanding when it comes to what differentiates Peloton from other, ordinary exercise equipment companies. We wanted someone who could understand what makes Peloton special without being blinded by fandom. Yet, we also needed someone who understands the passion that Peloton has inspired in its users. 

That’s where Michael Jurenka comes in. He isn’t just a certified public accountant. He’s also a Peloton owner. So he brings both financial expertise and a love of Peloton to the table. 

Now keep reading while we do a little CYA:

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