You Get To Crew Creates Flag to Support Jess Sims at ESPN’s College GameDay

Jess Sims, your crew is ready to represent in a BIG way! The You Get To Crew (YGTC) has announced the creation of a YGTC flag that will travel to each ESPN College GameDay location during the 2023 season with the mission to support Jess and serve as a beacon for YGTC members.

Inspiration Behind the Flag

As a Peloton instructor and the inspiration behind the You Get To Crew, she encourages her fans to embrace a positive mindset and focus on the things they “get to do,” not just the things they “have to do.” Her positivity has touched the lives of countless individuals who have formed a community and support each other in their personal and professional endeavors.

The YGTC flag was inspired by the Washington State flag that has appeared in the background of every College GameDay broadcast for the past 20 years. YGTC members were galvanized by the idea of having a flag that could support Jess during the broadcast, while serving as a symbol of their community at each GameDay location.


Designed in neon pink and purple, the YGTC flag is bound to catch eyes on ESPN’s College GameDay broadcast

Design of the Flag

Members of the You Get To Crew really wanted the flag to stand out in the sea of GameDay signs and chose neon pink and purple for the design. These vibrant colors are not typically seen on GameDay signs, and they will undoubtedly catch the eye of ESPN viewers while being a joyful representation of the YGTC community.  The flag, which was designed by a YGTC member and already means so much to the You Get To Crew community, will be given a name chosen by YGTC members through a poll. 

A Flag Well-Traveled

The flag will be sent to a different YGTC member each week, and that member will serve as the flag bearer, tasked with the responsibility of putting the flag on display during that week’s College GameDay broadcast. The flag bearer will be chosen through a random draw, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.

To further facilitate the flag’s journey, the You Get To Crew has created a flag kit that contains the GameDay flag, a replica flag for all flag bearers to sign, a flag pole, and instructions on how to prepare and send the flag to the next bearer.

YGTC Flag Premiere

YGTC’s decision to create a flag that will travel to each ESPN College GameDay location during the 2023 season is a testament to their commitment to supporting Jess and the YGTC community. The flag will serve as a beacon for YGTC members, providing a way for them to find each other and come together to support Jess. With the flag debuting in Boulder, CO at the Colorado v. Colorado State game on September 16th, YGTC members are eagerly anticipating the adventure that lies ahead.  

ESPN might be there for the work Deion Sanders has done with the Colorado Buffalos, but The Clip Out will tuning in just so we can spot the YGTC flag! Where do you hope to see the flag travel to this season?

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