Top 10 Unstackables of 2023

Top 10 Unstackables of 2023

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Calling all Peloton fanatics! Prepare to be challenged like never before with our list of the toughest, most intense classes available on the platform. These are the classes that can’t be stacked, because they’re just that difficult. Culled from the TCO weekly list of classes that listeners have called out as the hardest classes that they took that week, we’re here to bring you the best (or the worst!) from this past year. Brace yourself for The Top 10 2023 Unstackables!


5/27/23 30 min Tabata Ride with Benny Adami – Tabetha Perrault (#tabbyspickles) says, “Do you love Tabatas? ME NEITHER! but this class was so much fun! I had been sleeping on Benny Adami, until now! It’s Benny’s bday and you are celebrating with him by doing 50! (Yes I said 50!!!) Tabatas. You will sing 3 words max of every song in this diva-filled playlist (because you won’t have enough breath for the entire line) In the words of Benny, “you will survive this, it will just be super painful.”

8/24/23 30 min 80s Ride with Cody Rigsby – Michael Davern says, “”[I] have to put Cody, of all people, on the unstackable list,” he said. “Cody is supposed to be talking about Britney Spears and the relative merits of the various boy bands,” he joked, “but during the back half of [this class] he had us climb the ladder from 45 to over 80 before giving in to a break. “80s” is supposed to be the time period, not the top end!!! Cody can be sneaky hard when he wants to be.” 

7/8/23 30 min Dance Music Ride with Mila Lazar – Michael Davern returned for more punishment on the Bike when he said, “Ahhh….Mila Lazar is unstackable from 7/8/23 at 10 am if you are riding the top end or close. Four callouts at or above 70 on climbs. Recoveries are 45-60 and only one true short recovery on this 30 min ride. Speed work at 45 or 50 resistance bottom end to top out at 60-65. OMG! In English, live from London.”

10/4/23 15 min Tabata Ride with Robin Arzón – Laura Corcoran (#NJxrayrider10) says, ““Robin’s 15 min Tabata CLIMB 10/4/23 (she’s in yellow) unstackable if you’re doing it right.”

12/2/23 45 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers – David Stember (#Psychodoc) says, “Matt’s 45 minute power zone endurance ride on 12/02/23 was a symphony of suffering on pedals. Three 8 minute intervals in zone 3? On a 45 minute ride; really? 3-4 instructors chose the music for him which added to the fun. More motivating than usual. If you enjoy a Power Zone ride; give it a try.”

10/28/23 120 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers – Billy Lenoir says, “The playlist was great, the energy, and the structure to survive for us that aren’t used to riding that long! Also it really helped me reinforce mentally that the training I’m doing is working!”


11/15/23 30 min HIIT & Hills Run with Matt Wilpers – listener #runridegirl says, “Matt Wilpers’ hiit and hills run from 11/15! Holy cow, I was not ready for that. Not only were the hiit portions hard, you ran, RAN the hills! But…. A great class if you’re training for a race. I’ll keep this one in my back pocket (DEEP in the pocket) to take again when I’m officially training again. Great class!”

11/11/23 60 min Intervals Run with Becs Gentry – listener #Mandyrose_mn says, ““Becs Gentry’s 60 minute intervals from Saturday 11/11/23,” she said. “Challenging and inspiring, great music. A fun “sufferfest” I like to call it.”

Tread Bootcamp

10/21/23 Saturday 60: 2000s Tread Bootcamp with Jess SimsTiffany Kautz (#TiffyDontQuit) says, “Jess Sims’ most recent Saturday 60–this was a music based class so not as hard as her advanced versions…but still just hard enough that I would never dream of stacking it! I usually start my Monday mornings with one of these, a great way to start the week, and there’s usually a whole bunch of people taking the most recent one at the same time with lots of high fives!”


11/4/23 45 min Full Body Strength with Assal Arian – Kristina Sabatini says, ““45min Full Body with Assal from 11/04/23! It was my favorite class from this week and also made me modify my stack when I was done with it, she is 🔥SO good!”

Many thanks to our Clip Out listeners that not only got themselves through these hard classes, but lived to tell us about it!  We hope to see many more of you in 2024!

What was your favorite unstackable class this past year?  We would love to include it in a future roundup, so let us know!

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