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The Clip Out Celebrates National Puppy Day Peloton Style

Happy National Puppy Day!  

We don’t just love Peloton at The Clip Out, we love dogs, too. So today, in honor of National Puppy Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the Dogs of Peloton and their favorite Instructors.  From rescues to purebreds, from therapy dogs who bring comfort to snuggle bugs who bring smiles, one thing so many of our instructors have in common is that they love dogs.  In fact, a whopping 25 of Peloton’s instructors own at least 1 pooch (Peloton Trivia that you didn’t know you wanted but now you have) and if you include instructors who have pups that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, that number only increases from there. 

The New Pups on the PeloBlock

No matter their age, we think all doggos are still puppies at heart, and we’ll cover them all in this article.  However, since it is technically National Puppy Day, it only makes sense to start with, what else….the Pelo-puppies!!

Adrian Williams and Matty Maggiacomo have both added puppies to their households this year, with Adrian welcoming Frankie, a long-haired dachshund, and Matty welcoming a pitty-mix named Nana.

Nana, much like her pawrent Matty, has a flair for costuming and can often be seen serving fierce lewks (with adorable puppy-eyes) on Matty’s Instagram page.  Frankie, on the other hand, can often be seen in various states of repose, snuggled up in dog-dad Adrian’s arms…or bed…or sofa…or crossbody bag.  These two dog dads have clearly taken to puppy parenthood, we reap the rewards with adorable social media content.    

A Round of Apaws

While we certainly have a lot of dog lovers at Peloton, some instructors have decided to use their love of dogs and their platform to elevate the world around them by putting even more puppy love into it.  

Last year, Olivia Amato (dog mom to Tobi and Rue) entered the world of fostering and became a passionate advocate for giving a dog a soft place to land while waiting for a fur-ever home.  We love that Olivia has found her way to fostering and is using her voice to spread the word about its importance to local rescues.  More fosters = more lives saved, and that’s a win! (Writer’s note: As a former foster myself, I can tell you that fostering a homeless animal is an incredibly rewarding experience and, if you’re interested in fostering an animal, your local rescue organization would LOVE to have you onboard.)  

Susie Chan, dog mom to Roy, Peggy and Manny, is using her platform to shine a light on rescues and, in 2023, became an ambassador for Paws2RescueUK.  It was through this organization that Susie found her pup Manny, a rescue from Romania, of whom she says, “had never been inside a home, didn’t know how to walk up the stairs, and had been beaten and poisoned. He’s now safe and happy and we have run miles together.”  Now that she’s been through the rescue process herself, Susie is a powerful voice and advocate for dogs like Manny, and only good things can come from that.

While Callie Gullickson and her husband Chris are currently expecting their first human baby any day now, they became dog pawrents two years ago when they welcomed Charlie into their family.  An adorable Golden Retriever with a spirit as sunny as her dog mom’s, Callie quickly realized that Charlie could use her puppy powers for good and, after a period of training and testing, Charlie became a certified therapy dog in July of 2023.  Now she can use her Golden smile to bring smiles to those in need of a little extra comfort.  

Furever Love

Our Peloton Instructors truly lead the pack with their pup-lifting spirits, showcasing hearts as golden as retrievers when it comes to their furry friends. Indeed, a whole subset of them have unleashed their love, opening their hearts and homes to four-legged souls in need of a forever home.

Rebecca Kennedy welcomed Sunny, a Sato Dog from Puerto Rico, in 2018.  She’s captured Sunny’s Gotcha Day in a series of highlights on her Instagram account, with footage that’s guaranteed to warm even the coldest of souls and provide instant smiles.  While she has her own Instagram account, Sunny is frequently featured on Rebecca’s personal Instagram account, giving us all kinds of adorable content.  

Sunny isn’t the only pup in Rebecca’s life; fiancé Andy Speer couldn’t resist opening his heart to his very own rescue pup, Jerry, in 2022.  Now, Jerry and Sunny run the streets of NYC and take to the trails alongside their intrepid hoomans, enjoying the great outdoors as much as Rebecca and Andy do.  

If it’s adorable puppy content that you seek, we’d like to introduce you to Maverick Lopez.  This blue-eyed boy found his furever home with Rad in September of 2022. Although he’s long-since outgrown his puppyhood, he’s still pretty stinking adorable and could have a future in dog modeling if Rad wanted to pursue it.  We think he really nails that Blue Steel look.  

Ross Rayburn has his own set of sweet rescues named Theo and Hattie. Do they benefit from the dulcet tones of Ross’s meditative words every night when it’s time to curl up in bed?  We don’t know, but this picture would certainly suggest that they do.  Anyone who takes Ross’s meditations on a nightly basis knows the power of his words.  We are all Ross’s dogs, and Ross’s dogs are us.

And, what would a section about rescue pups be without Jess Sims’ girls?  Perhaps the most well-known rescues among the Peloton instructors are Sienna Grace and Shiloh.  These two sweet girls are featured heavily on Jess’s social media channels, and Jess is a passionate advocate for rescue. In fact, it was through Jess and her love of rescuing that Matty found his sweet girl, Nana, which is super pawsome!


We can’t possibly have an article dedicated to the Dogs of Peloton without singling out the cinematic wonders that are Bradley Rose’s Pelo-pooches, Chloe and Alfie.  Bradley, a seasoned actor as well as an Instructor, is Peloton’s King of the Instagram Reel and his doggos are his frequent guest stars, if not outright stars, of his social media content.  One scroll through his Instagram account will give you a plethora of pup content and, to be honest, leaves us wondering how these little pups aren’t stars of their own Instagram page yet?  

Having a Ball

This is the part of the article that we dedicate to Instructors just having fun with their dogs.  With so many dog pawrents on the Instructor roster, this article (if I’m being honest) could easily be 10,000 words long…if not longer.  But, who are we kidding here?  You’re not here for my words, or my pawsome dog puns.  You just want the dog content already!  Well, your wait is over, Pelo-pals. Without further ado, please enjoy the adorableness of: 

Alex Karwoski and Albert

Alex Toussaint and Cassius and Brody

Hannah Corbin and Juan and Cholula

Becs Gentry and Maurice

Marcel Maurer and Hugo

Ben Alldis, Leanne Hainsby and Jags

Kendall Toole and Bowie

Selena Samuela and Dolly

Matt Wilpers and Niko

Anna Greenberg and Mia and Loki

Camila Ramon and Rex

Nico Sarani and Charlie

Tunde Oyeneyin and Cesar

These Puns are Pawful*

Ok, that’s true. This article has gone to the dogs. But, we hope you will agree that the content is 100% on point(er) and has not been a mastiff waste of time (sorry–couldn’t help myself, fur-give me).  Anyway, we’re crossing our paws hoping you’ve had a blast with the Pelo-pup stories we’ve unleashed today, and we hope you are treating your own Pelo-pup to the belly rubs, ear scratches and nose-boops that they deserve!

Cheers to the pups who make us laugh, keep our feet warm, are always excited to see us, and who love us unconditionally.  They make the world, and our lives, so much better and, well….we’re just mutts about them. 

PS.  If it’s dog content you’re looking for, every link in this article is guaranteed to take you to something adorable and make you smile.

*Liberal use of puns co-signed by my own Pelo-pups, Bess and Darla, who will, coincidentally, agree to anything for a treat, I shih tzu not.  (I’ll see myself out now.)

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