Peloton Halloween Challenge - Earn a Badge! Peloton Halloween Classes

Take the Halloween Challenge – Earn a Badge! (Also our favorite past Halloween classes!)

Peloton Halloween classes have always been super fun – what could be better than spooky music, Halloween costumes, and instructor shenanigans?  But wait – there’s more – this year, you can also earn a badge by taking Peloton’s Halloween challenge!

Peloton has announced that beginning Wednesday, October 18, you can take 3, 5, or 10 classes from the Halloween collection and earn a badge. 

Which ride, walk, run, yoga, or strength class will you do first?  There are so many to choose from!  In addition to new classes, you can take any of the workouts from prior years to count towards your badge.  Will Mara Thonner fill in for Matty Maggiacamo again? Will Kendall Toole find some more Halloween-themed songs for another Movie Buff Ride?   What costumes will the instructors choose this year?  

Speaking of costumes, It’s hard to pick our favorite, because they’re always so amazing!  It’s almost impossible for Sam Yo to be scary, but his vampire costume from his 2022 ride made us shiver!  How about when Aditi Shah dressed up like a stormtrooper for her 2020 yoga flow?   And Andy Speer, dressed like Fred from “Scooby Doo”, brought us back to our childhood with his 2020 full-body strength class while we ran away from ghosts and tried to solve a mystery! 

Jess King, a/k/a “Miss Frizzle”, took us on a magic bus ride trick or treating in her 2020 rideBecs Gentry made a very scary ½  clown, ½ Peloton instructor in her frighteningly good 2021 run.  And perhaps the strangest costume of all – Matty Maggiacamo’s pumped-up rabbit, in his “Jim Bunny” 2021 run.  

If you’re not a fan of costumes, you can get all the Halloween fun without all the Halloween drama in Bradley “The Boogeyman” Rose’s basic black t-shirt proclaiming “This is my Halloween costume” during his 2022 ride.    

In addition to the collection of previous Halloween classes, you’ll find new classes on the schedule on October 29th.  So far the following classes are scheduled (all times listed are Eastern Standard).

  • 5:00 AM Marcel Maurer 30 minute Halloween Run (German)
  • 5:30 AM Susie Chan 30 minute Halloween Run
  • 6:00 AM Sam Yo 30 minute Disney Villains Ride
  • 8:00 AM Logan Aldridge 30 minute Halloween Upper Body Strength 
  • 8:00 AM Hannah Corbin 30 minute Halloween Ride
  • 8:00 AM Jon Hoskins 30 minute At The Club:  Halloween Walk
  • 9:00 AM Becs Gentry 30 minute Halloween Run
  • 10:00 AM And Speer 60 minute Total Strength 
  • 10:00 AM  Leanne Hainsby 30 minute Halloween Ride
  • 10:30 AM  Mariana Fernandez 30 minute Halloween Yoga Flow
  • 11:00 AM  Matty Maggiacomo 30 minute Halloween Walk
  • 12;00 PM Ally Love 30 minute Halloween Ride
  • 12:30 PM Ross Rayburn 30 minute Halloween Yoga Flow
  • 1:00 PM  Erik Jager45 minute Halloween Ride (German)
  • 2:00 PM Camela Ramon 30 minute Halloween Ride

So wear your favorite costume and have a great time walking, running, lifting, or flowing to some great Halloween-themed workouts!  We’ll see you on the leaderboard!  

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