Smelling Fresh is a Breeze: Tips to Keep Your Workout Clothes Odor-free

So if you’re a Clip Out listener, you’re likely also a Type A Peloton person … which means that you take your workouts seriously and probably break a major sweat!  

We all battle stubborn odors in our workout clothes, and no one wants to walk around smelling like a gym bag! But fear not, we scoured the internet and are here to share best practices to help tackle those unpleasant smells and keep your activewear fresh as daisies. 

Invest in Quality Gear

First and foremost, investing in quality workout clothes is key. Fabrics like polyester and nylon blends are specifically designed for sportswear with moisture-wicking abilities and optimal odor control. These materials can also withstand multiple washes and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Skip the Fabric Softeners

Now onto the laundry room: skip the fabric softeners and dryer sheets next time you wash your workout clothes. While these products can make your clothes feel softer, they can also build up and trap odor-causing bacteria. And speaking of washing, try to wash your workout clothes as soon as possible after a session. The longer you leave sweat and bacteria on your clothes, the more difficult it will be to eliminate the odors. And remember, before washing your activewear, be sure to take a peek at the care instructions just to be safe.

Keep Your Workout Clothes Separate

It’s also important to wash your workout clothes separately from your other laundry. This prevents sweat and bacteria from transferring to other items. Don’t forget to keep your towels separate too, as they can produce lint that clings to your clothes, making it harder to remove odors.

Give Vinegar a Try!

If you’re still struggling with stubborn smells, try soaking your workout clothes in a mixture of vinegar and cold water for 30 minutes before washing. The acid in the vinegar helps break down the bacteria responsible for the smell. White vinegar is a safe option that won’t harm most fabrics.

Ditch the Dryer

Lastly, when it comes to drying your workout clothes, air-drying is the way to go. High dryer temperatures can damage the fibers and contribute to unwanted odors. If possible, hang your clothes outside in the fresh air and sunshine to kill any remaining bacteria.

We hope these tips help keep you feeling fresh and focused on your workouts. If you have any favorite tricks for keeping the funk out of your magic pants, we’d love to hear about them over on our Facebook Group!  

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