Peloton's New Aerosmith artist series

Rock Your Workout with Peloton’s Aerosmith Artist Series!

Aerosmith, the “Bad Boys from Boston,” have rocked the world with their electric performances for five decades. It’s time to lace up your sneakers and turn up the volume because Peloton is celebrating the iconic band’s game-changing music with their latest Artist Series!

Celebrating 50 Years of “Toys in the Attic”

On April 8th, Aerosmith fans worldwide celebrated the 50th anniversary of their third studio album “Toys in the Attic.” As the soundtrack of multiple generations, it’s no surprise that Peloton is bringing this rock ‘n’ roll energy directly into our workouts.

Despite facing a setback with their farewell tour due to Steven Tyler’s larynx injury, Aerosmith reportedly is rescheduling the tour for 2024.  And what better way to kick off a celebration year than a Peloton Artist Series full of your favorite hits?

Peloton Goes Full Rockstar Mode

On April 11th, prepare to sweat it out to the sounds of Aerosmith’s heart-thumping beats. Peloton’s artist series pumps up the workout experience, and this time they’re going epic with eight live classes led by your favorite instructors.

Meet Your Instructors & Their Rocking Playlists

  • Tobias: Kickstart the party with a 30-minute run that will have you feeling like you’re sprinting through Aerosmith’s biggest stadium hits.
  • Charlotte, Camila, and Bradley: Hop on the bike for a trio of 30-minute rides. Each instructor brings a unique flair to ensure you’re cycling to the beat of Aerosmith’s most exhilarating tracks.
  • Andy: Ready to strengthen and tone? Andy’s 30-minute full-body strength class merges powerful tunes with powerful moves.
  • Mariana: Wind down or rev up with a 30-minute yoga flow. Find your zen and inner rockstar as Mariana guides you through poses to the sound of Aerosmith’s ballads and anthems.
  • Rebecca: Hit the tread with Rebecca for another 30-minute run session. Forget ‘Walk This Way’—it’s all about running this time!
  • Alex K: Make waves with a 30-minute rowing session as Alex K pulls you through the workout with the force of Aerosmith’s unforgettable riffs and rhythms.

Don’t Miss Out on the Ultimate Rock ‘n’ Roll Workout!

Aerosmith’s music has been the backdrop for so many of our life events, and now it’s ready to power our workouts. Experience what happens when electric guitar riffs meet fiery fitness routines with Peloton’s Aerosmith Artist Series. Whether you’re a Sweet Emotion fan or more of a Dude (Looks Like a Lady) enthusiast, there’s something for everyone.

Ready for Livin’ on the Edge with your workouts? Join Peloton’s celebration of Aerosmith’s 2024 Farewell Tour and get a front-row seat to fitness like never before!

No band makes us “Dream On” quite like Aerosmith, and no workout series pushes us further than Peloton’s Artist Series. See you on the leaderboard! 

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