Reset with Denis Morton’s Ride and Yoga Pairings

Tom and Crystal. Peanut butter and jelly. Your morning coffee and the newest episode of The Clip Out podcast. All great pairings. Equally fantastic are Denis Morton’s ride and yoga reset classes. 

These classes offer a 30-minute reset ride followed by a 20-minute reset yoga flow. Denis has been offering these pairings since 2020, and although they’re totally doable separately, they were intended to be completed together.    

The rides feature Denis’ signature style, with rock music and a balance of hard pushes and smooth glides on the bike. The yoga classes are designed to take immediately after the ride, and each starts with a relaxing flow and ends with a savasana that will help you reach that state of zen as you wind down after your ride.

As always, Denis makes sure you’re always riding to the beat of the music, and his music choices take you perfectly through the ride’s ebbs and flows. As always, the yoga classes are straightforward with accessible moves that stretch you out as you clear your mind of the day’s challenges.  While Denis offers some separate reset rides and reset yoga classes, here is a list of specific pairings; you can also find them under “Reset with Denis” in the Collections tab on the Peloton workout platform

  • 6/6/2023   Ride             Yoga
  • 1/12/2023  Ride             Yoga
  • 5/11/2022 Ride              Yoga
  • 1/1/2022   Ride              Yoga
  • 9/9/2021   Ride              Yoga
  • 6/3/2021   Ride              Yoga
  • 5/13/2021 Ride              Yoga
  • 2/11/2021 Ride              Yoga
  • 11/5/2020 Ride              Yoga
  • 7/9/2020   Ride             Yoga 

Try these pairings and let us know what you think.

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