Peloton Investigates Streaming Performance, Login Issues

Peloton Investigates Streaming Performance, Login Issues

Update: As of 5:17 PM on Friday, June 9, Peloton reports that all issues are resolved. 

Members have been complaining online this week of live and on-demand class streaming issues. They’ve described endless buffering and no reliable resolutions. Peloton seems to have acknowledged the issue on its support page as of 11:40 AM ET on Wednesday, June 7. Additionally, as of 4:54 PM ET on Thursday, June 8, Peloton reported–and 40 minutes later resolved–an additional outage impacting some Members’ ability to log in to their accounts.

Whether taking live classes or choosing from the vast on-demand library, Peloton Members have come to expect high-quality streaming performance. However, lately, there have been reports of degraded performance that have left many Peloton users frustrated and concerned.

In this blog post, we will explore the recent issues with Peloton’s streaming and log in performance. We will discuss what this means for Members, what Peloton is doing to investigate the issues, and what Members can do in the meantime.

The issues

According to Peloton’s status page, as of June 07, 2023, live and on-demand classes on the “Bike/Tread/App” are experiencing degraded performance. This means that Members may experience buffering, lags, or disruptions during classes. Essentially, Peloton classes may not be delivering the seamless, high-quality experience that Members are used to.

Peloton has not indicated that the Row and Guide are impacted by the streaming performance issue–their status page has a category labeled Bike/Tread/App, and it is likely that they just haven’t updated that label with their newest equipment. Given that the Row and Guide are not listed as operational, we think it’s safe to assume that Row and Guide streaming are potentially impacted as well.

Additionally, Peloton reported at 4:54 PM ET on June 8 that Member login was impacted. This meant that some members were unable to log in to the App or their devices. We did not see any chatter about this online, and the issue was posted as resolved 40 minutes later. We appreciate Peloton being proactive and reporting and resolving the issue before we noticed!

Peloton is investigating

Peloton is taking the remaining streaming issue seriously and has confirmed that they are investigating. Although Members have speculated that the issues may be the result of a recent software update, the company has not shared a cause, nor have they said when to expect a resolution. However, Peloton has committed to keeping members in the loop via updates on their status page.

Not all members are impacted

The streaming issue does not seem to be affecting all Members, but a large number of comments on various Peloton-related social media pages have addressed a growing number of disappointing experiences with class streaming. In most cases, Members who reached out to support reported being told the issue must have been related to their own internet speed or needing to clear their cache, but now it seems there may be a more systemic issue at fault on Peloton’s side.

So, what can Peloton Members do in the meantime while Peloton is working on fixing the issue? Because the issue has not impacted everyone, Members should continue to use their devices and App as able. Some members may not even be aware that an issue is taking place. If you are faced with either issue, you can contact support to report it so that Peloton can track the full scope of the issues.

We hope that Peloton can quickly resolve both issues so that Members can return to enjoying the high-quality, immersive exercise experiences they expect from Peloton.

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