Peloton hosts UK Black History Month Event

Peloton Hosts UK Black History Month Event at Peloton Studios London

Instructors, Guest Speaker, and Steel Band Highlight Event

Peloton Studios London is set to host a special event in honor of UK Black History Month on Thursday, October 28 at 2:00pm.. The event promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees. The event kicks off with a 30-minute panel discussion, featuring Hannah Frankson, Jermaine Johnson, and Joslyn Thompson-Rule.

Panel Discussion on Black History in the UK

Giving attendees the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Black history in the UK, panelists will share their perspectives on the importance of Black History Month and how fitness can be used as a tool for promoting cultural awareness.

Jackie Eweye from 0207 Def Jam

Peloton Studios London has also invited a special guest speaker Jackie Eweye, Marketing & Creative Director of 0207 Def Jam, to share her thoughts on the impact of Black music on popular culture. 0207 Def Jam is the newly launched frontline label under Universal Music Group, and Eweye is an esteemed member of its leadership team.

A Fun-Filled Evening

After the panel discussion and guest speaker segment, attendees get to enjoy the rich sounds of a steel band and complimentary light bites and refreshments, rounding off the perfect event for fitness enthusiasts looking to celebrate Black History Month.

Tickets are Limited

The event is sure to be popular, and tickets are limited to one per person. Attendees can reserve tickets directly from Peloton’s website. Any inquiries about the event can be sent to Peloton encourages interested individuals to reserve their tickets through the official website to ensure validity. If, for any reason, you can no longer make it to the event, Peloton requests that you email their Events team at

A Brief History of UK Black History Month

UK Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987 and is a month-long celebration of the history, culture, and contributions of the black people in the UK. The month of October was chosen to coincide with African Jubilee Day, which has been observed since 1982. The first Black History Month celebration in the UK started in London organized by Ghanaian Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, who arrived as a refugee in 1984. It was aimed explicitly at promoting and advocating black culture and history within Britain, as well as challenging racism. While the American Black History Month may have inspired Britain’s, over time it’s become its own celebration prioritizing key Black figures in British culture and history.

Celebrating Black culture and history

Peloton Studios London’s special event promises to be an enriching and fun evening for people to learn, appreciate and celebrate the contributions of Black people to British society as a whole. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate UK Black History Month with Peloton Studios London.

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