Peloton Confirms New Bike and Tread

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Peloton Confirms New Bike and Tread Rumors!

Update (9/8/20 7:33am CT)

Well, it’s official!! Peloton confirmed all of the new Bike+ and Tread details.    Oh did you WATCH that video???  I got CHILLS.

  • The timing: TOMORROW!! That’s right – you can order the bike TOMORROW!
  • The pricing:
    • The new Peloton Bike+ will be $2,495 USD (£2,295 GBP/$3,295 CAD/€2,690 EUR) and available in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Germany on September 9, 2020. Financing will be available, as will the standard 30-Day Home Trial period.
    • The original Peloton Bike, now at the lower price point of $1,895 USD with 30-Day Home Trial for new purchasers, will remain available in all territories.
    • The new Peloton Tread will be $2,495 USD ($3,295 CAD /£2,295 GBP) and is coming in early 2021 to the US and Canada, to the UK starting on December 26, 2020, and to Germany later in 2021. Financing will be available starting at $64 USD/mo over 39-months at 0% APR** (plus the cost of an All-Access Membership), as will the standard 30-Day Home Trial period.
    • The original Peloton Tread, now called Peloton Tread+ will remain at $4,295 USD with a 30-Day Home Trial for first purchasers, and available in the US.
  • Trade-in option:
    • Owners of the original Peloton Bike in the U.S. only are eligible to trade in Peloton Bikes that are in working condition.
    • When you trade in, you’ll receive a $700 rebate and a free Yoga & Toning accessories set, and Peloton will pick up your current Peloton Bike as part of the trade-in package.
  • Recent purchase refund:
    • Peloton is automatically refunding Members who are still within the 30-Day Home Trial window or are awaiting delivery of their original Peloton Bike the $350 price difference plus tax, which will appear on your original form of payment in 7-10 business days.

Key take-aways:

  • The new, smaller tread WILL be able to ship to Canada (FINALLY!!!), UK, and Germany!
  • The bike starts selling on 9/9.  The tread will begin December/January/Later depending on where you live.
  • Bike bootcamps are definitely a THING!!!  AND  JESS SIMS IS GOING TO BE TEACHING THEM!!!!
    • Bike bootcamps will begin 9/15!!!!
  • Most exciting – all of the details we previously reported were correct!  This is going to be an EPIC year for Peloton and the Peloton Community!

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