Peloton Apparel for Pets by Canada Pooch

Peloton Apparel Isn’t Just For Humans… Peloton x Canada Pooch

Yes, you heard us correctly, this time the latest apparel collaboration is for our fur buddies and babies depending on how you like to re-FUR to them in the household… no judgment is held here! Introducing Peloton x Canada Pooch!

Wags and Wolf Whistles over the latest Peloton Pet Apparel drop with Canada Pooch!

“I’m a model if you know what I mean”.

Let’s face it there are a lot of us who have pets that accompany us when working out, I did a ride with my pooch Flynn snoozing by my side today so this collection sent my heart a flutter after I clipped out and hopped onto Instagram to see a quite literally a “Sunny” and charming video of Andy Speer’s and Rebecca Kennedy’s pups parading the latest styles available online today.

Andy and Rebecca aren’t shy of a lil turn on the catwalk so it’s only natural that their doggos follow in their footsteps (quite literally with their new glossy leads).

So what’s so special and unique about this particular collection?

Well….. there is a waterproof leash that comes in a rather “fetching” electric blue with zingy lime green detailing but that’s not all…if Brittany Allen 90s fashion colour tones aren’t for you then it also comes in a sleek and smooth black that will work with any fur colour.

But I want more of this lifestyle brand… what else is there?

Fear not the leash is complimented by a matching harness, both items feature rust-proof hardware and come in S/M and L/XL sizes.

The Icing On The Cake Tying The Collection Together.

Another item in the collection is a “Wet Cooling bandana”! The Purple colourway has the magic ability to reveal a fun smiley face pattern when water is applied of which I can really see suiting Callie Gullickson’s retriever Charlie! This accessory is not only pretty, but very useful and cools in warm weather.

Oh Go On…

So the next time your sweat bead-hungry pooch gives you the support and love you need while working out …. maybe reward them with a very cool cooling “treat” or some accessories to go for an after-class cool-down walk from the Peloton Apparel store! Note: We’re an affiliate for Peloton, so we’ll get a small token if you decide to shop using this link. 

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