New Peloton Dynamic Split Training Programs

Peloton Adds New Dynamic Split Training Programs

Peloton Unveils Two New Split Training Programs: Get Ready to Level Up Your Workout

Attention all Peloton split training enthusiasts! We have some exhilarating news for you. Just this morning, Peloton released not one, but two fabulous new strength training programs. Say hello to Andy Speer’s Advanced 3-day Split and (hey, we were right!) Rebecca Kennedy’s Intermediate 5-day Split. These programs are now readily available for you to explore and incorporate into your fitness routine on all platforms, no exclusivity here!

Where to Find Them?

If you’re using the Peloton app, simply head to “Workouts” and click on “Programs” to discover the enticing new split training additions. For other Peloton devices, just click on “Programs” to find what you’re looking for.

What is Split Training?

While Peloton’s “Total Strength” classes target multiple muscle groups in a single session, the “split” training programs are specifically designed to focus on specific sets of muscles each day. And these exciting new programs maintain that same format.

Andy’s Advanced 3-Day Split

Here’s the recommended schedule for Andy’s new 3-day Split:

Day 1: 30 minutes of Legs and Core.

Day 2: Rest.

Day 3: 30 minutes of Upper Body Pull.

Day 4: Rest.

Day 5: 30 minutes of Upper Body Push.

Day 6 & 7: Rest.

Rebecca’s 5-Day Intermediate Split

Here’s is the recommended schedule for Rebecca’s new program:

Day 1: 30 minutes of Chest and Triceps.

Day 2: 30 minutes of Legs and Core, focusing on chest, triceps, and back.

Day 3: 30 minutes of Legs and Biceps.

Day 4: Rest.

Day 5: 30 minutes of Back and Biceps.

Day 6: 30 minutes of Legs and Shoulders.

Day 7: Rest.

Challenging Programs for All Fitness Levels

If you’re looking to amp up your strength training game, Peloton’s new split programs are your golden ticket. Both programs will certainly challenge you. Andy’s 3-day program, although short in duration, falls into the advanced category. Rebecca’s 5-day program begins with three consecutive workout days before resting.

These fantastic new split programs make exceptional additions to Peloton’s already impressive library of strength training options. What’s even better is that you can repeat these programs as many times as you like, providing a superb way to track your progress over time.

So, whether you fancy a three-day or five-day strength training program, Peloton has you covered. Are you planning on taking advantage of these new split training programs? Let us know!

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