Peloton's statement on instructors leaving

Peloton Addresses Instructors Leaving

They say bad things happen in 3’s, right?  Well, if you’re a Ross fan, a Kendall fan and/or a Kristin fan, we’d say you’ve got your three bad things right there.  And, of course, the speculation is running wild.  Is Peloton in trouble?  Is this a mass exodus?  Well, Peloton would like to clear the air.

Statement from Peloton

Peloton understands why people would worry, and as such, they have provided us with the following statement:

As with all businesses who work with professional athletes, Instructor contracts are a normal and ongoing part of the Peloton process. During our most recent round of contract discussions, three of our beloved Instructors have chosen to leave to explore new opportunities. Each has their own special magic that has helped build the incredible Peloton community we have today; we are truly grateful and wish them all the best. Our door will always be open to them, so this is not a final goodbye, but rather, we hope to see them later. As we think about Peloton’s future, we are excited about the opportunity to bring new talent to our Instructor roster to continue offering a best-in-class experience to our Members.

What this Means

Based on this statement, it is clear that these 3 departures were contract driven, and nothing more (and if you listened to episode 365 this week, a third departure shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, as this is exactly what Crystal predicted). People choose to move on from jobs all the time, and this situation is no different.

Replacement Theory

As you can see from their statement, Peloton will not be down 3 instructors for good…just for now.  We think that it speaks to the financial stability of the company that they are sharing with the public that they are looking forward to welcoming new Instructors to the platform at some point.  When that will be, only time will tell. But, we certainly look forward to seeing them on the mat and the bike!  Additionally, Peloton has left the door wide-open for Ross, Kendall and Kristin to come back and teach, either permanently or for a guest appearance.

Deep Breath

The departure of three beloved Instructors has given Peloton Members a lot of news to process in a short amount of time.  It’s totally normal to grieve their departure from the platform, but their departure is not indicative of the Pelo-sky falling.  It really (really) is just normal business contract negotiations with Instructors who were ready to step beyond the studio to see what was out there for them, and, although we will miss them, we wish them all well.

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