Olivia Amato’s Dynamic Path from Finance to Fitness

Anyone who’s taken a class with Peloton’s Olivia Amato knows that she will usually push you to the limit, while at the same time offering wonderful motivation and encouragement to be your absolute best.  This is especially true with her Power Zone rides, which can be very challenging. Back in 2021, Shape magazine spoke with Olivia on her background and how she eventually came to Peloton. 

Olivia Starred as a Multi-Sport Athlete

Growing up, Amato excelled in team sports, playing field hockey (two-time all state) and lacrosse throughout high school. In college, she was a member of the national championship cheerleading team at Fordham University. Despite her success and passion for athletics, she never considered it as a viable career option. 

Grinding it Out in the World of Finance

Olivia landed a finance internship during her senior year of college, which led to her first full-time job after graduation. While initially exciting, the long hours and desk-bound nature of finance work left her feeling unfulfilled and yearning for something more.

She found solace by incorporating exercise into her life outside of work. She started taking her clients to workout classes, realizing that it was the highlight of her week. The joy and motivation she felt during those classes made her realize that fitness was her true passion.

Olivia’s obsession with fitness grew, and she began dreaming of leading her own group workouts. She spent time rehearsing in an empty spin room, imagining herself on stage. She wanted to prove to herself that she had what it took to inspire and motivate others.

Leaving Finance and Never Looking Back

Olivia knew that her life’s calling was not in the world of finance. After a vacation in 2016, she dreaded the thought of returning to the office that following Monday. When she arrived at work that morning, she typed up and submitted her resignation letter. Olivia would spend the following year getting her teaching certifications in indoor cycling and boxing and eventually started teaching.

Recruited by Rebecca Kennedy

Fortunately for Olivia, Rebecca Kennedy was a regular in Olivia’s cycling classes and eventually encouraged Olivia to apply at Peloton. Olivia crushed her audition and was teaching Peloton Bike, Tread, and strength classes within a year.

Now, as a Peloton instructor, Amato brings her community-minded mentality to every class. It’s not about her, but about the members who join her workouts. Her contagious positivity and genuine desire to help others reach their goals have earned her the title of Peloton’s “#1 hype girl.”

Olivia’s story reminds us that sometimes, a career path isn’t always linear. It’s never too late to follow your passion and make a change. From finance to fitness, she found her true calling and is now inspiring others to do the same.

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