New Beta Feature Spotted: “Just Me” Tab

Peloton has been making waves in the fitness industry with its innovative technology and community-centered approach. Recently, the company has been testing out a new feature on its main leaderboard panel called “Just Me” that allows users to easily compare their performance in a class to their past efforts.

For those unfamiliar with Peloton’s leaderboard, it is essentially a real-time ranking of users who are taking a particular class at the same time. Users can filter the leaderboard by age, gender, location, and more to see how they stack up against others in their demographic. Now, with the addition of the “Just Me” tab, users can easily see how they are performing compared to their past efforts in that particular class.

This new feature has been spotted by eagle-eyed TCO Tipster Jen Kern (#ReasonsToWine), who reported seeing it during her classes. According to our anecdotal sampling, the feature appears to be in the early stages of beta testing, meaning that not all users have access to it yet. However, if the testing is successful, we can expect to see this feature rolled out to all Peloton members in the near future.

So why is this new feature such a big deal? For one, it allows users to more easily track their progress over time, which is a key motivator for many people when it comes to fitness. Seeing how you’ve improved over the course of multiple classes can be incredibly rewarding, and can help you stay committed to your goals.

Previously, this option was only available by navigating to the filter section and selecting “just me”. With the new “Just Me” tab, Peloton users can race themselves on the leaderboard with just one easy click. 

Additionally, the “Just Me” tab could help users stay focused on their own performance, rather than getting distracted by other users on the leaderboard. While competing with others can be a fun way to push yourself, it can also be discouraging if you’re constantly comparing yourself to those who are more advanced than you. The “Just Me” feature puts the emphasis on individual progress, which is ultimately what matters most.

As with any new feature, there will likely be some kinks to work out during the beta testing process. However, we’re excited to see how the “Just Me” tab will enhance the Peloton experience for users and watch as the company continues to innovate in the fitness space. If you’re a Peloton member, keep an eye out for this new feature, and don’t hesitate to give it a try once it becomes available to you!

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