Two Years With Mila Lazar! Peloton Instructor Peloversary

Pedals and Pilates: Two Years With Mila Lazar

Happy Two Year Peloversary!

It’s been two years since Mila Lazar first joined Peloton as an instructor, alongside fellow German-speaking coaches Benny Adami and Charlotte Weidenbach. Over the past twenty-four months, she’s become a beloved member of the fitness community, inspiring thousands of people to work toward their health and wellness goals. In celebration of her two-year anniversary, we’re taking a look back at Mila’s journey to Peloton and the impact she’s had on the Peloton community.

The Path to Peloton

Mila’s path to becoming a Peloton instructor was anything but linear. Born in Germany, she lived in the United States for some time as well as the Netherlands. In all these places, she developed her career, having danced, choreographed, modeled, and taught dance and fitness for years before finding herself at Peloton Studios London.

Teaching with Enthusiasm

Mila has always been a passionate and energetic instructor, especially excited about groove and HIIT rides. She loves to incorporate creative movements and music into her classes to keep her students engaged and motivated. Her background as a dancer shines through in every class she teaches, bringing a fun and dynamic energy to the workout. She’s taught Artist Series classes featuring the music of DMX, H.E.R., Harry Styles, and Whitney Houston. These artist series classes provide a unique and exciting experience for Peloton riders, and Mila has always been quick to jump on board.

Making an Impact

Over the past two years, Mila has made a significant impact on the Peloton community. As a German instructor, she’s helped to expand Peloton’s reach into new markets. She’s also been a source of inspiration for countless riders, many of whom have shared their appreciation for her classes on social media. She doesn’t shy away from fun- and color, having dressed out rainbow-style both for Pride and to show off Peloton Apparel’s colors with friend and fellow instructor Cliff Dwenger.

Looking Ahead

As Mila enters her third year as a Peloton instructor, she’s excited to continue pushing herself and her students to new heights. She recently released some new German Pilates classes that have been a hit with riders. Mila always strives to innovate and keep her classes fresh and exciting, and there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to do so in the coming year.

To Mila, like Peloton Studios itself, we say congratulations on two incredible years at Peloton. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to your students have made a huge impact, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. Here’s to many more years of inspiring and empowering riders around the world.

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