Listening to Your Body: The Hunger Scale and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

This week, Dr. Jenn tackles a question from a listener who happens to be a big fan of our podcast, Peloton and Tonal, but he’s struggling with trying to out-exercise hunger and a bad diet. He knows it’s not working but doesn’t know how to get the results he wants. We have a feeling a lot of us can relate to this!

Our listener mentioned that snacking is a big issue for him, which we absolutely empathize with. Sometimes we can’t resist those tasty snacks. But here’s the thing, when we start thinking about food and exercise in terms of numbers, like calories in versus calories burned, we lose touch with our own bodies and what they really need. And that’s when we run into trouble.

Dr. Jenn encourages our listener to start listening to his body; paying attention to hunger and fullness cues. She suggests utilizing the Hunger Scale, which goes from zero (super hungry) to ten (stuffed to the brim). Ideally, our listener should aim to eat when he’s around a three or a four on the scale, and stop when he’s around a five or a six. This way, he’s eating when he’s genuinely hungry and not overdoing it.

The other thing he should consider is how different foods make him feel. It’s easy to give in to our cravings and indulge in things like chocolate cake (yum!), but if we pay attention, we might notice that certain foods make us feel tired or nauseous, while others give us energy and make us feel great. So incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into his diet may actually help him feel better overall.

By tuning in to his body’s cues and considering how food affects him, our listener can find a balance that works for him and achieve the results he wants. It’s all about listening to our bodies and giving them what they truly need.

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