Kendall Toole is speaking out against a violent TikTok trend

Kendall Toole Speaks Out Against Violent TikTok Trend in NYC

Another day, another TikTok trend. Except, this time, it isn’t cute or funny–it’s downright scary.  After a several women have come forward, sharing stories across social media of how they were approached and punched in the face or head by men in downtown Manhattan in broad daylight, Peloton instructor Kendall Toole is speaking out against this violent trend, and issuing a warning of her own to women who may be traveling into the city to attend classes at PSNY.

Concerns over public safety in New York City are nothing new, and have certainly increased over the last several months when a series of violent crimes in the subway system led to New York Governor Kathy Hochul to station National Guard troops inside some of the city’s busiest subway stations.  However, this new trend hits a little closer to the PSNY home, as, according to NBC News, at least one of these attacks took place in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

According to Time Magazine, “it’s unclear whether the reports are part of a broader coordinated attack on women, or how many people have been perpetrating the assaults. (Most women said a man initiated the attack, though others said a woman had.)”  The New York Police Department have arrested one man in connection with one of these attacks.”  Additionally, Time reports that there are patterns that have emerged from the attacks, “some victims have shared similar details about being on the phone when the assault happened. At least two users said they were attacked near Times Square—though the assaults happened on different days. Others said the attacks were in neighborhoods including Noho, the East Village, and Brooklyn. All the women say they were punched, or the perpetrator attempted to punch them, on the street in broad daylight.”

In her Reel shared on Instagram, Kendall offers tips that we encourage all individuals to consider when visiting the city, particularly for women traveling alone. We want you to have a wonderful experience at PSNY classes, while maintaining a focus on personal safety and awareness at the same time.

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